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  1. The Titans/Doom Patrol crossover has different actors playing some of the roles, and is more like a ‘proof of concept’ version of Doom Patrol. Doesn’t tie in to the full series at all, so you’re not missing anything.
  2. Yeah, I used to write for Eurogamer back in my freelance days, and still write the odd thing for them once in a blue moon. But I left Antstream 9 months ago, and I’ve never met or spoken to Ian who did the video, so this is nowt to do with me. Although I was also working at Future Publishing when Driv3r-gate kicked off. Maybe I’m like the Zelig of games industry corruption?
  3. I did think that if Endgame had one problem, it was that it was clearly way too short.
  4. Interesting article about the failed attempts to make an X-men movie in the 80’s. https://www.polygon.com/2019/6/11/18659771/x-men-1980s-marvel-movie-orion-pictures One script featured Wolverine (Probably played by Tom Selleck or something) finding the villain’s lair inside the head of a giant Easter Island statue, and punching him out of the nostril.
  5. Here’s the trailer for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout which I worked on:
  6. HOT EXCLUSIVE: Can confirm Rainbow Boys is not the title of this game. But it’s weirdly close. And possibly better.
  7. They’ll be announcing the game I worked on - they just posted this gif of it: Really excited to see what people make of it!
  8. UH Metro Exodus is on Xbox Game Pass too!
  9. I think the biggest problem with Solo was that a) no-one was really that arsed about how he met Chewbacca and got his pistol, and b) no-one was that bothered about the character being played by someone other than Harrison Ford. Sure trolls may may have played a part, but I think that Star Wars fans weren’t that excited by the premise, the trailer seemed to be cagey about Alden’s performance, and the general public just weren’t arsed.
  10. Eric’s performance on Asia’s Got Talent (which he won) was pretty special too:
  11. Got really hooked on this today, and played it all the way through. Really enjoyed the core loop, and some of the later weapons were really fun to use. Definitely worth a go if you have Game Pass.
  12. For good times I’d show Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I used to run a film club in a homeless shelter, and of all the films I showed this one had by far the best response - they made me play it three weeks in a row! Either that or Mean Girls. For horror I’d show Possession (1981), as it’s fucking mental, but not many people seem to have seen it. If if you want to really fuck people up, I’d show Ex Drummer.
  13. I really enjoyed this too. Thought Egerton was superb! Might have had a bit of dust in my eye at the end too...
  14. Natasha Demetriou was great in Stath Lets Flats too, so you should check that out if you’ve not seen it - very funny and it’s still on the All4 app I think.
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