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  1. I thought M3GAN was fun! You’ve seen it all before, but still breezy and fun. Not as good as Housebound, but it definitely got a few chuckles out of me (especially the tune she plays on the piano!).
  2. Don't know if this is relevant, but some titles that are available through the Shudder app are not on the Amazon sub version.
  3. Paranormal Activity? Good scares but nothing gory/sexual. If she liked Jaws she might like Nope for something more recent. The Monster Squad has some bad language but is fun. Coraline if you want her to be scared of buttons for the rest of her life.
  4. I enjoyed this too, especially as I went to Bradford Uni, so lots of shots of places I remembered!
  5. Does anyone know if the BFI IMAX screenings at Waterloo are 3D and HFR? Helpfully it doesn’t seem to say on their website.
  6. Is Stone Ocean complete on Netflix now? Been waiting for the whole thing to be up so I can binge the lot.
  7. I saw it last night. Was very enjoyable, but unlike the first one, I guessed the ending long before the end. Loved that Rian Johnson just made a two-hour long roast of though. Oh and it had a couple of great cameos.
  8. The 12 berserker fights are probably the closest analogy I’d say! You’ve not got to the first one yet though.
  9. I wrote part of the book in that thumbnail!
  10. V. C. Andrews wrote Flowers in the Attic, which was hugely popular in the early 80’s. She’s probably best known for publishing just seven novels before her death in 1989, and over 70 more posthumously, making her the ultimate ghost writer.
  11. I saw it at the London Film Festival and it was an amazing screening. During the solo at the end the entire crowd was holding its breath, was absolutely brilliant.
  12. I quite enjoyed Wakanda Forever, but I think the reason that a lot of the Phase Four films have landed badly is because Marvel have stretched themselves really thin. In previous years they only had 2 movies to worry about, these days it’s 3, plus 3-4 tv series. I think they’re just not able to keep up the tight grip on quality control that they once had.
  13. Yeah I went to see it unaware of that plot line to cheer myself up two days after my mum died from cancer. 😢
  14. If you’ve seen at least Con Air and Face/Off you’ll be all good for 70% of the gags, and if you’ve seen Wild at Heart, 90%. But really as long as you know who Nic Cage is, you’ll probably have a good time, it’s a fun film.
  15. Completed this for the first time last night after spending almost every evening on it since it dropped on Gamepass. Overall really enjoyed it, although I thought the extra semester in Royal didn't really add much to the story. The Feb 15th scene (after I romanced the entire cast) made me laugh though.
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