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  1. The paid bit is co-op and good if you have online friends to play it with. Not so great solo though.
  2. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    I’ve been thinking about backing co2 too. I love his games but don’t have any of them. Free play pickup from Essen too which makes it cheaper as I’m already booked to go this year.
  3. What are you playing?

    I've just bought this and will have it on Monday Haven't been so excited about getting new cardboard in ages. It best be good or you owe me £60 @revlob. I did a lot of reading up and watching vids and it does look fantastic, I'm just not sure my regular play group will take to it. The real-time card collecting bit may send the more euro focused folk a bit mental.
  4. Xbox One Console Thread

    I have those. Had them about a year and used them loads and they have lasted very well. They sound very good to me considering the price. Comfortable too.
  5. And it's the most popular game on Xbox even with PUBG also being available.
  6. lol, drop BR mode. I mean it's only the most popular game on both PS4 and Xbox and making them a shitload of cash from the season pass and cosmetic sales. I'm sure they will want to throw all that in the bin....
  7. Got my first solo chicken dinner last. That completes the set with at least one win in each of solo, duo and squads For last nights win I jumped early and hit houses on the west coast. The circle was north east, but I found some half decent gear (AKM, 4x scope and a UMP) and a bike and pegged it across the map just in front of the closing circle. I holed up in a building somewhere in the area of mansion and prison. Then I got really lucky and didn't have to move as the circle kept closing on my position. Two people tried to come in my building at different times and I got an UMP kill on the stairs as he tried to push up to me on the first floor, and then the second tried the same and I chased him down and got a pistol kill. This almost never happens for me as in ever game i play i forget to switch and die whilst reloading my primary. The circle then moved off my building and i had to head out. It was down to about 7 left by this point and I spotted a guy to my left prone behind a tree. Took him out with the scoped AKM. Circle shrinks again and now there's 3 but I hear the shot that kills the 3rd and know roughly where the last guy is but can't see him. I hold my ground behind a tree as I know he has to move before me. Then I spot him behind his own tree, but the circle has moved off us both and we need to move. I get a couple off shots of and then there was a brief moment where it became a total lottery as we just traded shots out in the open as we both move into the circle. He was obviously a worse shot than me as I got the kill with about 20% of my health left! Chicken dinners are the best dinners.
  8. Yesterday's xbox patch, which apparently improved controller latency, seems to have improved the aiming somewhat. I felt confident I could actually hit people at distance in the few games I played last night. I've still no idea what purpose aim acceleration serves on a console game though. The last thing anyone needs when aiming with a joypad is for the aiming reticule to not move at a constant speed.
  9. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Fluff isn’t really important to me. I’m not a fan of totally abstract games so I do like a game to have a theme that meshes with the mechanics somewhat, but backstory etc is irrelevant.
  10. Xbox One X

    I have exactly the same issue with the rubber grips on my elite controller. One side came away completely and to get it back on I had to trim it with a modelling knife, superglue it back on and then sanded it down so it was a smooth fit again. It's comfortable but looks a bit shit.
  11. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    What a crybaby. Siege undoubtedly has a steep learning curve but that's part of what makes it so great.
  12. What are you playing?

    That sounds amazing. How have I not heard of it before? One more for the wishlist...
  13. I’ve no idea what aim acceleration has done but since they added it to Xbox this week i can’t hit a cows arse with a shovel. I can’t find a combo of sensitivity settings that let me even have a chance of killing anyone. :saltytears:
  14. What are you playing?

    It is good, but yes really it's just a competent but not outstanding mid-weight euro and it's the slow reveal of "stuff" that elevates it to something special. I will be interested to see if your games go the same way as ours!
  15. It's definitely a lot better. Both myself on the 1X and Drew on the S noticed a big improvement last night. It runs much smoother now. It's still not perfect but it's a big step in the right direction.

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