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  1. I finally finished this after god knows how many hours. It’s a very very long game. The whole last section is almost completely incomprehensible though. Shame it was such a damp squib, as the journey there was mostly fantastic. Still have a couple of straggling Zealots to get rid of, and still have hundreds of markers left to clear (I did do almost all the ones I came across though, ending up at around lvl 350) but by about level 250 I’d unlocked all the skills and was just assigning points randomly really, as there was nothing left I cared about and I could pretty much kill anything
  2. Make sure you scour the Lone Wolf and Cub box to find the secret compartment! Such a cool little extra by Criterion!
  3. That section was also super buggy in general I found.
  4. There are actually tons and tons of side quests but they’re all just extremely short ‘events’. I’ve put about 40 hours into this and barely touched the main story. There are much longer side quest lines like the tablets and the Daughters of Lerion of that result in getting some really cool weapons and armour, but they’re quite hard to find.
  5. They weren’t that popular compared to the mega sales of Wolverine/X-Men, Spider-Man and whatever nonsense Rob Liefeld had crapped out that week. They still had comics though.
  6. Is the bottom one the performance mode, cos the fire is reflected in the puddle?
  7. My OLED B7 was doing something similar. Firstly, is the PS5 plugged into the same HDMI port as your PS4 was? You may find only certain HDMI ports on your Reciever can process the HDR. I was plugging my PS5 directly into the TV, but I hadn’t turned on (or off, can’t remember which) the Deep Color setting in the tv settings (confusingly I don’t think the option was in the picture settings, but somewhere else) for that HDMI port. Once I changed it, it detected the 4K/HDR signal fine. So that could be something to try too, either for the Reciever or when plugging directly into the tv.
  8. Dunno if it was just me, but that area seemed REALLY buggy for some reason, like it hadn’t been QA’d properly or something. The game is buggy in general anyway, but here I was constantly falling through floors, getting knocked hundreds of feet in the air for no discernible reason, and at one point, all my fighting buttons stopped working just as a bear went for me. I’m glad it was a relatively short section. Made sure I did everything there so I never have to go back!
  9. It looked like Uncle Frank’s slowly re-composing gelatinous form in the first Hellraiser movie.
  10. Give Snyder his due, he can at least do feet.
  11. I love it too and don’t care about football - it might even help, as I’m oblivious to the things it gets wrong about the beautiful game. Plus I’ve just discovered that all the stadium scenes were filmed round the back of my house at Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park, and now I finally feel like I have a home team to support.
  12. I watched that again yesterday! I really love this one, and the focus test one. Fans of this show might also like Aunty Donna’s Big ‘Ole House of Fun on Netflix which has a similar slightly surreal vibe.
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