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  1. SimonC

    What are you playing?

    I’m on holiday with the kids and i’ve promised the winner of the most games on holiday some v-bucks. That’s fortnite currency for those of you fortunate enough to not have kids obsessed with it. So far I’m winning the most, but not by much! 6 to 5 to 4. We’ve played ticket to ride New York (superb filler version of ticket to ride), high society, Karuba and Braggart. Oh and pass the pigs..
  2. SimonC

    The Random WoW Thread

    Battlegrounds do still give xp. It’s how’s I’ve been levelling my priest (102 atm). It’s not that quick though. I would think doing quests is quite a bit quicker. If you aren’t in a rush and enjoy pvp then it makes a nice change from questing.
  3. SimonC

    The Random WoW Thread

    I would of thought with scaling a levelling guide is fairly pointless. Just find a zone you like, see the story through to its conclusion and then move on. Also, at 58 you can go to Outland or Northrend and stay there until 80. Then 80-90 you do can do cataclysm zones or Pandaria.
  4. SimonC

    The Random WoW Thread

    I use twitch to update as well. and use: dominos for bars shadow unit frames mik scrolling battle text bagnon grid2 titanbar weak auras and some add on which auto sells grey stuff but I can’t remember its name
  5. SimonC


    I really like it, and yes the artwork is fantastic. After buying it I got rid of netrunner and warhammer invasion as it scratches the 2 player duelling itch without the need to deck build. It’s good game to just get out and play with friends without them also needing to own a copy, and that doesn’t work very well for most CCG’s / LCG’s. Ashes does have a learning curve but it’s not hugely complicated. The rule book is pretty good and after a game or two you’ll most likely have the hang of it. I’d definitely recommend it!
  6. SimonC


    That's what appeals to me too. I doubt many people I know will buy it but I can have a few decks and just play my copy with friends without any hassle. Sounds perfect to me, and that's the reason why I also have Ashes and got rid of Netrunner and various other deck builders a couple of years ago.
  7. SimonC


    Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn (by plaid hat games) does the buy a complete deck thing and it's a lovely 2 player card game. It is different from this though in that you can deckbuild if you want to. This sounds quite intriguing though and I suspect I'll be grabbing a copy and a couple of extra decks once it's available.
  8. SimonC

    The Random WoW Thread

    I really haven't played much WoW since Cataclysm. At least not compared to the ridiculous amount of time I used to spend on it up to that point. Every now and again I get the urge to play again and resub for a month or two before deleting it again. Anyway, I got a new laptop recently and with the expansion coming thought I'd dive back in. So glad I did because I'm loving playing it again now. Had a blast this weekend levelling characters ready for BfA and tried some raiding and a bit of pvp too. I've got my Druid, Hunter (he's the first character I ever played back in 2005) and Warrior all up to 110 so I feel ready for the expansion next week. Cannot wait for the expansion to go live! PS: Sylvanas is a dick.
  9. SimonC

    No Man's Sky

    Why is the galaxy map such a pain to use? Selecting the right system to jump to is way too tricky. Last night I accidentally held a button down for too long and warped somewhere I didn't want to go... That aside I'm really enjoying this. Hadn't played it before and I'm really enjoying pottering about working out how it all works at my own pace. The gameplay does have a big dose of collect and craft to it ( like minecraft, terraria, portal knights etc...) but it has cool spaceships and crazy lifeforms so I can live with that. (Plus I quite like those sort of games).
  10. SimonC

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    I installed this on my Switch for my kids last night. This morning my youngest got a solo win on his 3rd game. He's 10 My eldest has passed the 200 win mark and is on the way to 250. He plays squads solo for fun and likes to win games with trap kills. My kids make me so proud. Kind of.
  11. SimonC

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    Since I stopped playing OW a couple of weeks ago I'm enjoying my gaming time so much more. When you pull off a last minute win it's a truly amazing experience, but for every time that happens there's the game where you get destroyed by events you can't control or your team decide two snipers, a bastion and no tanks on attack is a sound plan. It can be beyond frustrating and there's absolutely no middle ground. It's either brilliant or makes you despair at the state of humanity. And yet I couldn't stop playing it. Stupid Blizzard and their gaming crack. I mean, I may well return to it in the future (because I'm a hopeless case) but right now without the highs and low of OW the time I spend gaming is just overall so much more enjoyable.
  12. SimonC

    What are you playing?

    Hmm I don't think it balances very fairly at all. There's no catch up mechanic that makes the scenarios harder if you win and easier if you lose. In fact quite the opposite is true. If you continually fail you'll end up with less powerful cards in your desk from having less xp, your characters will have permanent sanity and/or health penalties and you'll possibly have worse tiles to pull out the bag. That's my experience of it any how in a game where we've lost nearly every time and it now feels like we've fallen way behind the curve but yet the game continues to punish us for failing rather than lending a helping hand. It's still good fun though, in a "I wonder how many turns we'll stay alive this time" kind of way, but we have very little chance of completing any scenario.
  13. SimonC

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Quick question time. How does playstation plus work if you have more than one PS4? My kids will shortly have one PS4 each. One of their accounts has PS Plus. If the other one wants to play online do we need to buy it a second time? Or is there a similar trick to the xbox where you can specify a home console anyone can go online with?
  14. I haven’t played too many games this season yet but haven’t noticed people using her in that way. Surely a twitch drone or well placed grenade can sort them out? They don’t have much health.
  15. You didn't mention Sledge I think the game comes with all the initial characters unlocked so no Valkyrie, Frost, Buck or Hibana but those are all great ones to unlock early on. The new map is indeed excellent. Didn't get much chance to play the new characters but they both seem pretty strong. I'd be happy to play with anyone on Xbox. I do tend to mostly play comp though as I prefer that format over casual. Throw me a friend request if you want a game. My gamertag is in my sig.

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