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  1. I appear to be missing some shit, so I'll ask this with some trepidation but some of the non ftl's say "sold" in the last column? Is that from where you've copied steely's spready in? And you mentioned that non FTL signings will cost 20% above their min value, has that been added or do we need to add that?
  2. There's no dates in your first post Pants, when is shit happening/does it need to be done by?
  3. My steam ID is well out there, and not thought through in the slightest. I'd assumed there would be an option to enter your tag/username when I got into it......there's not. So my ID is - paulgravell - my name in lower case. As I said, crazy.
  4. Mackenie 4 Manic 3 no inj Mad game, he took the lead, i took the lead, he took it back etc etc. End to end and mack was good value for the win as it played out. I was 3-2 up with not long left but he came back with a late equaliser and an even later winner! Cheers mate, good game.
  5. Manic 1 Mardigan 2 No inj End to end game with chances a plenty, well played mate.
  6. I'm on mack/mards, ping me an invite. Wincho just got pwned.... Manic 2 Wincho 0 Inj De Bruyne Should of been a far bigger scoreline, wincho's players could not string a pass together and I had tons of chances as a result. Cheers mate!
  7. PS Sorry if it appeared I left the party abrubtly Al, lost my interent connection for a minute or so and it kicked me out of everything.
  8. Manic 3 Al 2 no inj 2-1 up going into the final 2 minutes, and Al gives away a (stonewall!) pen to give me a chance to go 3-1 and look like taking all 3 points (taking handicap into account). Reus slams it home and I'm thinking 9 points from 3 games tonight is a great return. Al/Willian have other ideas though! He go's straight up the other end and smashes an equaliser into the roof of the net! Cheers Al, good game. Even if you were a dirty dog!
  9. Manic 2 Timmo 1 no inj Dodgy penalty opened the scoring for me, but Timmo immediately cancelled it out with a sublime top corner curled leveller. It was fairly even steven from there on out but Yaya managed to crash one in mid way through the second half to secure all 3 points for the Citeh lads. Cheers Timmo, good game.
  10. Manic 3 Steely 1 Inj; Sako, Lacazette Well, a common phrase I seem to use after playing Steely.....sorry mate!! He humped me. Plain humped me. About 20 corners, similar number of world class saves from Hart, I barely got out of my half and yet I got 3 goals and he only got 1! What can I say mate, bad luck as usual!
  11. I'm on now, anyone not in clubs drop me an invite if you fancy our game....
  12. Are you playing some kind of "lite" version of the game or do need to sort out the training, salaries, press, star striker knobbing the tea lady who also happen to be the keepers wife type shit as well?
  13. Fuck me, hadn't realised mards was down the bottom! Proper choke pants!
  14. Manic 0 Bennette 2 No inj Not sure how this didn't finish with more goals! There was loads of chances at both ends, I cleared at least two off my goal line, also hit the bar twice and the post once with efforts that looked sure to go in. In the end two well worked goals from Bennette was all the action the onion bag got. Cheers mate, enjoyable game.
  15. I should be later on mate, inbetween the NFL games most likely. Although the first looks done and dusted so possibly sooner.
  16. Don't worry pants, I know a guy who's got some algorithm that will work out those final two results should mards not show up. With no vested interest whatsoever in said results I'm certain it will be impartial and totally fair. Isn't that right Mitch?!
  17. The table appears to be fucked up. Totally fucked up. It has Wincho sitting 2nd at the half way point, that simply cannot be right?! I suggest everyone gets their shit together for the 2nd half (steely, jamin - I'm looking at you. Timmo this handicap system seems to have crippled your campaign so I'm not looking at you any more) and sorts this out.
  18. That's a fucking crazy bet! Deserved to be agonisingly close with no cigar...
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