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  1. It is for the current Rift store, yes. I've tried plenty of titles that I've got refunded because I didn't think they had longevity.
  2. Yeah I'm viewing BSG as the whole... whatever number of seasons it had. First season was amazing and there were other good bits spread throughout the rest but there was so much dross in amongst it all.
  3. I'm curious how BSG can be considered better.
  4. Well yeah, now, but my point was in reply to your point about besieging a coastal city without controlling the waters which was in turn a reply to a post saying they were dumb to go by water when they didn't need to. Their plan was to sail there for reasons rather than travel there by land for other reasons, and then trot over to Kings Landing, like they did anyway. They were never planning to use those ships to control the water, they were just taxis.
  5. Yeah but they explained that they would control the waters by burning the Penis Man's fleet, and any ships that attempted to resupply the city, with the dragons.
  6. When did Jamie last bone Cersei? I'm confused by quick travel and forgetful by generally paying less attention to the show these days, was it just before he buggered off up north? Is her baby his?
  7. Haha, do you not remember the bit where Jon ran screaming at him outside the walls of Winterfell? Edit: he might not have been screaming, actually. Definitely ran a lot though.
  8. Where is/what happened to Rickon?
  9. I wouldn't mind that jump if it wasn't in slow motion. Just isn't in fitting with the style. The other examples mentioned I hadn't even clocked/remembered, but they were done for dramatic reasons, no? This is just done to look "cool" (or it looks like that from the trailer). Anyway, I was exaggerating slightly for effect, obviously those two seconds are better than all the prequels combined. And almost as good as the Holiday Special.
  10. Yeah, I think the prequels are really really shit, but that jump is shitter. I agree with all the points above, which highlights how shit I think that jump is.
  11. I quite liked the trailer but that slow mo jump over the tie fighter was pure fucking gash, those few seconds are worse than all the prequels combined.
  12. Those knuckles controllers look awesome.
  13. Sponge

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Well said
  14. Sponge

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy


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