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  1. Nope. And if that wasn’t soul crushing enough, I also just had a surgical procedure to install a ureteral stent after unexpectedly getting kidney stones earlier this week. I’m currently in unbelievable and unrelenting pain. I’m so so sad. If anyone has any remote work going, I’d really appreciate any offers, as this whole thing has left me broke and broken.
  2. We're very excited that we're just about to announce our guest artist for the Kickstarter Backer's Canvas. Here's a hint...
  3. It’s not dodgy web code, it only accepts the exact answers I put in. I tried to think of most variations, but obviously a few slipped through. The app is obviously much better, because I don’t make it.
  4. Yes it does, if flashes when you touch the puzzle and then greys out when it’s completed. The version on the website is a super rough and ready version I boshed our so people can see a full canvas and try their answers. It was the best I could do by myself as I’m not a programmer. @carleton will be doing all that side of things for the app. The app also has a fairly sophisticated algorithm for determining if answers are correct or not, so things like spelling and punctuation are not so much a problem. On the website version I had to brute force it by adding all the answers I could think of, so it’s less comprehensive and far more picky about answers than the app is.
  5. We've just added the canvas exchange programme reward to our £5 tier, so if you've ever bought any Say What You See canvases, you'll now be able to get them back, plus you'll get the exclusive backers canvas, all for £5! Would really appreciate any pledges as the campaign has stagnated (and if it fails it costs you nothing in any case), and it'd be awesome if Rllmuk could come together support some fellow forumites just trying to do something cool.
  6. how do you do it? I’m in the same boat.
  7. Nice piece in Forbes about us today: https://t.co/GtI5eWu4pJ?amp=1
  8. jon_cybernet


    Went to see this yesterday at EGX, was a really great panel! Well done Noob! People should give it a listen when the recording is out, was very funny and some great insights into the composers different processes. Particularly enjoyed Joe from The Flight’s story about humming the score he was writing for Assassin’s Creed: Origins in Tescos.
  9. Can I play as a stealthy female sniper who’s a dick to everyone? That’s usually my go-to character whenever I get the choice.
  10. If anyone was still on the fence, we’ve just added a £10 tier which gets you 10 canvas unlocks, the exclusive backer’s canvas and access to the canvas exchange programme (where you can get back any canvases you bought in the old app). Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/swys/say-what-you-see-ultimate-edition We’ve also added some playable canvases to our website, so you can get a feel for how the game works if you’ve not played it before: Https://www.swys.co.uk/canvases Nearly a quarter funded now, and we’ve got some great announcements lined up for the next few weeks! Exciting times!
  11. I’m going to be there today and tomorrow. If you see someone wandering around in a red hoodie with an eye on the front sweatily trying to convince people to back the Say What You See Kickstarter, come say hi!
  12. Thanks Xevious, really appreciate it! If anyone wants a laugh at me talking rubbish about the campaign, here’s the SWYS AMA I did on Facebook Live last night:
  13. I changed that last minute and missed that. Annoyingly it won’t let me edit the text now that people have pledged it (for totally understandable reasons. You are right about the Mega Fan being a bit redundant- might just delete that one before anyone backs it. Sorry I was up really late adding stuff at the last minute which was probably not a great idea.
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