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  1. Your not the only one Been looking forward to Easter for ages, as it's the start of my proper booting season
  2. It must have dropped in value, because didn't it sell for around £80-£100 previously? Be sure to check if you have Great Giana Sisters...
  3. The 360 seems to be in stock everywhere now, but does anyone know if the current "batch" being sold are working properly? There must be many happy 360 gamers out there now, but this thread has made me think about waiting a while longer. Any thought?
  4. Maybe badger would like to enter the competition, might be a bit late now though Michael Jackson looks pretty happy with his new find...
  5. I can imagine the sellers at your locals have their usual price-list and their SeanR price-list... I've been booting within the M25 off and on, over the last 4 years. I've never seen prices like you, not once.
  6. They smell like M25 prices to me... I like booting within the M25 as much as the next person (i.e. not much) but you do seem to hear 3 words very often - "I need Playstation"
  7. I'm going to be spending most of my time booting within the M25 (well when I'm driving), so as long as the weather is good there I don't care about anywhere else Lots of little out of the way boot sales where you can have a proper safe chat with the yokels without the dreaded "got any sewing kits" numpties annoying everyone before the poor buggers have even turned off the engine. Looking forward to Easter weekend already
  8. Lets see if the buyer is impressed... Keep an eye out for their feedback in a few days
  9. Very nice but where is the Mega-CD for Badger???
  10. As much as that? Sounds as much fun as booting within the M25...
  11. I've been after that, and have never seen it yet... Its hard to find...
  12. Nothing, then anything I do find will be a bonus... Last year I did really well, the only thing I remember that wasn't too much fun was when I got stuck on the motorway for 2 hours. Otherwise last year booting was excellent fun. Some GC stuff and boxed n64/snes would be nice, but I never go out looking for anything specific. Cheers
  13. Fingers crossed booting within the M25 gets better for you next year...
  14. You can see their point, it must have been worth more than £3. I bet it can't be much fun being a seller?
  15. Its not exactly rare Matt, its usually found in NES bundles a few times a year. I think I got a boxed one earlier this year, or it might have been on the GB
  16. Had a walk around for an hour or so, and back home for a nice cuppa by 8am, as it was too cold to stay any longer, got the following: AMIGA : New Zealand Story, Bubble Bobble - £3 the lot GAMECUBE Mario Kart & Zelda Collector’s Edition Zelda Wind Waker - £12 the lot SNES Pop n Twinbee - £1 ZX SPECTRUM Atic Atac - £1 GUIDE HALO 2 - £1 GAMEBOY Pocket Console, Empire Strikes Back and Tetris - £5 NES Console, cables, 2 pads and light-gun Mario Bros, Mario Bros 2, Mario Bro/Duck Hunt, Jurassic Park, Blowout, DarkWing, Road Fighter, World Cup, Turrican and Mario & Yoshi - £10 the lot, the buyer said I was very honest, we had a chat and he gave me for free (see below) SNES Super Mario World, Nigel Mansell, Rock n Roll Racing, Street Fighter 2 Turbo and FIFA - not bad for FREE !!! Also got the classic “they live” on VHS with Rowdy Roddy Piper – 50p The full-time traders all had long faces, so I doubt I missed anything by arriving an hour later than usual
  17. Was that bargain found within the M25? PS No booting for me this morning, I had a day off, first Sunday off since Easter...
  18. I got Simpson's Skateboarding for £2 on PS2 Got soaked on the way back to the car.
  19. The cold weather is on the way people! Hardly any sellers around, probably just about worth going out though, was back home after an hour or so, as I could see it was going to rain any minute. PS1 MDK, WC3 - £2 each Dragon Ball Z, Roswell, Spiderman - £1 each R-Types - £1 (horray - I got this last year, but this one has the added bonus of the disc!) Spice Girls - 50p MD Streets Of Rage 2 - £1 Speedball 2, Sonic Spinball, SF2 SCE - £2 each SNES Super Mario Kart / Zelda LTTP N64 Wave Race - £9 the lot SNES Krusty / Super Mario World N64 Super Mario / WipeOut - £8 the lot SNES official power supply - £4 2 PC games – 50p each 2 Guides – 50p each 11 N64/GC Magazines - £4 the lot
  20. Cheers Rob Its getting harder and harder to play everything I pick-up, might have to give that a try when I am quiet at work. Getting fed-up having to carry around the GBA and the DS - what a pain!
  21. I would have thought for a copied game that was very expensive! Well I suppose unless you thought it was an original ? I prefer to pay the going rate for an original, or I don't bother. Regards
  22. I was proper pissed off I can tell you The thought of all those bargains being missed at my favourite boot sale, it was a killer.
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