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  1. Especially so when he can easily interrupt so many ultimates himself.
  2. Played a good few games yesterday and I really like role queues. I love the fact if I want to play damage I am now guaranteed to do so. Previously it was always a case of who could select their character first, and then you'd end up with 4 dps and maybe one of them would begrudgingly switch to a healer or tank at the last minute. Also tanking is a lot easier when you know you've got two healers on your team who actually want to heal. Sigma's giant rock knockback/interrupt can fuck off though.
  3. I played a few games late last night and dps queue was listed as being shortest. I normally fill which means I’m almost always support or tank so it felt good to be that guy who picks Hanzo on attack. Queue times didn’t feel any different to normal but the games I played definitely felt like good contests, which I guess is the point of the role queue.
  4. it’s fantasy flights business model and it’s been that way for years and is unlikely to change. Their big games are just a constant conveyor belt of expansions. Unless you get in early it can be really hard to catch up, or prohibitively expensive to do so . Best thing to do is buy it even if your on the fence. You can normally resell without losing too much cash if you end up not liking it. Over the past few years I’ve bought and sold on more of their games then any other publisher by quite a margin.
  5. I can weigh my copy of 1989 if that helps? I got lucky at the uk games expo last year and grabbed it the instant it was placed on the shelf. Superb game. I personally prefer it to Twilight Struggle. That has the better theme but 1989 has improved gameplay imo.
  6. I had to stop using the elite controller as I was getting a lot of pain in my hands like yourself. Went back to using the standard xbox controller and I can play as much as I want now without any issues. Which is a relief as I was worried I was going to have to seriously reduce my gaming time.
  7. Gaia Project is pretty much Terra Mystica 2.0 and just as brilliant as TM. It doesn't play 5 like TM but it does have the benefit of scaling better at lower player counts and is the better experience with 2 or 3. Tm just feels a bit too loose with less than 4. Another zero luck game would be Caylus. Absolutley everything is player driven in that game. No dice and no deck of cards. If something happens it happens because of a player choice. Although it's getting on a bit now it's still an outstanding example of good game design.
  8. It just feels a bit inferior to the other versions now with everything that's been changed and added in each of them. Not saying it's a bad game but of the 3 GMT do it would be bottom of the pile for me.
  9. It's definitely a good intro to the GMT line of Commands and Colors games and if you enjoy Memoir I'm sure you would like this too. Ancients just feels a bit dated now and Napoleonics although superb is a lot heavier on the rules. It's a good time to get in on this one too if you are considering hoovering up the expansions as and when they arrive. I really like war games with rules that aren't too complicated as they free you up to concentrate on strategy rather than having to consider endless modifiers and obscure situational rules. This certainly delivers on that for me.
  10. Command & Colors Medieval. I know most of you lot prefer your combat games to have fancy pants painted minis but this is so good. It's been out a couple of weeks now and I think I've played 8 games of it already. The command and colors system has been used in other eras (Napoleonics, Ancients) and is also used in other games such as Memoir '44 and Battlelore. I love the feeling it gives of actually being the commander of an army in a battle. The new Medieval version plays more like Ancients than Napoleonics but theres enough differences for it to be it's own thing. Cavalry are deadly and the board is deeper than other versions to allow more scope for them to gallop around. Leaders have a lot of benefits including allowing adjacent units an additonal die face on which they hit. The biggest change though is probably the inspired leadership tokens which you can spend when you play certain cards to then choose what benefits you'll get for that turn. They can boost your archers attacks or give your Cavalry a juicy charge action amongst other options. The rules are nice and streamlined and after a couple of games you can easily play each scenario in under an hour. My one criticism would be the actual setting for the scenarios in the game. When I think of Medieval I think of Knights, Vikings, Saxons, Longbowmen. This game? Sassinids and Byzantines. I'm sure the inevitable expansions will get round to all of those but the setting feels more late ancient than medieval so far. I suspect they've started early in the period and will move forward with each expansion.
  11. I'd add 7 Wonders Duel to that list too if it's 2 player stuff you want that's neither too expensive or takes up too much space. One of my favourites. Also, the small box ticket to ride games (London and New York) both play really well with 2. Oh, and Res Arcana but that's sold out everywhere.
  12. How long has it taken you to get those sort of results with contrast paints?
  13. I could be wrong but I thought someone else has the netrunner license now? I think they were going to start from scratch with a new edition.
  14. Just realised I meant to say Sushi Roll not Sushi Dice. Don't get Sushi Dice. It's a steaming turd of a game. Sushi Roll on the other hand isn't.
  15. Lots of good family / non-gamer games have been mentioned already so I'll just add Cockroach Poker Skull Sushi Dice (when it becomes available again) ticket to ride New York / London (great smaller versions of ticket to ride) to your list of choices As for where to buy from: Thirsty Meeples Chaos Cards Zatu Boardgameguru Gameslore
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