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  1. 2 hours ago, K said:

    I have to admit I've always liked Phil Fish's response there. It's not very polite and pretty broad-brush, but I like just how bold he is and how unafraid he is of having a go at the frequently terrible UIs you get in Japanese games. We need more funny games people who aren't afraid to speak their mind.

    Fine I’ll do it. What are the hours? 

  2. 7 hours ago, Totoro said:

    Up to chapter 10 on Yak 0, and loving it so much I already started looking at which to play next.

    Just paid £5.95 for Kiwami 2 ( as it looked suitably bonkers ) on Playstation store - £7 without PS+ sub


    Going to get Lost Judgement if I see it going cheap, if so i'll play that first - then go onto Kiwami 2 for a bit of variety.

    The first Judgment is probably cheaper and better if you want to go that route. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    Nobody watching UK Series 3? It is predictably brilliant, but also mystifying as last night the person who won should have been in the bottom two, and neither of the bottom two should have been anywhere near it.


    Some real crackers in this series - my personal favourite from week one through to now is Charity Case, but I get the sense she doesn’t stand a chance as RuPaul does not dig her messed up vibe one bit.

    I don’t like Charity Case much, for all her blather about breaking new ground and being original, she’s just a pound shop Sharon Needles as far as I can tell. I was sad Elektra Fence got (unfairly) knocked out early as I thought her lipsyncs were great. 

  4. 50 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    I’ve seen people on Twitter saying Alice in Borderland is better than this, which means it must be incredible because this is amazing.


    And so was the first episode, quality has been top notch throughout, with the VIP ep being the weakest imho simply because they all seemed to be terrible actors.

    All I can say is Alice took me a few weeks to get through, but I ploughed through this in two sittings. I feel that the social commentary and larger questions this show poses are far more interesting than Alice, which I enjoyed but didn’t immediately want to discuss it with fellow viewers. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Purin said:

    Watched the first episode and was bored because of the similarities to the brilliant Alice in Borderland.

    I’ve seen both and this is way better by the end. 

  6. It starts improving dramatically from the start of season 2, when they retool the show to make everyone way more likeable, but really begins its golden run when Adam Scott and Rob Lowe rock up towards the end of season 2. Then it’s just solid gold to the end more or less. Seasons 3 & 4 are just fantastic. 

  7. Also, if anyone wants some really easy money: 



    Get your SP up to 30k with hug bombs, then buy the 10-10-1 item from the homeless guy’s shop in the homeless shanty town. 

    Then go to the secret gambling den near the Girl’s Bite club (door code is 7120). Pick the game on the right, and use the 10-10-1 item. When you get a choice, pick “One More”. You’ll then win a tone  tokens that you can swap for all the plates you can carry. Pawn them at the pawn shop for roughly ¥3.5m yen. Simple! 

    Video here if you have difficulty finding the gambling den:


    Saves a lot of repetitive game not time having to scramble for cash. 

  8. Also the one disadvantage of getting the game day and date with Japan is that there aren’t loads of incredibly detailed FAQ’s around if you get stuck. 

    I’ve completed the five clubs on the bottom row now, and I’m at least halfway through all the top ones. It’s locked me out now until I do a bit more story annoyingly. 

  9. 5 hours ago, Gambit said:

    The Robotics class is kicking my ass. My robot just keeps getting pushed by the opponents and your AI teammates are fucking hopeless. :(

    Yeah it’s really difficult until you realise that all you have to do is make a straight line from your base to their base. Drop one square inside their base and you automatically win. I smashed through it once I realised that and stopped trying to capture a bigger percentage of the board. 

    You can then farm earlier levels for upgrades, and replace the shit shield robot with another attacker and and put the chaser ai and the melee upgrade in them and watch them wreck shit. 

  10. On 18/09/2021 at 12:39, Stanley said:

    I don’t mind Aragami 2, sure it’s pretty basic both stealth wise, combat wise and visually, but I still quite enjoy playing it :unsure:


    I just played through the whole thing, there's quite a bit of game in there. I think it takes a bit too long before you start to feel like a badass ninja, but by about halfway though the game you do become OP as fuck and it actually starts to feel quite fun. Yes, it looks a bit like a AA 360 game, and the story is rubbish, and it's full of bugs, but damnit, sometimes you just want to play am incredibly easy shitty ninja stealth game. 

  11. Oh, and I finished this! Found it very compelling, and although it was quite talky, I never quite got to the stage of shouting “get on with it!” At the tv. 

    Spoilers for end of show: 



    Was quite surprised how similar the end of the show (and actually the way some of the games were presented) was to the movie Escape Room that came out a few years back - even the ending was incredibly similar! 

    The story with the cop just sort of fizzled out a bit, and although I got that his brother was a former contestant, I didn’t quite understand how he went on to become the front man. I don’t doubt the cop will somehow be back for series 2, but it seems weird that nothing had happened with the case in the entire year since.

    Also, was the similarity between the box of the gun cigarette lighter and the coffins meant to imply that they were already nudging him towards the game even before he knew it existed? The contract he signed for the loan sharks implies that too, and I’m even wondering if they somehow fixed the horse race too. 

    Of course they may have answered some of these during the show and I missed it! 



    Overall really enjoyed it though, and would deffo watch a second series. 

  12. 42 minutes ago, Twinbee said:

    Thanks @PK - he’s a reasonably mature kid for his age. We’ve watched things like Blair Witch, Shaun of the Dead, Attack the Block, etc together. He watches a lot of anime, and the likes of Attack on Titan, which is pretty gross at times. 

    I might preview an episode or two and make a final decision. Cheers. 

    The end of the first episode is a pretty good indication to the overall levels of violence in the show, so at least watch the first ep. 

  13. I think for me it would have landed much better if we’d spent any time at all with Jane and had a better understanding of why he loves her, because it feels their relationship up until now has been an on again/off again background joke. Without really knowing her or the relationship, it just felt the stakes were fairly low for me. I didn’t hate it or anything. 

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