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  1. I watched it all on the weekend. Although it was shorter, it didn’t hold my interest as well as Squid game, and although there are characters who appear throughout, it seemed weirdly aimless about who the protagonist was supposed to be, which stopped me from being as invested as Squid Game. It wasn’t awful, but I’m not sure I’d be up for a second series. The bargain basement CG didn’t help either, and Between this, Eternals, and Edge of Tomorrow (To pick just a few) I’m a bit sick of formless monsters that look like the inside of that cardboard box you keep all your old phone chargers and scart cables in.
  2. Don’t think it has been cancelled? Can’t find any mention of it, and would be unusual for Showtime to cancel a show the same week it premieres! Enjoyed the first two episodes! Was funnier (and grosser) than expected!
  3. I’ve finished it. Had its moments, but was overall a bit disappointed, especially given how much I loved Train to Busan. Think mainly it was down to the silly looking monsters.
  4. I think His House was great in that it clearly had something to say, but was also a good horror film too. It’s a really tough combo to pull off - see the recent Candyman remake for Exhibit A.
  5. Gravity Falls is great if you’ve not seen it and you like the Duck Tales Reboot.
  6. So excited to see Forest Hill’s premiere chicken shop name checked in a game!
  7. I watched a doc about showrunners last night, and one of the showrunners said the great line “The first season, the actors work for you. The second season, you’re partners. The third season, you work for them.” As when a show is a hit, it’s the actors that become irreplaceable.
  8. Genuine Eternals spoilers, do not read if you're planning to watch:
  9. I know who the New Gods are thanks, but in the film they’re basically treated as exact analogues for
  10. Saw Eternals. Were they always an off brand Justice League? It’s the equivalent of DC making a movie called The Revengers, featuring Tony Stork as Iron Lad, Roger Stevens as Corporal America and Moose Hammer as The Incredible Bulk. 6/10.
  11. I’m doing this too, just watched the double sitcom pitch episode. I’ve never seen the show before. I think that starting with series 3 is the way to go.
  12. It’s absolutely brilliant. Been playing it today. Genius idea executed so well!
  13. My favourite horror movies: 1. The Thing (1982) 2. Susperia (1972) 3. Hellraiser (1987) 4. Posession (1981) 5. Get Out (2017) 6. It Follows (2014) 7. The Devil’s Backbone (2001) 8. Sleepaway Camp (1983) 9. Angel Heart (1987) 10. Goodnight Mommy (2014) EDIT: To be clear, these are not necessarily the best, just the ones I enjoy rewatching the most.
  14. Great choice for a Halloween viewing. Was just good fun.
  15. It’s on Tuesday nights on C4.
  16. While we’re at it, I’d also recommend: The Chaser - Absolutely brutal thriller about a seedy pimp trying to track down one of his missing girls. The Good, The Bad and the Weird - bonkers western set in turn of the century Korea. My Sassy Girl - Romcom about a guy who falls for a girl who puts him through a relentless series of tests to prove his love.
  17. I finished it on the weekend. Mostly loved it, but the scrap boss was a horrible difficulty spike. Also super weird there’s no skill point replenishment items apart from the cookies which are very stingily handed out. It means you spend the first half of boss battles using all your abilities and the second half spending ages grinding them down with punches. Also annoying that new companions all start at level 1, and the lack of grinding spots mean it’s too much hassle to level them. That said the best companion is easily And he’s worth levelling as soon as you get him.
  18. Actually now you mention it, I did that too for ages!
  19. No, you only get the new bikes by beating the bosses, and this will automatically unlock all the parts for that bike. Like I said, don’t fully upgrade your bike as there’s one part that slows you down and speed is the key.
  20. I finished them all! The trick with the bike is to make sure it’s always the newest model and always fully decked out APART from one part that reduces your speed (I think it’s the seat?). Then you should be able to keep up with the other bikers.
  21. Also, if like me, you’ve seen the obscure art house classic you’ll guess that particular twist pretty much in the first episode anyway.
  22. And a third one word: Koi-koi.
  23. I enjoyed it! I tweeted Alex Winter asking if he’d do one about Weird Al Yankovich next, and they both replied! Best day ever.
  24. I think it's meant to be more of a Lost-style mystery box show.
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