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  1. I am trying to give up bargain hunting during the week, but its very hard. I am out booting pretty much all over the summer every Sunday, that is enough for me now B)
  2. If you don't go, you won't know Those boot sales might be proper safe for mint boxed Vectrex etc etc Enjoy
  3. You will no doubt think I am mad I traded that Multi-Mega I found a few months ago (without the games) for absolutely mint copies of Devil Dice, Super Pang, Kula World and a rather rare n64 guide that I had been looking to buy for over a year. As nice as the Multi-Mega was, I wasn't feeling the love - and wanted some stuff I would actually play. Now if only I could get SOTN before the booting season is over I will be happy, oh yeah and Antheads for the Amiga. Will probably give into the dark side and buy them off t'internet
  4. Sorry, I have both titles, only 1 of each though, so I am keeping them
  5. Its all stacked up nice and tidy in the spare room in boxes, I just don't have room to have it all out. My parents have plenty of spare room at their place, and they are happy for me to leave some there - again, as long as its tidy. Spent a load of money on stacker boxes a few years back, just helps to keep everything organised etc I am going to have to clear some stuff out soon though, as its getting beyond a joke. You must have a fair bit of kit at your place Benito? Will you be doing any winter booting Mr Benito Sir? Might as well make the most of booting another 6-8 weeks and that is me finished going every week. I think 1 week in 3 will be fine over the winter.
  6. Hehe Sunday was the day of rubbish PS1, MD and N64 games, they were out in force. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to buy anything nice Once I got to the second boot sale, things started happening in a big way. I choose carefully and bought the following: GAMEBOY Original console + 11 games (all loose) - £15 the lot 3 games (all loose) - £7 the lot PS1 : 43 games, some VERY nice titles - £78 the lot NINTENDO 64 : 6 games (loose) + 1 game (complete) - £12 the lot MEGADRIVE : 6 games - £12 the lot AMIGA : 2 games - £1 the lot GAMECUBE : Wario World (finally got this game - why is this still £22 in the shops?) + Animal Crossing (all complete) - £9 each GAME GEAR : Console (loose) + 9 seriously mint (complete) games + 2 loose games - £8 the lot GAMECUBE : Console (loose) + Mario Kart + Zelda CE + Soul Calibur (discs only WTF) - £15, the 2 pads have been thrown away, they were broken beyond repair SATURN : Console + Cables + 2 Pads etc + a big old fashion stack of very average games - £3 the lot SNES : Console + Cables + 2 Pads (no power supply) + 4 games - £5 PC : 6 games - £10 the lot JOB LOT N64 Super Smash Bros + Goldeneye + Zelda OOT + SNES Total Carnage (all loose) – 50p each, was happy to pay their FULL asking price! OTHER THINGS Couple of Guides, and a load of other stuff you won’t be interested to hear about… One of the reasons I did this well, was because most of the competition stayed at home, well except the one in the passenger seat… Enjoy
  7. As usual buddy, check your local paper - it really is the best way to find 'em. Let us know how you get on.
  8. I assume that is going to Badger (with your usual commission?)
  9. You had better believe it! I had good company, good weather and a coupe full of games - really enjoyed today. Benito I am sorry to hear about your competition, sounds awful. Has happened to me quite a few times, you watch though a few dreadful MD bundles and they will be back to buying, pottery, sewing kits, buzz, woody etc The CD buying boys were once again moaning, I was buying up CD's (the valuable type) purely to put on ebay - they don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot. Regards
  10. That is awful, I would be pissed off if I saw that happening. Some of the cretins I see will stand there really agressive trying to knock someone down from £1 to 80p when they know damn well item X its worth £12... I never haggle with little kids, I pay what they are asking for their games, or I leave them.
  11. I saw a boxed n64 with no games and they wanted £30 Also, I noticed loads of very average ps2 titles for stupid money - who wants to pay £8-£10 for those
  12. I had it on the Amiga and loved it to bits, I doubt I will play the MD version - but its a nice item to own.
  13. The weather was awful as per the forecast, but went out anyway. On the motorway it started to rain, oh well - can't win them all. Did about as well as can be expected. I got wet a few times, but was pretty happy to be home at a sensible time in the morning, with the following: PS1 21 games including, R-Type Delta, Everybody’s Golf, Earth Worm Jim 2, Spin Jam, Pandemonium, Muppet Race Mania, some others you won’t be interested in… etc etc - £24 the lot MEGADRIVE 9 games including DS9, Battle For Arrakis, Star Control etc etc - £8 the lot GAMECUBE boxed GBA-GC cable - £1 GAME & WATCH loose Mario’s Cement Factory in very nice condition, but no battery flap – 50p GAMEBOY Tetris, Mario Land, Lemmings (all loose) - £5 the lot original console + 4 games (all loose) - £9 NINTENDO 64 Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 (all loose) - £7 the lot DREAMCAST Mr Driller (complete) - £1, not that rare it seems, got this last month as well MSR + F355 (all complete) - £3 the lot PC 3 games - £7 the lot I think I annoyed the cd/record buyers today, I was picking up a lot of what would have normally been their stuff... They didn't like it one little bit, now they know how it feels
  14. I think the weather was pretty shit for everyone, got onto the motorway and the rain soon followed. Oh well, got a few bargains, just enough to keep me going until next week. Its got to be good weather next week
  15. More important, is there a Mario version...?
  16. Ouch! They probably remember paying out big money for it back in the day, and don't realise its worth bugger all now. The weather was awful, but decided to go out anyway, managed to find a few bargains before the rain finally arrived, got the following: NINTENDO 64: 9 games (all loose) - £22 the lot DREAMCAST: Console, 3 controllers, VMU, 3 good games, 6 tosh games (all loose) - £15 the lot MD: 4-in-1 multi including (GunStar Heroes), Sonic Spinball (all loose) - £2 each PS1: 7 games – £1 each or less Broken Sword 2, Oh No! More Lemmings, Crash Team Racing - £12 the lot Guide Book: Pokemon Gold & Silver – 20p MEGADRIVE: Earth Worm Jim (complete), Aladdin (complete), Justice League (no book) - £3 the lot. This seller and I were having a lovely chat about their multi-mega that they left at home B) GAMEBOY: Original console, 2 games (all loose) - £2 the lot GAMECUBE: 6 games (all complete) - £20 the lot Fingers crossed for better weather next week, so we can all go out and play...
  17. They were hard to get years back, now pretty much any market trader selling tools has them, seen them in shops as well. Got mine off ebay, you'll want to get both sizes, 1 for the consoles, 1 for the games.
  18. If they thought anything in that box was valuable, beyond car boot sale hype / bantor they would have had them up on ebay in a second... Therefore I never seem too keen, its hard though when I see a big box of n64... This guy I see a few times a month, was following me around this morning. His new trick is to act all innocent. I watched him today... He keeps on calling this NES in front of him a "PC", the seller is "No, no mate its a console", toy buyer is like "Not sure what you mean?" seller goes something like "You can play games on that its a Nintendo", toy buyer as if the penny had finally dropped goes "ohhhhhhhhhhh so you can play PC games on it?" seller is getting pissed off, gets the games out of the car, and toy buyer is still playing "dumb", toy buyer then does the seller a "favour" and gives him £5... Enjoy.
  19. That's a good find!!! Weather was awful for me, still managed to got a few bargains, just hope we get better weather next week
  20. The weather on Sunday was boiling hot, did a couple of boot sales as usual (and one on the way home that had 3 cars) although both were busy – not a lot came out, it was as if the sellers had forgotten to bring their stuff. I suppose it can't be much fun being a full time trader type, as they all had rather unhappy faces as they hadn't bought shit all morning. Moved onto the next sale and the Zen Master of Booting (PikeyDad) was selling all his crap - had a bit of a chat / friendly ban-tor session, as there wasn't anything else to do, and for once he wasn't being a complete twat. Picked up this lot: PS1 19 titles including FF7, Raiden Project (horray), Spyro 2, SF Alpha 3, The Grinch, Overboard! etc etc almost every game was £1 or less, so the spend on PS1 went a very long way… MEGADRIVE The Ren & Stimpy Show, Gauntlet 4 – (both boxed no instructions) - £1 each ToeJam & Earl (loose) – 50p NINTENDO 64 3 boxed games - £1 each, nothing amazing but even the average boxed games I like! Banjo-Kazooie, JFG, DKR (all loose) £4 the lot ATARI ST, 3 games - £1 each, should be a decent profit on these… DREAMCAST, Powerstone (complete) - £2 PC, Castle Wolfenstein (complete) - £1 GAMEBOY TLOZOOA (complete) - £5 Pokemon Blue + Pokemon Yellow (all loose) - £3 the lot Arcade Classic 4 (loose) - £1 SNES Console (loose) + cables etc + 6 good (loose) games (well OK 5 good games + clayfighter) - £7 Universal Adaptor (loose) - £2 Couple of rare CD’s to piss off the market trader types Didn't get any Buzz, Woody, Mr Patato Head or Jar Jar Binks this weekend. Glad eveyone else did OK, until next week. Regards
  21. There will be at least 3 to 5 dedicated buyers of retro games at any large boot sale, in addition random people buying games when cheap/boxed etc. Just because you have never seen them, doesn't mean they are nae there You have some smashing boot sales around your area. EDIT: I went to a boot sale on Sunday and did my lap of honour, it didn't take long there was only 3 cars!!! Regards
  22. Some of the places I go booting, I think some of the sellers don't even have electricity at home
  23. Thats a lot of gear for very little money - nice finds. I've never seen a Vectrex at a boot sale :(
  24. That is a good price!!! Hope the weather stays good for my weekly booting fix, tomorrow...
  25. No thanks, its not my sort of thing, and I already spent a small fortune on Sunday myself... Get any bargains on Sunday Ratboy? Cheers
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