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  1. Wish you could find a copy of this at a reasonable price - as a diabetic who controls my diabetes through exercise and diet, I’ve been unable to get to the gym for the last month, and thought this might help with the cardio - but it seems to be out of stock everywhere and eBay prices are a bit silly as a result!
  2. I second this, fantastic WTF doc. Definitely best to go in cold.
  3. This is just about to leave Game Pass, so if you fancy living out the fantasy of being a self-isolating outcast in a plague-ridden city, grab it now!
  4. Has anyone tried Murder By Numbers yet? It’s a cool hybrid of Picross and Phoenix Wright-style adventure game on Nintendo Switch and PC. It was created by sometime Rllmuk member @Ed-E and it has character designs from the creator of Hatoful Boyfriend. It’s really funny, and it was being worked on when I was at Mediatonic (I was even part of the conversation that suggested the Murder By Numbers name, as the lawyers had said no to the working title, Picross Detective). I know this game was a labour of love for Ed, so I’d definitely encourage you to grab a copy if you like Picross games. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/murder-by-numbers-switch/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1140290/Murder_by_Numbers/
  5. Was also amused to see that despite the sky is falling warnings earlier this year that Disney were trying to delete access to originals in favour of re-makes, there were many cases of Disney+ having both the originals and the re-makes available (Freaky Friday, Adventures in Babysitting etc.).
  6. I always wanted to do a Spotify-style app that had nothing but movie and TV commentaries. License a bunch of ones from OOP discs, make new exclusive ones, have a UGC section where people can upload their own commentaries, let companies put current ones on etc. You'd be able to either cue them up to fit the movie, or just listen to them like podcasts. I think I'm the only person that's weird enough to subscribe to something like that though, so God knows how you'd monetize it. .
  7. The games are all about the side-stories and activities, and just sort of getting lost in the city. The main story is well produced, but largely ignorable. You can also get items that reduce your chances of getting attacked which I'd probably recommend if you just want to enjoy the side-stories.
  8. In the US they had a cut rate 3-year price for this reason, but no sign of that here yet. I think for me, without the Simpsons, or any new Marvel/Star Wars content until the end of the year (Like almost everyone else, I watched Mando last year as it aired), there just doesn't seem much point subscribing, as I already own 90% of the Disney/Marvel/Star Wars backcatalogue on Blu/4K UHD. I also think it's a bit of a shame they're limiting it to family friendly content, no idea why this couldn't be done with a Netflix-style content filter for kids. That would mean they could also have more grown up Miramax/Fox/Touchstone content on there, or new adult TV shows, and that really would be a Netflix killer. As it is, I think in the States most of that content is going to Hulu - which we can't get here.
  9. I did everyone’s story lines to the end,, then at the last minute ran around murdering them all to buff myself up for the final boss. It was a non-stop orgy of vampiric feeding for an hour or so, and I felt genuinely queasy afterwards. I think the mesmerising/biting scenes were so well done, and really quite creepy.
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