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  1. I won't be on till much later than any of the slots offered up in the above posts unfortunately. If either of you are likely to be around later on tonight then I'll be on then.
  2. Mardigan 1 manic 1 No inj This game felt like a bore draw but the stats showed there was actually a fair few chances, with mardigan edging the lions share. I hit the bar in the 1st minute and he hit the post seconds later at the other end, that was about as frenetic as it got though! Cheers mate. Bennette - half 5 no good for me mate, later on tmr night works.
  3. I will be on later tonight (after 10 ish I'd imagine) if you're about mardigan?? Cary I'm off tomorrow too, but will be out in the morning so could play around 2 ish?? That leaves me Baz, Bennette and timmo. Hopefully see you boys on tonight or tomorrow night?
  4. Manic 4 Al 1 Inj savic Al opened the scoring and it looked like he had the beating of me but then di Maria, Walcott and hazard clicked and I was able to get at Al's back 4 with them and they each got a goal, plus one for Martinez. Walcott was crazy good in this game! Cheers al
  5. Al Baz Cary Bennette Mardigan Timmo After bap anyone??
  6. I'm planning on picking up cod soon gents (as soon as my soul crushing building work on the house is done and I have some free time back that is), so I will join you. I'm even shitter at cod than I am at FIFA these days you'll be glad to hear, an abysmal addition to any clan!
  7. Graham 1 manic 0 No inj Turgid affair, I deserved nothing so despite dunny not doing much either he still was good value for the win. Outsider 2 manic 2 Inj Martinez I was all over outsider in the 1st half but just couldn't get the goal, finally went 1 up and thought that might be the cue for the floodgates....I was wrong! Outsider quickly came back into the game and it was end to end from there on out. He went 2-1 up before Di Maria finally started paying back his fee and scored an equaliser. Minutes later I had a penalty awarded, late in the game by now, but a lame effort was comfortably saved. Sponge Martinez Manic 3 steely 0 No inj Absolutely humped in this game, murdered from start to finish. The score line was a joke and utterly undeserved. After at least 5 guilt edged chances in the first 20 minutes for steely before I broke and won a cheap penalty. After that I had 2 more chances and Di Maria and witsel both scored said chances whilst steely's men continued to waste chance after chance. Cheers for the games lads.....and sorry steely!
  8. An update! Took another 5 mins for that. I fully accept the 'random' treatment.
  9. I'll be jumping on in around half hour if anyone is still around - Cary, graham, al, steely, timmo.
  10. Before I forget: Baring 5 manic 1 Inj benzema and Gibbs Gooner 3 manic 2 No inj
  11. I'm jumping on now, sponge Walcott first though please.
  12. I'll take a slot baring, probably a late one as I'm not sure what time I'll get on....
  13. #12 A Di Maria 39.1 0.201 #111 K Volland 15.8 0.045 Ta
  14. What a shit weekend to be away with limited access to this forum! I'd of been all over Reus, somewhat needless to say. More than that cheapskate offer Andy put in too Cary!
  15. Manic 2 Outsider 1 No inj Perhaps didn't really deserve to win, outsider had most of the ball and my first goal was nothing short of disgusting! Outsider always a handful, comfortably the trickiest player I've come up against with his mad skillz and it was a tough game. Cheers mate, and cheers to all as that is me done for the 1st half of the season. Thankfully it ended better than it started for me!
  16. Manic 1 Dunny 4 Inj Walcott I went in front after Dunny collected 3 bookings within 15 minutes and everything looked good for me. Unfortunately that was as good as it got, pato took control and was pulling all kinds of strings that saw him get 2 late first half goals to go in ahead. Despite a sending off for him in the 2nd half I couldn't change the flow of the game and in the end Dunny was a comfortable winner. Cheers mate.
  17. Sounds well fun. I can barely wait for 10:20.
  18. Manic 2 baring 0 Inj gabi I was all over baring for 20 mins, de gea being the main reason I didn't score! He then let in a relatively tame effort from Walcott and after that I was fairly under the cosh. Game swung right around, Witsel popped up with my 2nd in the 88th minute when it had looked for the previous 60 odd like baring would be the only one getting another goal. Cheers mate Outsider and Cary - about at all now?? I think I'm done after you two.
  19. Manic 4 Mardigan 3 Inj koke I dominated the early chances, once again Walcott and Hazard doing most of the damage. I got it to 4-1 before mardigan came back to 4-3 in the last minute. Skrtel got a red late on but I wasn't really able to take advantage of the gap. Cheers mate
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