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  1. I watched ‘Poly Styrene: I am a Cliche’ today. Found it unexpectedly moving, as it was made by her daughter, and it spent quite a long section talking about her mother’s struggles with her Bipolar Disorder, and subsequent young death from cancer. I had a very similar childhood as my mum had the same disorder, and is also now dying of cancer, so it really smashed me in the feels.
  2. Zero is a prequel to 1, so you can happily play it without any knowledge.
  3. In fairness, this was about 20 years before he started doing that.
  4. When I used to act, I did the Scottish play with Bolam in the lead. He was tremendously kind to me as a young actor, and was unfailing polite and cheery from rehearsals to final curtain. Some of that may be because he was being treated as the serious actor he saw himself as though, rather than ‘that bloke off the Likely Lads’.
  5. I thought it was a weird film. Batman machine gunning demons, Superman dissecting people with lasers and Wonder Woman decapitating baddies all seemed completely out of character, even compared to their appearances in other Snyderverse DC Movies. Making everything in slow-motion basically just turned everyone into The Flash, meaning none of the speed force sequences really stood out. Also didn’t help that Ezra’s agent clearly had got his wires crossed and told him he was playing Woody Allen. The two Manhunter scenes were literally pointless and had no context whatsoever. As most people have pointed out Cyborg did have a bigger role, but he also had literally no character traits or arc other than being a cyber sadboi. Also I thought his dad’s reaction to the car crash was a bit weird: Doctor: Silas, there’s been a terrible accident. I don’t know how to tell you this but... Elinore... she didn’t make it. Silas: Oh my God. And Victor... was he...? Doctor: Victor was also in the car. Silas: And is he... Doctor: He’s alive, but he’s not doing great. Silas: Then there’s no time to waste. Quickly, get him to my lab. Doctor: Er... your lab? Silas: I’m going to transform him into the greatest invention the world has ever seen, a supreme melding of man and machine, capable of manipulating every database in the world. Just think, he’ll be powerful enough to manipulate the stock market, launch our entire nuclear arsenal, or buy a PS5 before the eBay scalpers! Doctor: I mean, he only has a broken leg... Silas: We must act quickly! Oh, I’m also going to need a microwave, six washing machines and a Gatling gun.
  6. Warners certainly did. 3 times!
  7. I watched A Glitch in the Matrix last night, which was all about simulation theory. Was an interesting discussion of the topic, although the continuous use of digital avatars over zoom call footage was quite distracting. The centrepiece is an interview with Joshua Cooke, who talks about how he became so obsessed with the idea that we are already in the Matrix that he murdered his mum and dad with a shotgun. That whole segment was absolutely chilling.
  8. He’s dead now. His mum died and he struggled to look after himself afterwards apparently.
  9. Also, I do miss kids cartoons where the theme tune had to sing the name of the franchise as many times as humanly possible in 40 seconds:
  10. Some of my faves: Ducktales - The new version is better than the old one (There, I said it!) Gravity Falls: Ouren Host Club:
  11. I thought it was great, but they never did explain why Paul was wearing a plastic bum.
  12. Why would you wear armour if you can move faster than bullets?
  13. Brave of you to stick your head above the parrot pit for that one.
  14. Definitely in release order. The Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield spider-man movies are not MCU, but the Tom Holland ones are. None of the x-men movies are. Helpfully Disney+ Has them listed in release order (minus the two Tom Holland spider-man films which Sony own).
  15. Watch them in release order, but feel free to skip Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk and Thor: Dark World as they mostly don’t add anything to the main story and are generally regarded as the bad ones.
  16. Couldn’t it also have plummeted because the season finished several weeks beforehand?
  17. To be fair, the enjoyment of reality tv is the cumulative nature of it. You follow the participants through the ups and downs, and ultimately become invested in their wins and losses. Turning up at the end of a season and half watching an episode isn't going to be interesting to anyone. Particularly a show like DRUK that also has many seasons of the US show that it's constantly referencing. It's like reading the penultimate chapter of Return of the King, not enjoying it and then declaring all of Lord of the Rings to be shit.
  18. Yeah I didn't get why they were so furious about the ordering - it wouldn't have made any of their material any funnier. Or even just funny.
  19. Yes! No. I watched it yesterday actually it was a legit good film, with Francis McDormand giving a fantastic performance as a middle-aged woman trying to find her place in the world after the death of her husband by becoming a modern nomad. Very moving, but not sure that anything about it screamed ‘Marvel Superhero Movie’. Although there hasn’t been a trailer yet, maybe Eternals is full of scenes where Kit Harrington poos in a bucket while trying to get a phone signal.
  20. No, for Nomadland, her previous film. Eternals isn't out until later this year.
  21. I feel LC is very quick-witted and funny on the spot, but I feel he crumbled under the pressure of the comedy challenges - his snatch game was way too try-hard. Hope he smashes it though!
  22. I dunno, JJ’s first crack at Superman didn’t sound much better than Man of Steel to me: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.denofgeek.com/movies/superman-flyby-jj-abrams-superman-movie/%3famp
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