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  1. The last Vectrex I got was about 3 years ago, and cost £15. Bloke told me it was fully tested but it was dead, fuse was changed and it was all systems go. In the end I swapped it for a bunch of top PS1 titles, and a couple of prima guides.
  2. I like the sellers with the good stuff that ask £3-£5 that's still a fair price, and it means none of the pikey-traders will touch it. Its been criminal the amount of top-notch stuff I've been getting lately that local "experts" have been leaving because its priced over £2... These so-called "experts" some of which are making a living, don't seem to know shit about anything. Last Sunday this guy that buys and sells full-time, left behind Marvel Super Heroes on the PS1 because the seller wouldn't let him have it for £1, I waited until he had gone, and gave him the £3 asking price.
  3. Your very lucky then! I've had some quality gear from the M25 over the years, but prices seem to have gone through the roof lately... Unless one of you lot has snaffled all the good stuff
  4. That doesn't stop some I've seen, they will leave one of their kids on a gaming goodness vigil
  5. Pretty much the end of the season now, and I've done quite well I suppose this year. I'm not sure that asking everyone means you get anything decent, I've seen the local muppets running around, and if anything they have done worse than me.
  6. Your buyer is over on NTSC-UK have a look in their Retro folder! Well done all the same, incredible price.
  7. Does anyone have their shelves or bookcases anchored to the wall, or are they just free-standing? Cheers
  8. They were at your local filming an episode. Trying to see if having fresh bread / coffee or frying bacon would help sellers at car boot sales sell their stuff. You know similiar to when your selling a house...
  9. Anyone else watching Brainiac tonight? I was keeping an eye out for SeanR...
  10. I clear out a lot of doubles at xmas, and she buys loads of the crap you can't give away - and for good prices. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she is still around this Xmas, I've got some right dogshit MD titles to get rid of...
  11. Think of all that gaming goodness you missed
  12. Do you play those? Last time I got a load of Spectrum stuff I played some of it, but got bored within a couple of days and sold it on...
  13. I'm sure the Leeds regulars will be fighting each other to see who can post first...
  14. That's a very nice game, you should have bought that to play - do you have an N64?
  15. I've picked up some amazing Amiga titles over the years, but I've only bought about a dozen this year so far, so I must be due a massive find any week now
  16. I would have thought it would be worth over £100 if its genuine sealed, but £200 :(
  17. And don't get me started about those M25 record collectors again... Actually one on Sunday did say thanks after he had chucked all the records he didn't want to buy all over the floor, that was nice of him...
  18. Car boot sales within the M25 are officially shit, don't bother, unless you want to buy hundreds of crap PS1 games with no instructions.
  19. Do you record collector types mind me asking how you conduct your bargain hunting? The reason I ask is that I have to put up with this right wanker once or twice a month. His policy on booting is to annoy everyone - the only word he says is "records", no hello, hi, how are you etc etc. Then to top it off, if the seller has no records he doesn't say thanks etc - oh no this arsehole walks off moaning and tutting - I just hope I'm there to see the day when he gets twatted, it won't be long... He hasn't worked out its his attitude that is stopping him from actually buying anything, as most sellers he askes that say no, clearly have records - he is that thick... CBSK
  20. That sounds awful I got myself a nice Vectrex last month, but I didn't keep it because I wanted a boxed one so I traded it (to a good home) and will continue the search this year...
  21. Those smell like standard M25 prices to me... Why does eveyone think within the M25 their loose SNES with no cables or games is worth £40, "are you interested in that SNES" the seller wanted to know... Oh let me think CBSK
  22. I paid something stupid like £480 for my US imported n64 and Super Mario from a shop on Tottenham Court Road. Seemed like a good price at the time.
  23. Before you put them out, did you scratch all the discs, smash all the boxes and throw the books away? The condition of some of the stuff I see is shocking.
  24. Some pikey got all the sewing kits before you got there?
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