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  1. Now have so many local fighting game players I've had to rent out a yuge apartment to squeeze everyone in for Evo Sunday! Is anyone else looking forward to Granblue Versus? New character is a big beefy fireguy
  2. I have 430 hours in this game. Some of the mod classes are really fun, esp. The Animator and Hollow Knight
  3. Yeah I have no problem with FPS BUT I played Doom VR at the weekend and after two minutes was fit to hurl.
  4. Same but Modern Warfare 2, the series really peaked there, for all its flaws
  5. I cant be the only one hoping for a futuristic remix of the Witcher theme hidden away in the game somewhere as an Easter egg.
  6. One of the later dual blades is a pair of sickles that make everything be on fire, if that appeals.
  7. You can pelt it with your slinger and it will sometimes come back for another pop, but part of the game is definitely chasing the dinos around. I've put in a shocking amount of hours into this already, my God it's good. Does keep getting harder as well, hoo boy.
  8. Went in with a bunch of my old WoW raiding buddies to the raid completely blind for shits and giggles. Figured out the hub and gauntlet after lots of trying, but couldnt quite clear out the gauntlet before we had to crash. Really like how gearwise it's easy to get up to speed for the raid, but it's still balls hard due to the teamwork required. I...actually like the hedonism-bot/Trump goes Vegas aesthetic, it's something so different and fun as opposed to some of the more gloomy D1 raids.
  9. It feels like a shitty golden gun :/ Bring on Voidwalker
  10. I'm very much enjoying playing space wizard this time round, but the fire sword super is ass :/
  11. Warlock hoverjump makes all the platforming super trivial, and you can grab ledges now thank fuck!
  12. I spent over 10 hours at the weekend doing Hostess bar/Cabaret club activities and not progressing the story. Because buying Yuki pretty dresses and having her laugh at my bad dancing is more important.
  13. Finally got started with playing Yakuza 0 and..wow, it's great. It's like if Shenmue had been an actually fun game. Majima is exactly the right amount of ridiculous.
  14. Spuck

    Tekken 7

    Might just bump this to see if there are any other active players. I'm still adoring this game more than anything I have in ages
  15. Xrd is real good and super deep and I really need to put more time into it but..Tekken
  16. Spuck

    Tekken 7

    Glad people are having fun with this. I'm super biased, I was always going to love it Been having a lot of fun with boygirl Leo and Master Raven, who's weird and flashy and oh so very tall. Netcode on Pc is superb as well, which is a bonus. I played against Italians with their infamously shit internet and it ran smooth as.
  17. Spuck

    Tekken 7

    Definitely turn off CA on PC, it looks amazingly better.
  18. Spuck

    Tekken 7

    They have slow motion finishes, which are even better!
  19. If anyone hasn't watched it, the Tekken 7 grand finals from combo Breaker are incredible. ..and the team tournament afterwards with rotating commentary has the most smack talking and good-natured thuggery I've seen in years.
  20. By the transitive property, Imp is better than Daigo and Infiltration as well now, since he beat Infexious online at Heggwest.
  21. Typical JLM, says the things I was going to say, before I say em and better. Atrocitus is an absolute menace, probably the best assist in the game, and he can keep you incredibly helpless until it wears off. You can't really zone him from the ground either, and his main string sends him wading forward to just pummel you relentlessly into the corner. Black Adam just does a silly, silly amount of damage really. As well as the ability to zone out or counter zone with his lightning bolt and divekick respectively. I've been lpaying Harley, while she does lose to
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