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  1. Manic 0 Rosenborg 6 Inj Amrabat Utterly spanked by a much better player!! Fair play Timmo, well deserved.
  2. Manic 1 Graham Dunn 2 Inj: Tevez, Yilmaz Cheer dunny, ya bastard!
  3. Half 10 latest I expect, I'll let you know in here as soon as I'm ready if you like/are about...
  4. Might be a little later than that mate, will you still be around? If not don't worry we can catch up another time.
  5. Manic 1 Andy 1 no inj lacazette finally notched here and it looked like it would be enough but for a Suarez wonder strike in the dying seconds to share the spoils. cheers Andy
  6. Manic 3 Steely 1 Inj Elm Sturridge got me off to a flyer, notching after just 3 minutes to put me ahead. From there it was nip and tuck until Marchisio got his marching orders for a 2nd yellow, both pretty soft but both fouls so I guess I can't complain too much. Sturridge again and then Tevez made the 3 points safe before Steely bagged a consolation goal. I'm not sure if the 90 alongside his name was the minute or his age, at it appeared to be Tim Cahill scoring it?! Cheer Steely. Goals: Sturridge 4 Tevez 3 Farfan
  7. Manic 2 Baz 0 no inj tevez got me going after 10 mins and despite some sublime skills from Baz around the box his players just refused to score! Sturridge smashed in the 2nd with 10 to go and sealed the 3 points. cheers baz goals: Tevez 2 Sturridge 2 Farfan
  8. First 3 points of the season stolen! manic 3 benette 1 inj doumbia coventry took the lead after 10 mins having dominated and it looked like I was in trouble. Farfan broke not long after for me to score with my first chance of the game. Things were made sweeter when Sturridge scored with my 2nd! Tevez sealed the 3 thoroughly undeserved points in the 2nd half. cheers mate, bad luck.
  9. Another gang mate. PS nice touch with the aria, we debated at length between than and the Venetian.
  10. Vegas, yes. Venetian, no. Not to stay in anyway. Done Vegas twice with the Mrs, this will be the first (and most likely only) "lads" tour!
  11. Get you international playboys. (im there in September, the Venetian. Literally cannot wait)
  12. I'll get in on that whatsapp group Winchy. your Mrs has my number, get it off her.
  13. #48 Marchisio 26.5 0.150 #39 Tevez 29.0 0.110 #33 Lacazette 31.5 0.120 Ta
  14. Free Agent G Van Der Wiel 0.100 Lavezzi 0.050
  15. Free Agent J Farfan 0.124 Free agent G Van Der Wiel 0.060 Lavezzi 0.030
  16. Free agent J Farfan 0.020 G Van Der Viel 0.020 E Lavezzi 0.010
  17. Douglas Costa from Bayern to Liverpool please - £29.5M. Manic Klopp had hoped to be reunited with Reus & Auba at Anfield, but Al cruelly swept in to steal them whilst Klopp picked his nose and stared aimlessly at a spreadsheet full of figures and plans.....all now in tatters.
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