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  1. I don't know about you guys but once you've spent hours trawling through the available players, strategically planning your perk points, meticulous budgeting for purchases, doing your buying and selling wisely you really can't beat that moment when you make your last purchase, look upon your newly formed squad and think....."for fucks sake, I had a better team before I started".
  2. Is it not more than the money you have left?! According to that sheet you have £17.2? Otherwise I'd of been clever and jumped up to £16.6, meaning you couldn't top it by £1M!
  3. You don't need to worry about Walcotts salary mate, I think you might find you'll be outbid on him anyway.....
  4. The ball is harder than ever to see as well. Especially in the unnecessarily accurate (and hard to see through) foggy games I've seen a few times now. This is comfortably the worst FIFA ever for me incidentally. Every game is a slog, there's no joy in scoring a goal whatsoever and they've even dulled down the crowd cheer accordingly when you do, like they know how you're feeling by then. In fact the cheer for a goal being disallowed is far more excitable than the goal in the first place now.
  5. Anyone selling any £4/5M ish fullbacks??
  6. Also I still have Garcia in my Atletico squad??! He doesn't feature in the list from you winchy, but he's in the squad. I presume I can't use him? That is unedited incidentally, proper FIFA 16 squads.
  7. Any 80 ish overall rated CB's for sale??
  8. I'll go 2's on that gooner, £2.50 each and we can share it.
  9. Interesting and confusing statement. You apparently mean "all players except the 2 manic asked about for sale"?!
  10. DEAL! Cary has taken Griezmann to Dortmund for £33.2M. Reus has gone the other way in a mega crazy scoop* *ok Reus hasn't gone anywhere, but the other deal stands
  11. Oh you can pretty much guarantee that the loser will be coming now we have 15 odd of us 'mukkers piling on the next tip!
  12. Missed all this (a-fucking-gain), but great idea on the PM Wincho. And nice work Baz. Just to clarify, you are so far 4/4 winners on the tips/backed in your shop in a big enough way for the book be closed, right? I'm a bit hit and miss in this thread (and exceptionally lazy so can't be arsed to read back and check) but I'm pretty sure you've advised nothing but winners to date?
  13. Why don't you just add the £15 now? Then you're covered come what may.
  14. Cary 4 manic 0 Inj borini (I think, accidentally quit out before seeing but I'm sure it flashed up in game?) I started brightly, and then got humped! Cheers Cary, well played mate. Cheers all for a fucking terrible season, see you on 16......where Newcastle will presumably somehow be even worse, and utterly untouchable.
  15. Hi Cary, I'm not around until much later on (like 10/11) I'm afraid.
  16. congrats jamin, quite a string of results you put together there!
  17. Cheers for the game Jamin, a couple of glaring misses cost me but I can't really argue with the result.
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