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  1. Well, a glorious start to my campaign.... Manic 3 Bennette 1 No injuries Red card Matic after around 15 minutes helped me out no end! Barzagli 56 Muller 62 Chiellini 63 Bony 88 with the consolation for Bennette. I think I've taken all the relevant screen shots and that, so will try and get that sorted later. Got the video too, although there certainly wasn't any goal of the season contenders in amongst these 4. Cheers Bennette, thanks for walking me through it too!
  2. Yes, but you will need to lead the entire event. Right down to probably PM'ing me how to accept your invitation to play and everything.
  3. Ah, yes - same for me as well please regarding the inviting/arranging.
  4. Also, I'm around now if anyone wants to break me in gently?? I warn you this first game, even just setting it up, let alone playing it could be a complete abortion - I'm brand spanking new to FM and still have no real clue what I'm doing!
  5. Shit me tomox, that's some pretty impressive stattage going on there!
  6. Wowzers. It's had a nice impact on the table too (well, in terms of my position v wincho's position that is!). So I'm done then, cheers lads.
  7. That must be the first time I've done the double over you in a season?? (Without the handicap, which never came into the equation) Saying that my team is crazy good, I should really have done much better this season - especially with my 2 goal advantage before I even start against many!
  8. Baz, just you left for me now mate......and you said yesterday "tomorrow, saturday and sunday night to get game played"??!
  9. Manic 5 Jamin 1 Inj: Ferdinand, De Bruyne Jamin started the better and could of been 2 up early doors, as it was Aguero scored a ripper to put me 1 up with Jamin getting his overdue goal 5 minuted later. Then it all started going my way! Reus got 2 quick goals before HT and I went in a flattering 3-1 up. Late goals from Otamendi (a beauty of a volley!) and Du Bruyne made the score line crazy for what was a relatively even contest. Cheers Jamin.
  10. As it happened in Munich Word is out that Roma have tabled a very healthy bid for Thomas; ROMA?? His agent acts quickly, ze Germans NEVER laugh like that he thinks, this guy's fucking raging. JUVE??? "Thank fuck for that, nice one paulgravell" says Thomas. "oh and by the way, great steam ID", he adds, and we love a kiss arse at Juve - he's made for life.
  11. hehe, when I quickly checked my funds v your funds before topping your bid i was relieved to see you were completely maxed out!
  12. Spoken like a true pauper, with no idea how the other half live. My PA is under instruction, nothing will slip by paulgravell towers unnoticed.
  13. What are they teaching them? Cool steam id's will only get you so far lads....
  14. Cheers guys, appreciate ultimately it's 'random' but that helps. Also means I'm looking less for "cover" and more for "superstar" now!
  15. For those of you who played last season, help a n00b out please.....in game injuries, how common are they?? FIFA common (for those that play both, probably 1 every 2/2.5 games on average for those that don't) or more/less than that? Just working out how much cover will likely be needed. Ta
  16. Yep, a reaction guarantee's it'll happen again and again too. I'm just disappointed I've already submitted my perks, there would be nothing funnier than hitting another Parisian right now!
  17. Confimed. Had I known more steam ID abuse was coming with said transfer the fee would have been higher, let this be a warning to all you kool kids with 'trendy' steam tags. Gooner - have you done your perks yet?? I'm assuming that is why our transfers have not gone through yet, can't see any evidence of your perks on the spready.
  18. Baz or jamin - around after BAP?? Have I got any sponges left? Spready says no, but I thought we got 1 more in the break??
  19. AUBAMEYANG & MANDZUKIC TRADE PLACES MANIC ON AUBA "Delighted, just what we needed" GOONER ON HIS MAN "He's a bit shit, isn't he?" The transfer bus rolls into Turin with the first action of the window, Aubameyang for £34.2M and that lanky streak of piss Mandzukic goes the other way for £27.2M.
  20. Alright, you fucking show off. Cool steam id's are so last season anyway.
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