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  1. I'll take the next slot baring, done your PA work for you as well. I need a raise, I'll be bringing that up at our next review.
  2. Yep. I know exactly what you mean!Anyone else around then give me a shout.
  3. Manic 3 Cary 1 No inj My first win! Only took 10 games or so, not bad. It was hazard and Walcott doing all the damage for me, managed to go 3-0 up before Cary really got going and from there it was fairly even Steven really. Cheers Cary
  4. Anyone who gets knocked out the BAP cup early and fancies our FTL game then hit me up with an invite.
  5. Gooner amply filling the void left by Jamin so far, we could still be on for a ladies side in the FTL yet?!
  6. Come now Cary, that little tantrum lasted only 10 minutes before you caved in!! I was just getting the popcorn ready, you could of at least waited for some kind of bite from Wincho. Killjoy.
  7. I was just looking at the league table, thinking 'fuck me, I'm awful, 2 points from 7 games is tragic'. Then it dawned on me that I forgot to post up my result against Steely.....it's 2 from 8 *facepalm* Steely 4 Manic 2 no inj I got rinsed by Adam and fucking Ings! Cheers steely, well played. Edit: it might of been 4-1 actually, steely will need to confirm.
  8. Jamin will be turning in his ftl FIFA grave (I appreciate he's not dead, I'm talking metaphors) at having me compared to him on FIFA! Pretty much every game so far I've deserved to lose, no arguments. This game v Wincho on the other hand was disgusting! There's no way I should of even drawn, let alone lost!
  9. Al 1 manic 0 No inj End to end game but al with the touch of class in the box to take the 3 points. Cheers mate
  10. Timmo 2 manic 1 Inj wilkinson Still struggling! This was a delightful fog game, timmo got 2 pens and netted one, i pulled one back through koke but it was too little too late. Cheers mate
  11. I'm on now if anyone is free, ping me an invite!
  12. Bennette 3 Manic 2 Inj: Arnautovic Bennette always looked like shading this one, although it stayed 2-2 for a while before a clumsy challenge in the box gave him a pen on 88 minutes to seal the 3 points. Cheers for the game mate. Goals; Walcott 3 Hazard Koke
  13. There is little chance of that becoming an issue for you.
  14. 2 pm Bennette? Steely - Monday is the new Friday, didn't you know?! You need to get a job where you run your own diary son, life's a dream - see you at the beach pal.
  15. It's like you were here with me! Pretty much my favourite part of our game.
  16. Gooner 2 manic 1 Inj: Walcott (sponge please) and Sterling Gooner down to 10 men early in this as Ramires got what looked a harsh red. To be honest it hardly effected him, he was dominant throughout and it should of been a much bigger margin of victory! Goals: Walcott 3
  17. The Madrid derby, a highlight in any sporting calendar....until now; Andy 0 Manic 0 No inj A fine example of how not to play this new version of FIFA! There was stuff going on near the goalmouth at times, but it would be stretching the truth to call it "action". Passing was horrific, it was like a game of tennis in that I would give it to him, he'd give it straight back to me, I would then give it straight back until eventually smudger fell asleep in the commentary box. It was far from a classic. Still, unbeaten in 2 so I'll take that! Cheers Andy.
  18. I knew you'd get that reference steely! Yes gooner, say 11?
  19. Manic 2 bigbadbarry 2 No inj Baz raced into a 2 goal lead, the first an absolute gift from a crazy pass out with my keeper after just 1 minute. I had most of the possession for a spell immediately after that without actually creating a single chance. He then went 2 up before Walcott jinked his way through the hull defence, twice, to share the spoils. Cheers Baz. Goals: Walcott 2
  20. Sounds like you're really struggling mate, yeah!
  21. How very dare you Wincho!! I'm an honest seller, even pointing out to people who are attempting to buy an injured player that said player is injured. Saul has CB in his preferred positions, there's no skullduggery here so please don't judge by your own exceptionally low standards.
  22. I still can't quote posts for some reason, but in case you have missed it Winchy; Posts #188 & #190 reference me selling Saul to Baz for £6M.
  23. Saul - 76 - £6M on the nose Baz. "Better call Saul"
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