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  1. I heard on the US systems some older versions of Freeloader don't work, so it might be that.
  2. I'm playing this right now. The single player game is brilliant. A true return to form... much closer to the original than SMB2. But unfortunately they've made so many minigames (50 I think) that some of them don't feel very polished. Seems a case of quantity over quality. I would've rather had 15 or 20 minigames with more effort put in to them.
  3. I work part time in HMV and Nintendo sent us more than enough games and accessories. If they're going quickly it's probably just because they're in demand and selling incredibly well. No conspiracy. But yeah, it seems the actual console shipment was cut by Nintendo, probably for the inevitable "sold out!" news stories that will follow. Hopefully everyone who pre-ordered will get one by Christmas.
  4. My DS clock is set for the right time, but in Animal Crossing it's an hour ahead for some reason. How do I change it within the game?
  5. To be fair, he's talking about America where the DS isn't doing as well as it is in Europe and Japan. Animal Crossing has already sold 100,000 more copies in Europe than America despite coming out 4 months later and Nintendogs has almost sold more in Europe than Japan/America combined. GBA is still outselling DS (and PSP) in America!
  6. PAL machine. NOE has been good with the DS IMO. We've even got some games before the US. I also like being able to buy second hand stuff. I'm not one who has to buy a game on day 1.
  7. Please remember David Yarmton is the same person who said Nintendo was working on no such thing, then a day later Nintendo announced the release of DS Lite.
  8. Different people have different ideas of what's expensive. To me £179 with a game isn't a lot. If I was a poor person it might be a problem. Prices will go down eventually if you can't afford it. I agree that it's annoying how it's cheaper in the US and Japan, but I've come to expect this with gaming. At least they're releasing it this year unlike Sony.
  9. And the Nunchuck. It's £43 for the Wii controller with Nunchuck and I don't think £7 more than wireless 360 controller (It's £35 right?) is a big deal. Hopefully they'll both go down in price some time next year though as the parts become cheaper.
  10. £179 with a game is quite a mass market price I think, especially as Wii sports is kind of 5 games in 1. Yes, I would've prefered £150, but Nintendo's not our friend - they're a business. Remember Microsoft and Sony can afford to take a loss, because they have tons of other divisions they can fall back on.
  11. Absolute validation from Sony on the controller front. When Rev was announced they were bashing the hell out of it in interviews, but I think the situation in Japan with all the non-gamers and the DS confused them and made them add this last-minute feature. The guy playing it couldn't even land his plane, on the other hand the Wii controller is accurate enough for you to add spin to a ball in a tennis game. They boasted that there was no censor bar, but it would probably work better if there was one. At $500 I think even Sony sees this as a bonus and not something that'll bring in non-gamers like Nintendo wants to. And no rumble is ridiculous. Looks like I'll be keeping my PS2 so I can play Rez properly. What happened to the boomerang?
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