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  1. SimonC

    Board game for a 9 year old

    Kingdomino is much better then Queendomino , which takes kingdomino and adds a bunch of unnecessary mechanics. My youngest is 9 and as well as some of the games mentioned he likes Machi Koro, Karuba, Fabled Fruit, Rattlebones. Ticket to Ride is easy to teach to kids and Memoir '44 . Never too early to get them into war games!
  2. SimonC

    Laser League - "An instant multiplayer classic"

    I've put a few hours into this this week and it's a bit good isn't it? The game play seemed a bit shallow initially but once you understand the classes there's definite depth there. Smacking people into the lasers is a thing of beauty. I'm not sure many people are playing it though as outside of peak hours I've had fairly long wait times and games where AI make up the numbers.
  3. SimonC

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Shadespire is a great little game. Really nice combo of lovely looking minis, cards and dice. The rules are easy to pick up and after a couple of games you can fly through it in 30 mins. Me and my son sometimes play twice and just swap sides to see who can do best with each faction.
  4. I prefer bits of wood myself. You know where you stand with cubes and discs.
  5. SimonC

    Star Wars!

    Oh yeah, I realise I can carry on with 1st edition. I only play casually with a few friends so unless they plan to upgrade there's not a lot of point in me doing so anyway. Are you sure their development costs have increased? This way they can just re-release the models they've already designed with new cards. Continuing with 1st edition would mean creating new models from scratch, which is something they now don't have to worry about for the foreseeable future. They've also changed the price point of the small ships. They've gone up from $15 for 1st edition to $20 for 2nd.
  6. SimonC

    Star Wars!

    The changes do look great but it's a blatant money gouging exercise. It seems not only do you need a conversion kit for each faction ($50 each) you also need a core set ($40). So for me that's $140, which is going to be roughly £100. £100 for some rules tweaks and new art on cards. I'm not saying it's not tempting but that's a lot of cash just to upgrade a game I already own. edit: and there's been no mention of updated rules for capital ships, or replacements for the cards that came with them.
  7. SimonC

    Star Wars!

    Fuck that shit. They always were obsessed with churning out expansions to grab our money but it’s got even worse since they were taken over by Asmodee. All they do now is a constant conveyor belt of expansions for a handful of games. Also, the imperial upgrade kit only includes enough pieces for 4 tie fighters. I have 5.. Classic FFG, not putting enough stuff in games so you buy multiple copies.
  8. SimonC

    UK Games Expo

    She's obviously taking it more seriously than me so that's very likely! I think I've played it twice this year.
  9. SimonC

    UK Games Expo

    I'm there all 3 days and have signed up for the 7 Wonders Duel tournament on the Saturday. I figured Saturday would be stupid busy and doing a tournament means I'm not going to be fighting the rabble to play games. Haven't really got a wishlist so will see if anything takes my fancy when I'm there. I'm hoping to sell a whole bunch of games at the bring and buy (top tip: take your stuff to the bring and buy later in the day rather than queue in the morning) so I will have money burning a hole in my pocket so I'm bound to buy some games.
  10. SimonC

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    When I used to play Warcraft I occasionally saw a Tauren Warrior called Linty Scrotum.
  11. SimonC

    Vampire: the eternal struggle

    Does it require each player to invest in their own copy? Or can one player provide decks for all from some sort of base set? That's quite a high barrier to entry if everyone does need to purchase it and it plays best with four!
  12. I also bought it after being made aware of its existence by revlobs write up. Played it twice now and it’s superb and unlike anything I’ve ever played. The money takes a couple of hours to make and there’s far too many cards to sleeve it. You can pre build the huge deck before you play ( I’ve got it all ready in the box with the reccomended set up) so set up is is quick but it’s takes a bit of sorting at the end of the game. All totally worth it though!
  13. If you’re after a single player game have a look at Spirit Island. It’s a co-op game so easy to do by yourself. I played it yesterday and really liked it. Lovely theme and interesting decisions.
  14. SimonC

    Rllmuk goes to Alabama

    What value is there in buying shares in companies other players control? Do you got a split of any profits that company makes?
  15. SimonC

    Rllmuk goes to Alabama

    Sorry for the delay, didn't bother to bring my work laptop home over Easter. SimonC buys a 10% share of L&N from IPO for $60. > @LaParka

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