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  1. I know someone that collects games from car boots sales that would make my finds look like a pile of smeg on a weekly basis. I have only been booting seriously for 1 complete year now, its about this time 12 months ago, I saw all you guys posting your finds and though I would give it a go. I got up at 5:00am this morning and got home about 1pm. Drove about 40 miles something like that. The area is good but I have to travel sometimes 30 miles to get there, so whether you count that as "my area" or not, I don't know. The problem is that there are shitloads of people collecting games, it was just that I couldn't believe none were around today. I did feel a little guilty on Sunday, myself and another car boot wizard used this pikey bloke in one of our zany schemes to foil the attempts of another collector - I was laughing about it all afternoon :D This pikey didn't appear to know he was just a pawn - and thought we were the bees knees Some days I am chatting all morning and miss loads, some mornings I am business only like today
  2. I had the best day of booting that I can remember in simply ages: NES console boxed / complete - in near MINT condition Pac-Man (complete) Isolated Warrior (complete) Super Mario 2 (complete) £8 the lot Saturn Action Replay £1 PS1 Multi-tap £1 Spectrum Tapes Ghostbusters (complete) Short Circuit (complete) Danger Mouse - Double Trouble (complete) Danger Mouse - Making Whoopee (complete) Zub (complete) BMX Simulator (complete) £8 the lot Ps1 Silent Hill (complete) £3 Magical Racing Tour (complete) £1 Track & Field 2 (complete) £1 Cool Boarders 4 (complete) £3 Syphon Filter 3 (complete / tatty) £2 Bust-A-Move 3 (complete) £1 Sega Saturn Console (loose) + Gun + 2 pads + cables (the console was a bit battered but the games were near mint - never seen quality like this before) Sega Rally (complete) Manx TT (complete) World Cup Golf (complete) WipeOut 2097 (complete) Fighting Vipers (complete) Sega Ages 1 (complete) Virtua Cop 2 (complete) Sonic Jam (complete) Olympic Soccer Fighters Megamix (complete) Alien Trilogy (complete) Mortal Kombat 3 (complete) Worms (complete) Tomb Raider (loose) Daytona USA Championship (loose) £25 the lot 2 N64 pads 1 black , 1 blue £4 1 N64 pad boxed £8 5 very tatty Amiga games all complete Blood Money Fantasy Dizzy Spellbound Dizzy Dizzy Prince of Yolkfolk Cadaver £12 the lot N64 just loose carts Destruction Derby GEX SM 64 1080 £8 the lot And now my favourite, I see Monkey Island for the Amiga and ask how much - chap says just £10 I moan and moan and then I get a reduced price of £8, what the young man had forgotten to mention was they wanted £10 for all of this lot: Boxed Amiga A500 in nearly perfect condition Huge box of coverdisks Cannon Fodder (complete) Gunship 2000 (complete / tatty) Aytron (complete) M1 Tank Platoon Overlord Puggsy Knightmare Jurassic Park Civilization Gee Bee Air Rally (box squashed) Desert Strike Return To Atlantis Nucleus Operation Wolf F16 Combat Line Of Fire Dungeons & Dragons Shadow Warriors (ATARI ST version for some reason) Monkey Island 2 (complete with wheel) Paperboy thunderCats £8 the lot N64 Mario 64 N64 Mario Kart 64 £8 the lot GB Color (boxed) in nice condition / little worn El-Dorado (complete) Earthworm Jim (loose) Micro Machines 1 and 2 TT £5 the lot, never had a fiver ripped out of my hand so quick Mastersystem Sonic 2 (complete) £1 Secret Command (complete) £1 Megadrive Streets Of Rage 2 (complete / bit tatty) £2 A Dragon Speed Pad SNES boxed £1 GameGenie £1 Fire Attack Game & Watch (loose) 50p GameGear in box (pretty tatty box/otherwise great condition) Carry case Predator 2 Simpsons RoboCop Vs Terminator Sonic 2 Mortal Kombat 2 Desert Strike Dropzone Wolf Child Streets Of Rage 2 KO ALien Storm Superman Shinobi All games with instructions but no game boxes £18 Boxed n64 with grey pad and cables (box and bits in fair condition) games all loose Diddy Kong Racing Fifa 64 007 Goldeneye F1 Pole 64 Space Station Chameleon Star Wars Racer £18 the lot Had a cracking day, as the pikeys, yokels and almost all of my competetion stayed at home. Regards 213 Were you around, odd I didn't see you anywhere???
  3. Its part of the collection - will fire it up over the next few days, even if its utter garbage - it doesn't matter its part of the collection and I am hanging onto it. Mr Spew - local papers and keep an eye out for those signs stuck on lamp-posts as your driving around - those pink/yellow signs you ignore are telling you there is a boot sale around the corner
  4. I am collecting as many FF7 as I can, and then they are going in the loft... So for now, sorry its not something I am looking to shift...
  5. Hello Buddy Is it any good? Never had it back in the day, so had been looking for it for yonks - paid £2 more than you
  6. Yesterday (sat) I left the house at 6:30am and got home at 3:15pm and picked up 2 Amiga games for £1 each... I picked up quite a bit this morning (sun) spent a lot of time chatting to the regulars. No doubt I missed a few good items, but was happy with the following: PS1 GTA2 (complete) £3 PS1 Bust-A-Move 2 (complete) £1.50 DC Phantasy Star Online (complete) £3 DC Ecco The Dolphin (complete) £3 NES Zapper (loose) £1 GBA Super Mario Kart (complete) £5 M/S World Class Leaderboard (no instructions) 50p M/S Bank Panic (no instructions) 50p Nintendo 64 (boxed/completely mint) Official Expansion Pak (loose) N64 Super Mario 64 (complete - box slightly crushed) N64 Banjo Kazooie (complete - box slightly crushed) £22.50 the lot M/D Toki (complete) £1.50 M/D Wiz & Liz (complete) £1.50 M/D Mega Bomberman (complete) £1.50 X/B Halo (complete) £5 - Great game so I am told suppose I am going to have to grab the only console I convinced myself I could do without just to see M/D Paperboy (complete) £1.50 G/G 4 in 1 cartridge (no instructions) £2 M/S Console (loose) + 2 pads and cables Spiderman (complete) Pit-Fighter (complete) Transbot (complete) Batman Returns (complete) HeavyWeight Champ (no instructions) Global Gladiators (no instructions) Sonic (loose) Galaxy Force (complete) The Ninja (complete) Mortal Kombat (no instructions) Super Monaco GP (no instructions) £12.50 the lot N64 Castlevania (complete) £5 - Been looking for this for a while, I hope its good. N64 Donkey Kong (complete with expansion pak- mint) £5 PS1 Jersey Devil (awful condition - inlay cover missing) £1 PS1 Toy Story 2 (complete) £2 PS1 Klonoa (complete) £2 SNES Super Mario World (loose) 50p DC Soul Calibur (complete) £3 DC Shenmue (complete - outer box awful all in pieces) £3 PS1 Final Fantasy 7 (complete) £3 DC VMU (boxed/complete but used) £2 M/S Console (loose) + 1 pad and cables G2 Rider (complete) Sonic 2 (no instructions) £5 the lot M/D Outrun 2019 (complete) £2 M/D Alex Kidd (complete) £2 Nintendo 64 (loose) 2 complete sets of cables/power Offical Expansion Pak (loose) 3 Official Grey Pads 1 Offical Black Pad 1 Offical Memory Card 2 Official Grey Rumble Paks Wrestlemania 2000 (cart + instructions) Zelda Ocarina Of Time (cart + instructions) Turok : Dinosaur Hunter (cart + instructions) Lylat Wars (cart + instructions) Goldeneye (cart + instructions) Perfect Dark (complete) Duke Nuken : Zero Hour (box + instructions only) £10 The lot Got 2 boot sales to do tomorrow, but then have to rush back to an auction that has pallet loads of consoles... Shame they don't do retro
  7. I am thinking of walking to the end of my street in about 15 minutes time, and then posting to moan I found nothing
  8. Yeah but these guys are walking to the bottom of their road and moaning they don't find anything! LOL Did you get a text from me this morning, I picked up 8 for a quick profit In peak season I will be doing 57.71 miles... each and every Sunday Regards
  9. Be sure to take plenty of money, and make sure you have lots and lots of loose change. Some sellers will only have notes - and it could be hard to do the deal Don't be afraid to offer them peanuts for something you know is a top title If they knew it was worth anything they would have sold it themselves - surely I am not suggesting for a second that you all come onto my patch :o - but you guys that find nothing, you are going to have to travel further. If you buy from regular sellers, then tell them you want better prices as you going to buy each week. They will drop there prices in an instant - try it Have fun everyone. Regards
  10. Hi Nohsa I know where you are coming from buddy. I was the same as you last year - when I used to read RichM's finds every week with interest. I thought it sounded a little bogus to say the least... My last job involved shift work. Days, Nights, 12 hours, double shifts, lates, afternoons, midnights, mornings - you tell me a load of shitty hour to work, and I used to do them. Changed jobs now to office hours, to cut a long story short I find getting up at 5:00am to walk around a muddy field no problem at all. A lot of effort has to be put in, and you have to be motivated, as some weeks you'll find nothing. Its the sort of hobby where you have to commit to going every week, even when its dark, cold, wet or if you've had a couple (or 10) drinks Saturday , and are feeling awful. It's either your crap at car booting, don't arrive early enough or your area is just not worth bothering about. All I say is that I am so glad RichM doesn't do my area often - and its pretty friendly patch - all the regulars know each other. I often hand out carrier bags to fellow booters. I noticed a large box of Atari 2600 stuff and knew 213 would want it, so I got him over quick so he could do the deal (before the pikeys arrived) He knows I am one of these Sad Nintendo fanboys and will grab stuff for me, in fact we chat so much, we miss loads. I know that doesn't help - but think about travelling further ourtside your normal area, and if the boot sale says "open at 2pm" don't pay any attention to that, it really means arrive at 10:15am... I have this wonderful seller, that is there every week - at the afternoon yokel car boot, as I call it. On seeing me - they wave me down. Then out comes this box of games, and I get first refusal, if I don't want it, then out it goes for everyone else. Regards
  11. Hello Buddy I don't really understand why you find so little, sorry. Until next week, there is only 2 worth going to in my area. They are a fair size maybe 100 cars each - but I've seen bigger. I am rushing around the boot sales like a mad git - like I was saying nothing other than Nintendo is of interest really to me. I use the other stuff for trades/ebay. I just pick up other stuff on my travels, and I turn away shedloads of rubbish at the same time. I see the pikeys snapping up all the tat that I (and others) leave behind. I just pick the good bits and move on. All the deals happen in the first 90 minutes so make sure your there at those times, and get there early. I don't head out at 45 minutes before the first sale starts for a laugh, being early is the key. Its all to do with the location it seems, I know up north is terrible - maybe you need to travel further out? I do about 100 miles in the peak when I do 4 sales, the times all follow on, and you see the same old faces week in, week out... Hope you have better luck next week. Regards
  12. Hi All The weather wasn't great here, but managed 2 boot sales - did no-one else go? Mega-CD Sol-Feace / Cobra Command (awful condition) £1 Master-System Bonanza Bros (complete) Ultima IV (loose) Master Of Darkness (complete) Alien Storm (complete) Land Of Illusion (complete) Ninja Gaiden (complete) Carmen Sandiego (complete) £5 the lot PS1 Silent Hill (complete) £2 Grand Theft Auto (inlay card missing) £1 Bushido Blade (complete) £5 Worms (complete) £1 Grand Turismo 2 (complete) £1 Megadrive Bruce Lee (loose) 25p Streets Of Rage + Instructions £2 Micro Machines (complete) £2 Kid Chameleon (complete) £1.50 Golden Axe 2 (complete) £1 Revenge Of Shinobi (complete) £1 Cyberball (complete) £1 Empires Of Steel (comnlete) £1 Streets Of Rage (complete) £2 Streets Of Rage 2 (loose) £1.50 Powermonger (no instructions) £1 Castle Of Illusion (complete) 50p Dragon's Fury (complete) £1 Road Rash (complete) £1 Quackshot (loose) £2 After Burner 2 (complete) 50p Shadow Of The Beast (loose) £1 Lemmings (complete) £4 Mortal Kombat (complete) £1 Sonic (complete) £1 Purple GBA (loose) + Pokemon Blue (loose) really nice condition £10 Gameboy Colour (complete) with Donkey Kong Land (loose) perfect condition £15 N64 Boxed Nintendo 64 + boxed official expansion pak + boxed red pad Bust a Move 3 DX Diddy Kong Racing Clay Fighter Duke Nukem 64 Goldeneye Zelda Ocarina Of Time Zelda Majoras Mask £18 the lot Perfect Dark (loose) £2 Blastcorps (complete) £3 Not a bad day, but since I only collect Nintendo, one of my worse weeks ever, there was just a complete lack of Nintendo... Regards
  13. You can sometimes find indoor boot sale/table top sales, keep them in mind, as they can be little gold mines. Maybe they would be within walking distance? Usually they are in the afternoon, in the villages. As with last year on this forum, I doubt anyone will be offering rides and disclosing the details of where they go. Having said that, where I go in the morning, and the late afternoon are very friendly you can walk around in groups and its all very pleasant. The other 2 that are opening soon are a nightmare, you have to be ready to dive into boxes of tat and do some seriously dealing... Regards
  14. Hehe I think RichM is just ashamed he was spotted with a Dragon 32 it was boxed though, which isn't so bad I am still crying over those pikeys that got to my SNES first It had my name written all over it I was in shock and was walking around in a daze for about 30 minutes afterwards.... Regards
  15. Hello Fellow Booters In my area, we have 2 large boot sales and the next 2 start in about 4 weeks time (can't wait) luckily the timings allow me to visit all of them Amiga Operation Stealth, Indy Adventure & Mean Streets (complete) £1 Secret Of Monkey Island (complete) £1 Putty (complete) £1 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (complete) £1 Fire & Ice (complete) £1 Wings £3 ZX81 1K game pack (sealed ) 50p Binatone Colour TV console + Gun (boxed but tatty) £3 - not sure if working, as no power supply thought the paddles were missing, but they were neatly folded away inside the battery flap - gotta love these yokels Radotin console + 2 games (all loose and very tatty) £1 - Never heard of it, but thought it might be a laugh for £1 Gameboy (all just cartridges) Super Mario Land Super Mario Land 2 Robot Wars (gbc) Wario Land 3 (gbc) Pokemon Blue Pokemon Red Pokemon Silver Humans Super Mario Bros DeLuxe (gbc) Mortal Kombat £20 for the lot SNES Mario Paint (complete) £3 Commodore 64 (all complete) Matrix GhostBusters Barbarian Paperboy Crazy Cars One Man And His Droid Miama Vice Wizball Licence To Kill Speedking Outrun Advanced Pinball Simulator 50p each Nintendo64 Pilotwings (complete) £3 NES Home Alone (mint) £2 T2 (mint) £2 Mastersystem Boxed unoffical pad £1 PS1 (all near mint, didn't look like any had been played) Final Fantasy 7 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Tempest X Destruction Derby Jumping Flash Everybody's Golf Vib-Ribbon (sealed) Sentient Street Fighter EX2 Plus Tobal No. 1 Parappa The Rapper Bomberman World £24 the lot PC Games 7th Guest (complete) £1 Test Drive 6 (complete) £1 Railroad Tycoon 2 (complete) £5 - don't ask Rollercoaster Tycoon + 2 add-ons (all 3 complete) £3 Silver (complete) £1 Dreamcast 102 Dalmatians (mint) £1 - I thought this was rare, picked one up last week as well GameGear Strider Returns (complete) Mortal Kombat (complete) Sonic 2 (complete) Streets Of Rage (loose) Shinobi (loose) £10 for the lot - first chap in ages that my car boot skills had no effect on. I admitted defeat and gave him full price Saturn Boxed 6 way unoffical multi-tap £5 Unconfirmed sighting of RichM with a Dragon 32 2 Pikeys beat me to a near mint SNES Mario-Allstars boxset and the biggest box of n64 games you have even seen in your life... They paid £12 for everything 213 - Always remember the Nintendo difference
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