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  1. We binged both series in a few days, some really great characters. Is it done as a show now? Doesn’t seem to have been a new series in a while.
  2. Pretty much every video I've ever seen of someone tackling a horde involves them running round in circles to the Benny Hill music. There's only so much planning you can do. I mainly make a load of attractor bombs and as many explosives as I can, then wait for them to mash up together in a cave (or find some higher ground above them) and then rain down napalm. this usually takes out about 50% of a largish horde. Then it's back to running around in circles with the tommy gun. Stamina cocktails and saddlebags are essential, as are the iron grip and two birds skills that let bullets pass through freakers. Throwing pipe bombs at your feet while running is also surprisingly effective.
  3. I think it resets to 100%, but slowly over time rather than instantly. Saddlebags, ammo upgrades, pyrotechnics and weight skills are all required before you tackle the larger hordes for sure.
  4. I've completed the game recently (including every mission), and still have some camps not fully maxed out for trust. Things worth doing early on: 1. Get Hot Springs to Level 2 Trust so you can get the MWS automatic rifle. Make sure you send all survivors you encounter to Hot Springs to get to level 2, and hand in all your bounties/meats there. 2. Use the MWS to kill four hordes to unlock the SMP9 automatic pistol, which is super helpful, as it's an automatic weapon for your pistol slot. 3. Do the infestation missions - once you've burned out an infestation nest, it leaves behind a dust that can be used to make the incredibly useful residue bolts which turn people against each other, and are brilliant for clearing out camps (just fire one at a sniper and sit back and enjoy the ensuing carnage). One thing the game never tells you - the dust respawns, so you can go back to old nests and stock up periodically. 4. If you do enjoy stealth and use the crossbow a lot, you definitely should prioritise the survival skills, mainly Hawkeyed, Eagle Eyed, Thief in the Night and Green Thumb. These will let you find cedar saplings much easier, see them from further away, run around silently (this one pretty much makes you an invisible ninja, super OP but fun), and get double the amount of resources from each harvest. Nocked Up is also worth getting from the ranged skills. 5. After those I focussed on Ranged and Survival skills, and did the Melee skills last. 6. Make sure you focus on Stamina, then Focus, then Health with the NERO injections, and try to do these as early as you can in each territory. 7. MUCH later on you'll want to get the Chicago Chopper to start taking down hordes, but you can get through 80% of the game with just the above. HTH!
  5. Anyone tried the new Iron Man game?
  6. She’s in Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga on Netflix too. Briefly.
  7. I’m astonished to say that I enjoyed this too - I felt that they actually developed Rachel’s character a bit beyond just ‘love interest’ and felt it actually had loads of energy and an obvious love and affection for Eurovision, even down to the Graham Norton commentary. The sadly brief Natasia Demetriou cameo certainly didn’t hurt either.
  8. I get that it’s not everyone’s taste, but I reckon Pixar films (or other CG rendered animation) would look amazing in HFR too.
  9. I though being able to actually see what was happening when the camera panned, instead of just the smeary mess that you usually get on 24fps film, was a real game changer.
  10. The Hobbit films were shown at 48fps (so double the usual rate) which I think was the trade off between losing the cinematic look, but improving the smoothness. Gemini Man was shown at 120 FPS.
  11. High frame rate. Was experimented with on the Hobbit films and more recently Ang Lee's Gemini Man. I really love it. 99% of people fucking despise it for making everything look too 'real' and non filmic.
  12. There are certainly underwhelming transfers that don't really feel like much of an upgrade from the blu ray. I think a lot of films from the last 15 or so years are guilty of this as they were filmed digitally rather than on film and upscaled from 2K (or worse) up to 4K, and there's no extra visual information they can capture. A good 4K scan of a movie shot on film can reap great benefits though. I've got shit eyes, so take this all with a pinch of salt. I think the best disc I've watched was Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which looks properly stunning in places, even though the film itself is only so so. I think HFR is a bigger upgrade for me than 4K, and I wish more films were shot and released in this format, as it's amazing seeing pans in films that aren't blurry messes. I do appreciate that only Peter Jackson, James Cameron and Ang Lee share my enthusiasm though.
  13. I bought literally THOUSANDS of DVDs. Basically every film I'd ever enjoyed (and a fair few I didn't even like much), with the idea of building a sort of film library. Eventually I threw away all the boxes and put them into disk holders. I was a lot more selective with Blurays, probably only have a few hundred of my top, top films. With 4K, I've got an (almost) complete collection of Marvel 4K steelbooks (I didn't really like the Norton The Incredible Hulk or the ugly steelbook they made for the 4K version), and less than 20 classics. And the entire Fast & The Furious series. Largely though I feel my collecting days are behind me, as having moved house so many times in the last 20 years, the idea of accumulating yet more physical stuff is way less appealing, and I'm tending to buy things digitally now.
  14. I stopped playing COD games when I realised they were paying real weapons manufacturers licensing fees to use the names and likenesses of their guns. It turns out my line in the sand is actually funding gun manufacturers. Simon Parkin wrote a good article about it a few years back: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-02-01-shooters-how-video-games-fund-arms-manufacturers
  15. Will you be able to buy it on its own? I've already rinsed the original, and would be more up for buying this as a standalone rather than a full price title where I've already played 80% of the content.
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