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  1. It's odd, because anyone who hasn't seen the show previously would have no idea what was going or who anyone was (it jumped straight in, no introductions), and the flashbacks wouldn't have helped (I don't think) so it felt like an odd decision to include them. Benefits no one.
  2. There's no doubt that Flintoff is a complete prick and his lads antics aren't funny or entertaining but I didn't think it was as bad as the reactions make out. Harris insults him quite a lot in return so it's definitely not one sided. Edit: at least, from my bullying experience, I wouldn't have given it back verbally like Harris does
  3. Obvious and overplayed?
  4. Ah yeah of course, forgot that was the reason they did that.
  5. There wasn't a risk of it exploding, was there? The risk was from the meltdown.
  6. Definitely get familiar with it
  7. Hmm actually I think that was the one read too, I think the point I must've remembered from it was that they had nothing planned for anything after season 1, so not sure how they planted things in season 1...
  8. That contradicts with an interview I read, which suggested they had made no plans whatsoever for a second season when they were writing it.
  9. It's been mentioned already but I'll add to the comments that the Chernobyl podcast is worth a listen, to get a real feel for the differences between real life and the show, for example...
  10. Likewise the unnecessarily long light sabre fight with added dramatic music.
  11. Damn I'm tempted by this even though I'm perfectly happy with the Rift. Just something about reading all these initial impressions makes me excited
  12. It is for the current Rift store, yes. I've tried plenty of titles that I've got refunded because I didn't think they had longevity.
  13. Yeah I'm viewing BSG as the whole... whatever number of seasons it had. First season was amazing and there were other good bits spread throughout the rest but there was so much dross in amongst it all.
  14. I'm curious how BSG can be considered better.
  15. Well yeah, now, but my point was in reply to your point about besieging a coastal city without controlling the waters which was in turn a reply to a post saying they were dumb to go by water when they didn't need to. Their plan was to sail there for reasons rather than travel there by land for other reasons, and then trot over to Kings Landing, like they did anyway. They were never planning to use those ships to control the water, they were just taxis.
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