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  1. We are live, yes?? #34 Lacazette £36 0.180
  2. And me! (Now that Cary has been removed that is!)
  3. Baz 5 Manic 2 Inj Navas Fair play to Baz, down to 10 men after 10 minutes for a late tackle on Reus but his skillz were too much and he romped it in the end. Even intentionally missing a pen of his own in the process! 0-0 at HT and I had looked most like breaking the deadlock but he found his rhythm in the 2nd half and murdered me. Cheers Baz
  4. He won't be up in all seriousness, he goes to bed around 10 these day. Getting old innit. That and as part of his mid life crisis he hits the gym at 6am every day, so he's always tired.
  5. Edit - also worth noting that I won't actually be online, but will jump on when I get your message.
  6. Fuck me Baz, do you drink at work?! Why would you message Cary, who hasn't posted all day, after winch when it was me who said I'd be around if you message me?!
  7. I don't see anywhere where Cary says he'll be on?? But if you are Cary same for me, and Baz shout me up when you're back from work and I'll play you tonight.
  8. I think that's the point! You'd beat Al 99 times out of 100 (as steely would Andy, jamin would me, etc, etc) so the handicap is designed to even that up and make the table tighter and more balanced. Of course Bennette has royally fucked that up, but other than that it is shaping up to be a tighter contest.
  9. I'm pretty sure Al is +3 and you're +/-0.....so I believe it's a draw?!Yes!!
  10. Andy 0 Manic 6 No inj New formation worked a treat! Got all my attacking players where they need to be and they found plenty of space to punish Utd's back 4. Left kompany un-sponged on the treatment table and Demichelis was a rock in the heart of a back 3! Cheers Andy, good luck with your remaining fixtures.
  11. Or maybe it's not?! Ping me an invite when you get on mate.....
  12. Are you still around Andy? Can play in the next hour or so....
  13. Whole PSN network is down, so I wouldn't worry about rushing online to get games played.
  14. Baz/Cary/Andy - around this evening? About half 8 ish onwards I'll be available from. With brand new untried, untested, come score a bucket full against me formation *eyebrows*. Must fancy that?!
  15. Steely 2 manic 0 Inj Vardy & Kompany Steely worthy of the win no doubt, I was a tad unlucky not to get on the scoresheet even having a late penalty saved. Cheers steely, well played mate.
  16. Manic 1 jamin 1 Inj McCreary Jamin humped me, if he had any strikers that could finish it would of been a mauling! Cheers for the game mate, bad luck.
  17. I'm jumping on in 5 minutes if anyone is around??
  18. I can't believe we blew it smiffy! Win that last game, having just tonked Dunny & co 7-1, and we were xmas champions *sob* Highlight of the night was HT against those boys in game 1. 11 shots for us, 0 (ZERO) for them. Beautiful! Cheers lads, and cheers to your mate Fred smithstock for introducing a new word game to us!
  19. Leaving now! Will be home in 5, should make game 1 hopefully smiffy
  20. Smithy (and my fellow team mates) - we're at the outlaws for a family gathering later this arvo/evening, I'll be playing the "kids look tired" card from around 7 ish onwards....so I'll have to keep you posted on my progress on that front but I'm hoping to be back in good time!
  21. Yes steely, now?? EDIT: servers appear to be down steely, so we're boned anyway.
  22. Cary/Andy/steely/jamin - games?? I see you all online!
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