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  1. Ok sorted this out, I have a BT HomeHub router, for some reason when ever you add a new device you need to accept a setting on a web page, so to sort it, open up IE on the Xbone the BT home hub will be displayed, click select, then all the gamerpics etc will load up on the dash.
  2. I have that also, no images, can't set my colour or gamerpics. Tried signing in and out of live a few times, no joy yet.
  3. Isn't there one in the Bentalls centre next to HMV?
  4. Will be picking this up tomorrow, adding people from the first post now. My code is: 2509-1728-2276
  5. After downloading the update I have lost all my Badass rank and unlockable Skins and Heads I'm on 360, lots of people seeing the same over at the Gearbox forums so be warned. What’s annoying is that for the Badass stuff the challenges are marked as completed, so its not so straight forward to redo the challenges to get the points back. Also the Badass points are not being carried over when creating new characters, I created a Mechromancer and the rank is at zero with no challenges completed, so I’m reluctant to keep playing now until it is fixed in case this overwrite my current rank...
  6. Downloaded Puzzle Craft last night, but it keeps crashing on start up - latest gen iPod touch (4th I think?) Ive tried downloading it again but no joy, anyone else had issues?
  7. I grabbed a bunch of Sonic 4 EP 1 codes from Starbucks this morning, enjoy LWJ44L6W7N49 MKLXR3RNNPE9 NK6NHRY4FEN7 FT3A4W4PAENN LTM49EH6AYJ4 9R7LXMLYAKKP 4LXEW73JNEAM ERL3H3HRKP66 J7FYXRFTNW49 9N7ARWF463FA
  8. All gone now chaps, cheers!
  9. Have 4 LostWinds codes, PM if you want one
  10. How does this work, is it not possible to play IOS Rockband if you dont have a internet connection?
  11. Just finished listening to the latest and really enjoyed it. I think the call in stuff worked great, pretty seamless and it didn't feel like it was the central be all part of the show if you know what I mean, which is good - it was Joypod as we know it, laid back games/tits talk, but people could call and join in if they wanted. elmo, you mentioned about not getting to much feedback of late; for me at least Joypod is a given listen, whenever a new ep pops up on iTunes I will often listen to it first over anything else, even if I’m in the middle of another podcast. It has evolved and changed over the years as you guys have tried out new stuff (live shows etc.) swapped things about and I think its aces. Anyway, Skype show was ace, do some more please - perhaps as people have already mentioned have one every few shows, would be good to have some Skype in shows for pre / post E3 talk (predications then reactions)
  12. This morning I traded in a bunch of 360 games I had never got round to playing, and will probably never play. Feels good. 15 games in total for £86 credit - not bad considering most scanned in for 1-2 quid each
  13. Got stuck getting home and was about 9 when I tried getting on, was trying to join your game elmo but the server was full will try again if there is another session.
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