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  1. I had a really nice morning about 6 or 7 weeks ago, test driving various cars. Anyone here got an Integra? Just before I was getting the wallet out I realised I needed something a bit more sensible! I wasn't looking for any boot sales as I had a full morning planned, but drove by LOADS - you can't miss them. Look in the local paper and get there early. Some you don't want to do 15 minutes research, what you might not appreciate is that some of us here have wasted mornings trying out crap sales, mornings looking for the huge sale that someone at the pub told me was at such-and-such place - that doesn't exist, mornings driving around seeing what sales are the best ones - checking out the levels of competition, building up relationships with the regular sellers, getting the "vibe" of each sales, working out the best routes, what time is the optimum time to arrive/leave and generally doing loads of research. Finding the sales that don't open every week, having back-up sales to visit etc etc It’s all about putting the effort in, and getting the rewards. This is true as well, I know a couple that buy exclusively games, big seller on ebay. They live about 5 minutes away from a great sale, but they can't find it? How stupid are some people... I have lost count of the number of times, they have asked me how to find other boot sales. They still don't understand why I won't help them...
  2. Hmm, possibly the same one I was going to, but I got stuck on the motorway for 2 hours listening to some soft rock.
  3. Mr Spew is right of course, remember people working at GS and GAME are there to sell games. You only need some knowledge about the product your selling, a good sales person can sell anything. What is the "official" GS and GAME policy, can staff reserve bits and pieces for themselves?
  4. Not much for me on Sunday: PS1 : 9 titles, Abe's, Rebel Assault, Harry Potter etc, nothing amazing - between 50p - £1.50 each. I saw a few other titles that might have been worth buying, but not for £3... MD : Sonic Spinball & Knuckles - £3 the lot PC : 5 games - £3 the lot N64 : console etc + 4 pads + 4 good titles, and 5 of the worse you’ll ever see - £10 the lot GAMEBOY Pokemon Yellow, Red, Crystal & Chess Master (with book) - £8 the lot Tetris Blast, Tetris & Dragon’s Lair - £5 the lot Kirby, Aladdin & Asteroids / Missile Command - £1 each, the local pikeys were moaning these were too expensive! Mario Land 1 + 2 + 3 (with books) - £5 the lot Guides x 3 - £2.50 the lot Flash Gordon on VHS - £1 Loads of people "needing" playstation again on Sunday. Several very long faces from the full-time trader types. Back home early, as it was freezing.
  5. Strange, you've just been unlucky I guess, you see the kind of stuff I bring back each week, and I rarely if ever get anything not working. I use a can of compressed air to clean connectors!
  6. Have you cleaned the Gameboy or carts, I've never had a broken original GB and I've bought shitloads of them over the years. Again, its very rare to get a broken SNES, are you sure its not the RF cable at fault? Enjoy
  7. Considering its October, I was amazed to get anything. One chap I speak to during my booting travels quite a lot, called me over, as he had some games "reserved" for me! This only happens 2 or 3 times a year, but its always a good deal, last time I got a boxed 32X with games for £8, the time before I got a massive stack of sealed n64 titles for £1 each. On this occasion, I was offered everything below for £12 - take it or leave it, decided it was OK and handed over £12. A few other bits I got were: Sim City 2000 & Wing Commander 3 - £3 the lot A few other reasonable PS1 titles, between 70p - £1.50 each LOADS of £5 PS1 games, but nothing I would spend that kind of money on! 4 loose GAMEBOY carts, nothing too amazing, £3.50 the lot loose GBA silver & Super Mario Advance - £8 the lot, as usual no battery flap GC : RESIDENT EVIL - £5 PS2 : SNK VS CAPCOM SVC CHAOS - £4 XBOX : SECRET WEAPONS OVER NORMANDY - £4 PC : THE DIG - £1 Guides Super Smash Brothers & The Sims - £1 each NINTENDO 64 Console with pads, expansion, rumbles etc & 5 games - £10, the n64 itself and pads went in the bin. I kept all the bits and games, should have looked more carefully... Its getting really cold in the mornings now, and I wouldn't like to be doing this full-time, a lot of the trader types I see have to go out every week, that can't be much fun. Enjoy
  8. I suppose one of the problems here, is that we all know everyone has paid 50p for item X - it's just so difficult to decide on what a fair price would be...
  9. I did 3 boot sales over the weekend, which is 1 more than usual for this time of the year... Nothing too great, but got the following: NINTENDO 64 Console etc + official expansion + 2 great games & 4 awful titles, nice carry bag - £15 the lot Jet Force Gemini (boxed) & Donkey Kong 64 (loose) - £4.50 the lot Console etc + 3 games (loose) - £7, blue transparent model another guy got to this just before me, and ignored it saying only these 3 words --> " I NEED Playstation" I bought this as obviously he wouldn't have been interested in this quality piece of kit GAMEBOY 2 GBA consoles - £5 each, superb condition, but no battery flaps. GBA Console + 2 games (loose) - £8, nice example in black Zelda & Pokemon Silver - £5 the lot PS1 Point Blank 2 & Riven - £5 the lot, 2 games for £5 the sign said - decided on Riven for the other title, bugger all else to pick from 8 other titles, between 50p - £1.50 each PC : 10 games, all £1 nothing too special, but nice for the asking price, Monkey Island being the best of course. MEGADRIVE ToeJam & Earl - £2 SNES Console + 2 games (loose) - £10 Super Mario All-Stars - £2 NES Console etc - £3, no power supply Console etc + 1 game - £5 Megaman 2 (loose) - £2 AMIGA : 1 game - £1 Bundle MEGA-CD Tomcat Alley - £1 SNES boxed Yoshi’s Island SNES boxed Dragon - £5 the lot Something else I can't remember and a couple of CD’s and a board game for ebay! That’s all for me!
  10. I was just stating my own experiences of selling on loads of forums, its a waste of time no matter what kind of stuff you have. Usually I have paid so little for the items, I can drop way below ebay prices, but people just want the stuff for next to nothing. Then you have the postage issue of course! Am quite surprised that so many of you lot bid up your own items. If I am buying an item and I reckon there has been some shilling involved, on the few occasions I've found ebay very quick to respond. Its not exactly hard to spot people shilling, because in my experience they make it pretty obvious...
  11. I doubt the kind of stuff you have is going to be the usual rubbish. Personally I would list up everything item by item, and start NOW. Unless like others are saying, you have some rubbish - bundle that up and sell it in job lots. Get it all ready and hit ebay 2 or 3 weeks before and over xmas and into the first week of January. I do that every year and it works well for me, depends though are we talking a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand? I wouldn't even bother telling people on this forum what items you are selling. There is no chance of any kind, they will want to pay anything like the price you will be asking. Believe me it will be a lot more hassle selling here (and other forums) than its worth. Use Gamestation when appropriate! For heavy or bulky items. And I might as well thank you for listing up your boot finds, as 3 years ago I saw them and thought "this guy must be making this shit up" and went out and did rather well for myself - cheers CBSK
  12. Quite a few people this Sunday "NEEDED" playstation. The only good PS1 title I got myself was Point Blank 2, so I have the complete set now which is nice This one guy was sweeping up every PS1 title he could get his hands on, paying stupid stupid stupid money, for the very average stuff, you wouldn't look at twice.
  13. Anyone go booting this morning? I picked up a few bits and pieces, but had to travel, as quite a lot of the boot sales have now closed for the winter. I didn't spend much - got a few nice bits though. A lot of people were charging £5 each for their PS1 games, utter madness
  14. Yeah maybe you right, but in those days my buying power was 50p here for washing up, 50p there for taking the rubbish out. My brother and sisters used to buy all my stuff mainly, and thats the pad my brother always used to like. Still fun days
  15. BIN is fine, as long as you ask the right price Sometimes people will pay over the odds, as they need item X urgently etc.
  16. I got £25-£35 a few times for the game on its own about 12 months ago! Just goes to show, there are still some bargains on ebay!
  17. I never had any problems with that joystick, neither did practically the whole of my class at school, we all had 'em.
  18. I am sure some people just meet up with me at boot sales, to borrow my money, torch and to get me to carry all their heavy stuff back to the car...
  19. Those were the days! I would often come home from school to find my older sisters or brother had bought me a £1.99/£2.99 game. The budget range were sold in all kinds of places, like petrol stations, which is where a lot of mine were bought. Doing a few odd jobs around the house, could usually bring in enough money and into town I would go on a Saturday morning with a few quid, looking over the budget range and trying to decide which game I wanted next. Great days. A lot of the budget titles were awful looking back now, but there were some genuine gems to be found.
  20. Did they work? I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of broken PS2/XBOX at the boot sales next year...
  21. I've had quite a few good finds this year: 2 Multi Mega's 1 PCE GT 1 Boxed G & W Had loads of other nice bits and pieces, I've got a massive collection of SNES and N64 - and am keeping my fingers crossed that next year is kind to me, and I can get those dozen or so GC titles I am still after. Some Amiga stuff would be nice, seen a few bits and pieces this year which was a surprise. Those magazines I got on Sunday were great! Something to read during the winter months! 3 seasons of solid booting and I've not even seen a Vectrex...
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