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  1. He is yours then Baz, bang inbetween the 67 and 78 ratings speculated.
  2. Mmmmmm, 72?! Could of sworn it said 78 last night, apologies!
  3. He is 100% fit. He was 78 last night when I spotted it jamin, screen shot incoming.....(assuming I've not fucked up?!)
  4. Any of you bottom feeder types (I love you all) fancy a bargain?! Iheanacho boosted from a 67 (where his price was set) to a 78 rated striker. £3.2 and just a 0.002 salary, an absolute steel! 85 pace his best asset.
  5. Confirming Fernando and Delph deals. Cheers
  6. At least once every window Al you make a transfer/sale/purchase that has me scratching my head, asking "what the fuck"?! This is one of those!
  7. There's plenty of room under my table mack. Wait, that sounds wrong. Come get me big boy. Much better.
  8. I'm sure it's purely a coincidence and in no way a targeted attack. Couldn't be.
  9. A bittersweet day.... I'm deemed to require a higher ranking side than Wincho! The shame, sad times. I get man city!! Awesome, happy days.
  10. Ah LJ, provider of one the greatest videos/comedy moments I've ever seen on the forum. (The hitler one with the subtitles, a true stroke of genius)
  11. I'd assumed (and already planned to keep very quiet about it when I first saw it) that my trophy was a fuck up! Forgot all about the two league format, the only explanation as to how I've won anything. What makes it all the sweeter, and even more pleasing it's made an appearance again, is that I was playing with wincho's beloved Everton. Whilst that judas turncoat was playing with......Liverpool!! Disgusting. And he only picked them to stop me getting them, yet still couldn't stop me winning! Oh the happy days of yesteryear.....
  12. Ouch Steely, twice now that's happened! BigBadBarry 4 Manic 3 no inj Sounds close, it wasn't. Baz was 4-0 at HT having fucking destroyed me. I came back with 2 quick goals in 2nd half but Baz was toying with me by then, out came the skillz and he couldashoulda had 3/4 more goals. I missed a few chances until the 90th minute when I pulled 1 more back. Result was never in doubt from 5 mins into the game mind. Cheers baz, and cheers all for another good season. Well played Steely and Winko, great work as always.
  13. Timmo 2 manic 1 No inj Bit of a midfield slog this really, chances at a premium as (more so by timmo than me) every pass seemed to be read and/or telegraphed by the opposition and we each kept giving the ball away. As it was timmo took his chances better and my goal was a late consolation. Cheers mate
  14. I turn into a pumpkin around midnight, but let's call it a date.
  15. Lol, I can see that.....the post I referred to quite clearly states I'm hoping to play Timmo at 11, and you have now added me at 11 to play you!!
  16. I'll have a slot Baz. You could probably of worked that out from the post immediately above yours but I'll let you off!
  17. Baz - we'll need to squeeze it in tonight really mate as I won't be around tomorrow. I'm hopefully playing timmo at 11 so some time after that would work?
  18. I'll take 11 pm.Baz - are you around today did you say??
  19. Bennette 7 manic 3 Inj guarin & arnautovic I went 2 up within 15 minutes then Ibarbo and Guarin destroyed me and bennette got 5 unanswered goals....which kind of sealed the 3 points! A good game mind, loads of chances and many a crunching tackle (from me....on Ibarbo mainly). Cheers mate. Timmo - you've got tons of fixtures son, you can't just jump off rocket league (which you pied me off for last night too) and straight into fallout! Get your shit together.
  20. Manic 1 Cary 1 Inj - Pisczek Cheers Cary good game
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