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  1. The Unofficial Site still got it http://www.metalgearsolid.org
  2. Sega announced they will release the Saturn Control Pad for PlayStation 2 in Japan on March 24, for 2280 yen. The Saturn Control Pad is identical to the classic Saturn controller, it is ideal for playing the Sega Ages titles such as Phantasy Star Generation II, Dragon Force and Fighting Vipers. http://www.the-magicbox.com/0502/saturnpad...2/saturnpad.jpg
  3. Otacon


    Kuwabara Kuwabara
  4. The announced Money Gear Solid 4?!
  5. Seriously, I can't understand the high Halo 2 scores, since it's worse than the first game. Should be 8.0 or something. Well, maybe 8.5 cause the pink ghost ships!
  6. Oh no, I want it for the other extras too. That's why I prefer the old model than the QD. MP3, Radio etc...
  7. actually I am from Bulgaria. I dont think for GBA cause the games are too expensive for here and I dont have enough money for flash card. About the N-gage, I will download the games
  8. Hi there fellows, I have the money, I live in country where PSP and DS are faaaar from launch and I want some device which will entertain me during my trips from home to office etc... The question is not should I buy N-Gage or N-Gage QD, I already decided to get the old model - since it's with the multimedia functions, but I am not sure about the games, which sux at the moment I think... The price is 150$. For comparsion, a PS2 in my country cost 300$. I have PS2. So?
  9. http://www.metalgearsolid.org - First again Honestly, the indoor looks little bit blind to me compared to the jungle
  10. Actually, Konami wont list us in their "Official Fansite" list, cause MGS.org don't match their rules - they dont alow their official trailers to be uploaded, even the screenshots...
  11. http://www.metalgearsolid.org
  12. How they look http://www.gamersbg.com/mgs/mgs3/magscans3.htm Who are they: http://www.gamersbg.com/mgs/mgs3/characters.htm
  13. LOL! This was a tuff thing to do in HTML, but it's fixed everywhere now. Thanks! The strange thing is nobody noticed it before
  14. Thanks guys, I'll listen to the advises and try to make it better. Thanks for visiting once again!
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