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  1. I just spent a few weeks getting lvl 20 mastery, sniper assassin and SASO on every single location in Hitman, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3. I feel weirdly proud of this utterly pointless feat.
  2. I know no-one in the office went to Japan while I was working there, but that's not to say they didn't run a segment on it, as they often bought in footage from local productions companies all around the world. So, while I don't recall anything like this, that doesn't mean it wasn't part of the show - it also ran for many years before I worked there, so it may also just have been before my time! EDIT: Actually, if they showed a SNES game it was definitely before my time, as I was there in the Dreamcast era!
  3. I’m on the desert island on DQ Builders 2 and loving it. I quite like all the relentless tasks. The story on the second island has been particularly fun, revolving almost entirely around building a pub.
  4. Mamma Mia is fucking awful, with some performances that rival Oliver Reed in Tommy for tone deaf singing. I’d recommend: Hairspray Sing Sing Street Once Calamity Jane The Greatest Showman Blues Brothers
  5. Surely it’ll just be like Modern Family, with Fred as the curmudgeonly boomer grandad, Pebbles as the Gen X mum, and her kids as the millennials no one gets. It writes itself!
  6. I used to edit all the footage for the PSW cover disc! Don’t remember any porn reviews, so that must have been before my time.
  7. Wait, people play these games in English? I always go subbed!
  8. One of my earliest reviews was Fahrenheit in Official PlayStation Magazine. Magazines dying is always sad, but I just don’t think the commercials support print magazines these days. The circulation numbers are so low now, I don’t think any games mag is breaking 20,000 copies a month these days. When I worked on PSW we were selling 80,000+ copies every month!
  9. I loved this! Not every joke landed, but there were so many it hardly mattered. They stuck the ending though. As a weird kid who made weird films I felt seen.
  10. Also worth pointing out that in the original comics Thor wasn’t the actual Norse god - merely a mild-mannered doctor called Donald Blake who gained the powers of Thor every time he picked up the hammer. The character being the ACTUAL Thor Odinson was something that evolved in the 80’s comics, and this was the version they used for the MCU origin. Although they did cheekily reference it in the first Thor movie, when he steals a doctor’s coat - it has a ‘Donald Blake’ name tag!
  11. In fairness, Bumblebee was actually pretty good.
  12. FYI: I just bought the new 4K UHD for Donnie Darko and the Theatrical Cut disc has been authored poorly. It’s incredibly choppy, as if it’s constantly dropping frames or something. Lots of people on the A.V. Forums reporting the same. Annoyingly the useless Director’s Cut is fine.
  13. Nah, there was no incentive to butter them up, as they had to send you the promos regardless of whether you were nice about the games or not. There was no real internet back then, and games mags were pretty much the only game in town. If anything it’s way worse now, with games companies preferring to work with ‘influencers’ who have no ethical code or training whatsoever.
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