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  1. After the sad demise of a Quickshot 2 (at the time) playing Xenon 2 with the Cruiser was just painful.
  2. Only ever seen Goldeneye due to the sucess of the game, Casino Royale seems to be directed by the same person and so this looks to be quite interesting after all.
  3. Still got my Cruiser joystick, great for games of SWOS, never knew it was so popular at the time.
  4. Phil Collins also stars in (as a character) the next Grand Theft Auto title as well as providing some of the music. Article
  5. Being a big fan of Genesis (especially the older stuff) and probably the only fan here on Rllmuk I just thought I'd post the following email I recieved: Genesis Tony Banks - Phil Collins - Mike Rutherford Genesis will be holding a press conference at a hotel in London's West End on: Tuesday, 7th November 2006 Follow the links on the front page to access the webcast which will commence at 12:00GMT The webcase can be found here: http://www.genesis-music.com As I stated, chances are no-one cares, just thought I'd share this in case anyone other than me was interested.
  6. This just means that Sony can delay it in Europe even more and we can't do a thing about it.
  7. If you want to play Destruction Derby 2 check out Home of the Underdogs. One PSX game I really enjoyed at the time was Time Crisis, bought it on release complete with the G-CON 45 and really enjoyed it, should be easy to pick up now. I also really enjoyed Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2 but after that the series went, in my opinion, drastically downhill. Has Jersey Devil been mentioned? Or Kula World? And how can you not forget Die-Hard Trilogy?
  8. Chances are Sony will charge extra and you'll get say 20 pounds worth of download value free with which to start off buying new cars/tracks/etc.
  9. I'd love to see someone using the PS3 whilst riding a bike. Misuse would definitely cause massive damage for all concerned.
  10. Another vote for Vandal Hearts although Suikoden is also very good. Gran Turismo is (in my opinion) still the best in the series and worth looking for. A few other non-import titles are as follows: Colony Wars Syndicate Wars G-Police Ghost in the Shell FFVII And if you are into import titles then Xenogears and Brave Fencer Musashiden are worth looking at as is Einhander.
  11. Four-player Alien Breed on Live Arcade would be great as would an Alien Breed related title using the Unreal3 engine.
  12. ianwuk


    A good deal but I am sad to see Reyes go, hopefully Baptista will prove to be a lot better though if only for a season.
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