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  1. There is eurosport highlights on at 930am for an hour or so from yesterdays stage? I imagine the same highlights is on at 8-9 in the evening and you get access to that with the gcn pass? Loving wfh with tdf in background.
  2. Spent far too much money on the ps store after reading this thead thanks guys! Probably a daft question but is there any suggestions for any coop games on the ps4 that allow guests/local players to also join in? Ideally wanting to play against/with my brother and his partner.
  3. @LorfariusOmelette & Sausage Baguette procured @ Manchester Oxford Rd branch. Was inspired after coming across this excellent thread yesterday.
  4. Pmccee

    Pokemon Go

    I love this game been playing all day and found some cool little places round Manchester I didn't know about!...first gym taken with an audience present of fellow poke masters on a cycle path in the middle of nowhere . So bizarre ! Go team red!
  5. Dead Prez were pretty shite last night, turned up 2 hrs late so perhaps slightly coloured by this. Got some tickets as compo to Smif N Wessun next Thurday if anyone is keen and in Manchester? Wrekonize.
  6. Republic commando was a great fps! I'm on 4th viewing. Not getting old yet still love it and all the conjencture chat adds to each viewing!
  7. Pmccee

    Battlefield 4

    I used to play xbox360 with Kerraig and that so probably don't know many ps3 peeps . guess I need to get a headset!
  8. Pmccee

    Battlefield 4

    So what dlc should I get !? Also add me pmccee if youre a regular So what dlc should I get !? Also add me pmccee if youre a regular
  9. yass looking forward to unlocking everything again...
  10. got a ps4 finally. Is everyone playing this or bf4?
  11. Yeah they were tight. I was just too close to all the wee fannies Moshing about at inappropriate times. Think they were just there to have a junp around regardless of the music. Old man out.
  12. In the midst of watching ratking. Must have missed the Moshing is now allowed at gigs memo. I want to smack every wee cunt in herem
  13. Ugly duckling playing tonight in Mcr. Never seen them live but used to listen to years ago. Worth a look live?
  14. Surely a manc meat? 2k calories in a burger lol.
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