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  1. There was this couple of lads, told me I'd really enjoy it and persuaded me. I was never convinced...but by Jove they were right!
  2. Mitch, Dark Soldier & Tomox I'm around the rest of tonight and then Tue or Thu night if you're around?
  3. 2 more games......2 more wins! Joffy 0 Manic 1 No inj Lloris had a busy game here, needing to spring into action regularly to keep Muller & co at bay. As it was the goal in the 1st minute was the only time he had to pick the ball out the net. Some solid tackling in the last 20 minutes from both sides saw the game burst into life but without any further goals. Cheers joffy. Keiths Dad 0 Manic 2 No inj Muller 55, 78 I was fortunate to escape unscathed from the opening exchanges here when a Boca corner resulted in a header off the bar, rebound off the post and then a goal line clearance, all in the same move! As it was it remained goalless until the 2nd half, when the ever lively Cuadrado tee'd up Muller for a tap in. 20 mins later Muller popped up again to seal the 3 points. Cheers lads, good games.
  4. I should be able to jump on around 8 ish, perhaps a little sooner.
  5. Pants McSkill coming in off a good result, Manic a little rusty....this could have been tricky; Pants 1 Manic 4 Except POGBA said no. 1st half hattrick for the deep lying playmaker and another tap in for Muller as Juve brushed the potters aside. 1st half was one way traffic, all black and white, some (prolonged) tinkering by pants made the 2nd half more even but the damage was already done. Cheer pants, good catch up matey.
  6. Let's do it pants, gimme 2 mins as I'm standing at the bar waiting for a drink, but the laptop is ready and waiting....
  7. Ok, all done with work shit now and appear to have a fairly reliable connection after all. Anyone about??
  8. KD/pants - sorry boys but I can't get on FM yet, plus I'm not sure this abysmal hotel wifi will cope with it anyway! If you're around a bit later on I could be about, and I'll try and assess the connection before offering up any more hollow invites!
  9. A combination of the forum being down and many nights away with work of late have left me woefully lagging in here, apologies. As luck would have it I'm away tomorrow (wed) night, without customers or colleagues so will have a "free night". It's in one of the biggest shitholes known to man, Middlesbrough. Presuming I can get a decent enough connection in the backward hotel I should be game on for some FM action. KD - can I baggsy a slot? Say 7? Anyone else around shout me up!
  10. I just want to clarify, I had nothing to do with tomox's evening and I have no idea why he's claiming otherwise.
  11. Mitch and pants are aware that i had issues installing FM on my home laptop that has been wrecked by multiple members of the family clogging it up. After hours of crashes, reboots, reinstalls, etc, etc I gave up and opted to use my work laptop. This is despite the IT nazi's at work strictly forbidding any personal stuff being on my works machine. Especially I would imagine 5GB games, like FM 16. My thinking - "what's the worst that can happen? They spot it, I make up a story that one of the kids must of done it and I remove it...eventually". That's the absolute worst thing that could happen, right? Wrong. Let me me tell you the worst thing that could (and did) actually happen, only half hour or so ago. I have been working on a monster (and painfully dull) spreadsheet today relating to commodity/currency fluctuations over the last 12 months and how that will impact us, our operating costs, etc etc. It's got the attention of the "top brass", my bosses, bosses. 5 of the main board members in fact. I am summoned to a meeting with them around 5:30 this evening to run through my figures, on a 50" screen in the main board room with my laptop being plugged in as it's all my figures we're running through. These are the guys who ultimately control my immidiate/mid/long term professsional and financial development, so we're clear. Anyway, it's going pretty well and I'm on a roll going through it, pointing out a section of the spreadsheet for them all to focus on. Just at that moment, the actual worse thing that could happen happened. Up pops a steam alert in the corner informing me, and the other 5 (main board members of the company I work for, just to remind you) guys that "darkjunglist84 is playing Football Manager 16". Fucking brilliant.
  12. I'm not a religous kinda guy, but not only have I said a prayer, I've lit a fucking candle and insisted all 4 of my kids (all from mrs Gravell's actual bucket fanny) sit in vigil around it until mitch jnr is with us. Best of luck brother.
  13. Oh dear Bennette. You may not have read the small print in the FTL rule book, but I have. 3 red cards in one game is serious misconduct, immediate expulsion from the league is the penalty. Puts me top of the tree!!!
  14. Juve 2 PSG 1 No Inj Di Maria 45+1 Muller 63 Asamoah 89 Shite, my screen shot hasn't saved - sorry. The stats would say that I got lucky, very lucky! Mard's took the lead right on the whistle for HT, but both of us had good chances to score in the 1st half with Asomaoh once again proving to be a liability in front of goal (at that stage anyway!). 2nd half Cuadrado, who had been terrorising Mards all game, went on a 70 yard run down the wing and put in a peach for Muller to nod home to bring things level before the game swung totally the way of PSG. They missed chance after chance! Post, bar, Buffon and a fair amount of diabolical decision making from players in posession meant that somehow it remained 1-1.....until the 89th minute that is! Up steps Asamoah, put through with a lofted ball over the top and with his manger begging him to sqaure it to Muller for a tap in, but no - he smashes a left footer in at the near post!!!!! It all kicks off in Turin, they are loving that action. Asamoah is forgiven. Seriously bad luck for mards this one, no way I deserved to win but you know what they say about destined champions*, win ugly when you have to but just make sure you win! Cheers for the game mate. *ok, 2/2 wins has got me a little cocky Scorers; Muller 2 Asamoah 1 Barzagli 1 Chiellini 1
  15. "A bit shit, isn't he". A brace on his debut. Pffffft, said you were getting a deal there gooner!
  16. Also can anyone more proficient with steam/FM advise if there's any way to get the 'steam chat window' on the screen at the same time as running FM itself?? I.e. Have it in the corner whilst watching the game? I kept having to drop out of watching the game to chat with Bennette last night, and I couldn't see a way of having FM in a smaller window. It meant whilst we discussing the Muller goal we missed the Chiellini goal, heartbreaking I'm sure you'll agree! Ta
  17. The highlight reel of fucking Asamoah and his string of missed sitters would be far longer than the 32 seconds above incidentally, what a donkey he is in front of goal!
  18. I would appear I took a screenshot of the wrong stat screen completely! But, as it will differ from Bennette's post I will stick it in anyway.... It's taken me hours, and I mean hours (largely thanks to me being so PC gaming illiterate) of arsing about to get all this together.....and I was heading into this game thinking "I really don't see how enjoyable this can be, have I wasted all this time and effort or what?". How. Wrong. I. Was!! If I'm honest I'm sure winning the game helped, but watching that game was amazingly exciting! I was kicking every ball, winning every header, cheering anything that went near goal and absolutely loved it! And even with all that emotion, all that passion, all the bias that supporting your team brings to the party....I didn't even shout for a booking, let alone a red, for the challenge that Matic made! Very harsh indeed! Cheers Bennette.
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