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  1. 2nd place for me then! I'll take that, Timmo was a worthy winner but the rest of you were shit.
  2. Soooooo, what about these simulating Italians then eh?? I guess someone is getting a tenner off the back of that....
  3. Manic 2 Bennette 1 inj: gadzhev, Lovren A true game of 2 halves, the difference being I got 2 in the 1st half that I dominated and Bennette only got 1 (somehow) in the half he dominated. cheers for the games mate. sponge lovren please. dunny - you back in the game yet son?? I've only got you left to play now, but I'm away from tomorrow till Friday so it will have to be over the w/end.....
  4. Manic 3 - 2 Al Inj - Robben, Marchisio Al humped me in the first half, but couldn't get that important goal which ultimately cost him. I came out all guns blazing in the 2nd half and started to create some better chances for the Scouse lads. Tevez tucked away a beauty for me around 60 mins in and then promptly added a second from the spot. Al put up a fight, came back to 2-1 before Tevez got his hat-trick on the break tie effectively seal the tie. Pogba pulled back a consolation but it was too late to change the course of the game. Cheers Al, good game. Sponge Marchisio please.
  5. I'll be on tonight after the footy, Al, Winchy, Dunny & Bennette (I think you are my other game Bennette?)
  6. Timmo 3 Manic 1 No Inj Playing Timmo might be as frustrating as supporting England I've decided. It's painful, I played about as well as I can play in this game and still couldn't get the ball off him or avoid a mauling! He's too good on the ball, his players despite being shit are, under his control, somehow too fast and too strong at the back to break away from and all in it's just horrid. Well played mate, way too good for me as usual. Cheers
  7. Manic 2 Steely 1 no inj A thrilling encounter! Like basketball at times, I started with a quick break that saw a volley from tevez tipped up in the air and then he grabbed the rebound to put me 1 up after 5 mins. Steely had a few chances after that, I hadn't realised he'd signed Chris Gayle in the window but it pans out he's shit at football anyway so he wasn't really a threat. Took him till the 69th minute to grab an equaliser and it looked like we'd share the points, but then Sturridge jinked through and the keeper could only parry a near post save into the path of Farfan to steal all 3 points in the 87th minute! cheers steely, good game
  8. Manic 1 Andy 1 Inj; Modric End to end once again, but with little class or finesse in front of goal....except for Modric's leveller, which was a beauty! Thanks Andy, good game. Ta
  9. I can be on, but I'm not in that whatsapp thread anymore (too many fat bird nipple shots from Baz for my taste) so message me in here if you get this! I have asked wincho to get be back in the whatsapp chat in the meantime.
  10. Manic 3 Mardigan 2 Inj; Marlos A very tight game, pretty end to end and certainly nip and tuck! 1-0 to Mardigan, 2-1 to me and then 2-2 before Sturridge popped up with a disgusting winner! New boy Nainggolan hit an absolute belter too put me 2-1 up as well. Cheers Mardigan.
  11. I can get on in the next 20 mins if that suits??
  12. Manic 4 Baz 2 no inj Bit laggy, and a bit "bitty" this game with not much flow to it. Baz was full of his usual spins and flicks, which always leads to some clumsy tackles (from me anyways!) and sure enough I was lucky to only give away 1 penalty, he should have had at least 2! As it was Sturridge and Tevez with 2 each sealed me the 3 points, all be it a little dicey when Baz came back to 4-3 with only a few minutes remaining. Cheers for the game mate.
  13. Anyone about now??? I'll be on uncharted but drop me an invite.
  14. Al to buy Teixeira from Liverpool for £2.6M (great buy Al, he'll do well for you). Manic to buy Ribery from Al for £29.5M. Cheers Al!
  15. Awesome work pomps and miss pomps. Once again soooo awkward when she had to read my name out, I could see her desperately trying to remain neutral....but not quite managing it. Also love the way she said "helmet" (after Jerry, obv), proper filth you can tell.
  16. Manic 2 Mardigan 3 no inj Threw away a 2 goal lead! Lacazette putting me 2 up but Mards played well and came back into it to take the win 3-2. Cheers mate, that's me done for the 1st half of the season lads, cheers! Goals: Tevez 5 Lacazette 5 Sturridge 3 Farfan 2 Costa
  17. Manic 2 Wincho 6 no inj Fucks sake Goals: Tevez 5 Lacazette 3 Sturridge 3 Farfan 2 Costa
  18. Manic 3 Al 2 Inj Aubameyang Tight game, Al was getting closer and closer to an equaliser and I was pleased for that full time whistle! Cheers mate Goals; Tevez 5 Lacazette 3 Sturridge 3 Farfan
  19. I'll be around at that time (or later) tonight, so tap me up if you do get on.
  20. Wincho and Al - I'll be on tonight for our games too, although it looks like you've got slots filled (oooh err misses) so let me know if/when you're about. ta mardigan - you aren't about tonight, are you??
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