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  1. ChrisN

    Xbox Game Pass

    £10.99 for Game Pass Ultimate. That's better than I was expecting.
  2. That's your console taking the assets from disc and putting them in to the console's memory. If you connect to a streaming service the assets would be there in memory all the time. To be honest, 5 seconds sounds really slow to me. It should be pretty much instantaneous. Everything is already running.
  3. Imagine a massively multiplayer GTA game that uses 10 terabytes of assets and real world locations based on Google Maps data (eg elevation, road layout and building placement, but with game assets instead of actual buildings, but notable buildings based on the real ones). How can you do that without streaming? You can't. It'd be impossible. At the very least you'd need to stream the geometry and textures and render locally, but that's probably slower than rendering in the cloud. That's the appeal of streaming for me. Shit that you just can't do locally.
  4. I don't think I suggested Google will try to sell Stadia to people who already have Stadia.
  5. If you're selling something new it's a lot easier to sell it to people who don't already have it.
  6. Next time you watch Netflix try unplugging the router as soon as you press play. It stops immediately. The fact it can buffer in case of a problem tells you that it's streaming the content you're watching and more as well in case there's a problem. In other words, a 4K stream uses less bandwidth than there is available. 99% of the time your connection is fine and that additional buffered content is never actually used.
  7. I don't think Stadia is going to be aimed at existing gamers much (for all the reasons stated in the thread so far). I imagine they'll seek out new franchises designed to be played on Stadia, where the mechanics allow for a console player to be playing against some on a phone and someone else on a laptop. They might license characters and there'll be some non-exclusive ports, but the benefits of the platform will shine most with new games. For those games it could be pretty interesting. After all, yet another way to play Skyrim isn't interesting, is it?
  8. Sony bought up OnLive's patents a few years back. They might actually make money out of this.
  9. True, but it's also worth noting that Google have invented their own video streaming codecs and image formats. Loads of famous image and video compression nerds work for them. It's possible that they've come up with some crazy video compressor specifically for gaming content.
  10. One thing to consider when you're comparing the data usage with other things is that Stadia isn't using the same internet protocol. Stadia uses QUIC, a protocol that does multiplexed UDP connections rather than plain old UDP (games) or web stuff (TCP). Google invented QUIC specifically to make the internet faster. It works. It's even being adopted as HTTP 3. tl;dr for non-internet nerds - That streaming bitrate is too high. Google are pretty clever.
  11. I really enjoyed SEv2. If it appeared on Gamepass I'd play it through again.
  12. ChrisN

    Xbox Game Pass

    That's how I play it.
  13. ChrisN

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'd never have guessed it would be more than 3. Don't I look silly!
  14. ChrisN

    Xbox Game Pass

    Minecraft is being added in April. Good news for the 3 people who don't already own it.
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