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  1. E Can to Baz for £7M please. Kiko Cassilla from Real to Liverpool for £12.5M as well. Ta
  2. I'm going to try a few teams out tonight.....will report back after that. HHHAAAAA, gotcha! Liverpool for me please.
  3. Thought about that whilst posting..... ...and then figured we'd get this anyway.
  4. Has to be Mrs Pompey drawing the teams (giving me cheeky the nod, again) otherwise I'm ooot.
  5. Yes, Jane doe is my current tv crush also! As for the show it's pretty much the blacklist and she's Remington, only far easier on the eye.
  6. I'm a pretty late one too, hardly ever on before 9 I'm afraid. Though I do like that rigid sleep pattern you've established. I presume you're an early starter work-wise, or that you're around 12?!
  7. Still can't retrieve the game!! And I'm away in Germany from tomorrow until Friday, so it will have to wait until the w/end but should be about to get some games played then.
  8. Any ideas why Steam will no longer load FM16?? It's in my library still, but when I try to load it takes me to the purchase game page? Like the game itself has gone?
  9. I've got like tons of sponges so even my donkeys get treatment.
  10. Wait, I'd forgotten how fucking lazy bennette was and had refused to run a simple formula to add 20% to all the selling prices. Slag. #84 K. Bellerabi 34.8 0.125
  11. Congrats Mardigan....it was a nice move. When does the NON FTL window open pants?
  12. Tomox I'll struggle to get on tomorrow, couple of hours late morning could work or tonight is still good if you're about??
  13. Thanks to Mitch, I have a highlight reel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tctreGQyv-A I would say goal 3 in this (Auba's 2nd) is my best goal to date, and therefore my early entry for goal of the season (albeit an unlikely to win entry!).
  14. Tomox - today is deadline day! Are you about at all during the day?? If not this evening.....
  15. Erm, this is getting a bit embarrasing now..... Mitch 1 Manic 2 Inj Blaszczykowski Ilicic 30 Auba 41, 45+1 Mitch took the lead but it wasn't long before auba finally paid some of his fee back, turning the LB and racing through from 40 yards out to slot home in the bottom corner. I was happy to be back on level terms and was busy planning the HT team talk when he pounced onto a somewhat hopeful lofted through ball, and SMASHED it into the roof on the net! Happy days! Cheers Mitch, all the best with the little man and your other games.
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