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  1. Yeah I see what you mean, however, it seems that it would be fairly difficult to do
  2. They were exported from Picasa and resized down through there. Anyhoo, I have done a major rehash of the site, taking into consideration the majority of the suggestions made here (and other places). I have gone away with the full-screen photos and opted for a smaller sized slideshow of the images. I also disliked that the previous theme I was using was not supported on mobiles/older browsers and some users were given a basic version of the site, so have managed to find one to my liking which supports almost everything, and still looks minimalist/clean and easy to use. It still needs softening around the edges, but the majority of it is now up and running.
  3. Thanks for the insight. The images have been compressed and resized down from the original as I'm conscious of the fact that bigger file sizes for the amount of photos will slow down loading times for the users. What's your opinion on using an overlay on all the images like the one here: http://themes.ikreativ.com/?theme=specere It gives all the photos a different effect and somewhat conceals the 'softness' of some photos.
  4. I thought that it might do that, and might make the user think that the actual portfolio was the flickr stream. Has been rectified now though. Thanks!
  5. Many thanks Fuzzy! I'll need a good evening to sit down and deal with that. I've removed the forced update re IE and all incompatible browsers now redirect to a very basic version of the site. And I've put my About page as the homepage - what's opinion on that? I feel that it gives the viewer the choice of which gallery to navigate to instead of being forced into one.
  6. Thank's so much for your time mate! Unfortunately I can only do so much as it was a bought WP theme - and with my limited knowledge of CSS and JS, I would've never been able to find what you found! In relation to forcing people to upgrade browsers - I obviously don't want to do that - which file was that code in, so I can go and edit it? Thanks The full size images are supposed to scroll up and down with your movements The thumbnails are all the photos in each gallery - some galleries have more photos and therefore more to scroll through than others
  7. I'll be resizing all the images tonight. Re the suggestions about smaller images and a black border - I felt that having full-screen images would have a much bigger impact than if they were bordered. You need to upgrade your IE! I feel that looks slightly more messy than how it is now? Really appreciate all this! Always nice to get a different pov!
  8. What browser are you using??
  9. How long would you say each photo takes? I have had some people say it takes 30 seconds for a photo to load with others at 5 seconds...
  10. Hey guys! I have finally got round to making a website for my photography: http://hasanhadi.com/ Any critique would be greatly apprecaited!
  11. 5 - mercenarri - I love the lines on this one and the focus 6 - rumblecat - as has been said before, fantastic angle 8 - McMond - striking, although could be cropped to remove the blurred section to the right
  12. I hope Bank Holiday weekend brings in more entries!!
  13. Backyard by HaHa UK, on Flickr
  14. 4 - Suffocate Peon - I was hoping for someone getting a photo of a cow getting branded with an iron, but this is as close enough 8 - iwan_canobi - Fantastic perspective! 10 - Zomby - Love the bokeh effect
  15. 15 - Paradigm - Cliched shot, but youve executed it perfectly!; 3 - Fusty Gusset - Fantastic sense of speed here...feels like something straight out of Gran Turismo; 14 - Dork Knight - the colours are fantastic and her expression completes it.
  16. Curved by HaHa UK, on Flickr
  17. I think we should allow processed items, and ones taken with apps such as Hipstamatic, and only omit heavily over-processed photos
  18. Thanks guys! Much appreciated And nice bunch of desaturation this month!
  19. 10 - Fusty Gussett 9 - themomentbefore 7 - Handsome Light Brown
  20. I've changed my entry to this: Into The Light by HaHa UK, on Flickr Thanks
  21. Congrats rumblecat! Well done to everyone else...lets hope this year is just as good!
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