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  1. Yeah, both fair comments. Sorting who would go through is gonna be hard. Maybe look at who has actually played any of their games (eg Legendary, Mr Wolfe), how their records are if that is not conclusive maybe a play-off situation??
  2. That explains that then. I saw you had accepted my invite and then waited for about 15 minutes wondering whether or not we had been f**ked over or if you were in the middle of something else, thanks again to the powers at be for that one. RE: contenders to be in the semi Looking at the XSN page it was going to go into a quarter final stage, then semi, then final. I think to be fair to those involved (especially as it looks like I may miss out with my record ) the 6 mentioned by minor willy should all go through, and we should try and incorporate 2 more from the league to carry on as originally intended before this debacle with XSN. Your thoughts??!
  3. This is becoming a farce....once again xsn is making a mockery of the whole tournament. Yorkie and I played, yorkie won and it has (once again) credited me with the win. Come the next stage we are gonna have to abandon xsn and work on a truth and honour system in the forum where by matches are played and reported on here and next rounds set up. F**K XSN!
  4. I'm on from about half 6 tonight so if anyone can make it then send me an invite.
  5. Anyone about tonight? I should be on from around 8pm onwards.
  6. I also have a ridiculous number of games left to play, Brats I'm up for a game tonight. Anyone else who is about please feel free to give me a shout. I'm gonna try to get as many games played as possible over this weekend, so even if I'm in another game just send me an invite and I'll come over to Top Spin. Just hoping that feckin xsn don't wreck the whole thing with their website going t1ts up so regurlarly.
  7. Arnie, have you seen the xsn home page?? It has for some reason awarded me the win for last nights game and marked you down as 'inc' for the game. Many apologies as you obviously won fair and square, hope it doesn't effect your progress in the comp. 2nd time that has happened to me, Legendary 10 and I finished a match a few nights back and rather than putting the scores down as normal, it showed 'win' for me and 'inc' for legend (although i had actually won that match). Perhaps some kind of glitch on the xsn page? I notice the same has happened in the match between Mr J v UK Miner Willy, lets hope it does not continue......
  8. I'll be about tonight if anyone fancies a game?? Daley, you up for 3 matches in one night? Harsh on the fitness I know
  9. Yeah, you need to get all 14 stars and the 4 skills (by becoming rank number 1) otherwise your player does not have the necessary range of shots to beat other, fully developed characters. Arnie (or anyone) - are you still on?? Had to pop out for a bit but i'm up for a game now. Too many hours of SCPT, need a break with something else for a bit!
  10. Anyone around for a game??? I need to get my season started......
  11. where are you??? I'm on and waiting
  12. Anyone up for a game during the next hour or so??
  13. We already have the perfect number for a 4th round style entry, so i say game on. Anyone about for a league match tonight though? I'll probably be on after the footy (or maybe during depending on the quality of match).
  14. Bugger, i thought we did! Have checked the listing now....hopefully see someone i do have to play on-line later
  15. I'm also struggling to follow! I'll be about from about 8:30 onwards if anyone fancies a game?
  16. Hey all, have been invited in by UK Miner Willy. I'm basically his whipping boy so looking to try and turn him over in style when it really matters!! See you soon.
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