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  1. A variety of memories spring to mind : 1)Game + Watch 2)Friends with Spectrums, well they were friends once I found out they had spectrums. 3)My parents had one of those 70's bat + ball games? with the paddles, and a little switch that changed the games between tennis, squash + football. 4)Family holidays to places with arcades. (i remember playing aracde machines where I was too small to even see the screen properly) 5)Fighting Fantasy books
  2. Play both together. When the random battles in SOAL drive you mad (don't let that put you off, it's ace regardless), put on POP for a bit of a breather.
  3. Cant be worse than the first.....can it? Are you on drugs? Lost Kingdom is nowhere near the 'worst game ever', and although the sequel is poo, no way is it anywhere near 'worst game ever' either. Airwolf on the ZX Spectrum comes pretty close. as does GoDai Elemental Force on the PS2.
  4. Had a 3-4 hour Donkey Konga session last night with parents and their friends. No one wanted to stop playing (age range from 8 to 60ish). Twas hilarious. Other than treating myself to that I received : Prince of Persia Billy Hatcher Kingdom Hearts Dynasty Warriors 3 (which I haven't got yet as amazon didn't send it out in time)
  5. and what was AV OUT all about too?
  6. I'm up for that. me too
  7. SimonC

    Christmas Gaming

    I will be making my parents play Donkey Konga & EyeToy on xmas day. Couple of mates bringing their PC's over for a day of LAN gaming between xmas & new year. MK:DD, PES3, more Donkey Konga, and some golden oldies (Powerstone 2, Bishi Bashi Special, Worms Armageddon) when have company. Prince of Persia when don't.
  8. try the mode where the drums don't have any symbols on to tell you whether to clap, hit left/right or both! I think there's actually 6 different difficulty modes in single player. Once you've selected single player from the first menu there's easy,normal & hard menus. From there you pick your song and then before you start to play there's another option to change (left & right on the bongos, then start). That seems to alter difficulty between 2 different levels as well.
  9. I don't believe it! The GF asked me to put Donkey Konga back on so she could play some more! This has never ever happened before! As I sit here she's in the other room playing all by herself. Nintendo have struck gold with this. Those of you with partners who think games are rubbish should get this immediately
  10. Something unheard of has just happened. The little lady has played a computer game, and enjoyed it! Just spent a little over an hour playing it with her and can report that it is indeed excellent fun. Lots of good varied tunes, all playable at 3 different difficulty levels. There's also a survival mode, where you play a whole load of songs back to back, losing a little energy each time you miss a drum/clap. Not sure what over modes there are yet. Hard is hard too. You need to smack those bongos until your hands bleed. The only pain is that the hard level tunes are locked at the start and unlocked by spending coins earnt by playing songs in easy & normal. Hence those of us with PAL cubes + freeloader will have to play through loads of normal + easy songs to unlock the hard ones each time we start a bongo session. Nintendo need to market this really well when it gets a PAL release. They could make a killing.
  11. Yeah if someone could put up a quick basic menu translation it'd be a big help to quite a few people I imagine... If SnakeBoy doesn't, I'd be more than willing to give it a quick translation... not getting it 'till Christmas, though. i'll give it a go.it'll be sometime later tonight/tomorrow.
  12. Yes that is the problem. Appears to format and save to memory card, but upon rebooting will not read the existing save game and wants to reformat it. Arse. No save games for Donkey Konga then and i now have to unlock all the characters in Soul Calibur 2 again as well What I said about it being easy was a lie. I stumbled into a harder mode and it made me beat the drums like a maniac! EDIT : Lik Sang. £20.58 import tax.
  13. The nice man from UPS just delivered this little beauty. A word of warning: all the menus are in japanese, which has led to me reformating my memory card and losing all info for my other jap games. Tread very carefully! Other than this little hiccup it certainly seems like a lot of fun. The controller feels good, very responsive, nice soft skin on the bongos. You don't need to bang them that hard to get a response, a little tap will do. Gameplay wise, it does seem a little easy, but then again I doubt i've managed to get to play in anything other than easy mode. More later, once i've done my days work and managed to decipher the menus.
  14. that is soooo last century
  15. Yes, dusty black plastic is so much more pleasing on the eye than nice shiny silver.
  16. your pc is naked! show it some respect man and give it it's clothes back.
  17. shipped today, 2-4 days via UPS according to the email I recieved.
  18. and freeloader support is confirmed: http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3241 Hurrah! I haven't wasted my money!
  19. sausage is right. it is dull. shopping, gardening, errands and letter writing? Bah.
  20. SimonC

    And relax

    I made a list of all the games I possess that I want to complete but haven't. It came to around 40. And that's just single player story driven games. Add in multiplayer, racing, sports, beat um ups, shoot um ups, ones friends have i'm going to borrow and its up to nearly 80. I reckon, taking into account how much (little) I play games i'll have finished them all by 2017.
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