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  1. VF5 is quite a different game from FS/US though, quite a lot of balance changes in there.
  2. Yeah they've said it's being worked on, the game was only a year in dev due to the 60th anniversary thing.
  3. Everyone gets got by this at first. Block then 6p, and if that hits, do whatever the hell you want as it's +7 on counterhit
  4. I played three quick sets over lunch and the connections all felt fine, apart from one slightly wobbly round
  5. Doing heavy mob cemetery through an air fireball happy Ky for like 60% got me a little giddy, not gonna lie.
  6. Hello pals, been a while. Only got to play the beta a bit this time round, but it's very gorgeous and the buttons are satisfying. I know a lot of long term GG fans aren't so keen on the game but it's really quite good for my old man brain/hands.
  7. Now have so many local fighting game players I've had to rent out a yuge apartment to squeeze everyone in for Evo Sunday! Is anyone else looking forward to Granblue Versus? New character is a big beefy fireguy
  8. I have 430 hours in this game. Some of the mod classes are really fun, esp. The Animator and Hollow Knight
  9. Yeah I have no problem with FPS BUT I played Doom VR at the weekend and after two minutes was fit to hurl.
  10. Same but Modern Warfare 2, the series really peaked there, for all its flaws
  11. I cant be the only one hoping for a futuristic remix of the Witcher theme hidden away in the game somewhere as an Easter egg.
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