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  1. Yeah it's pretty straightforward. In the left column is a list of channels you've been invited for. Then in the next column it's the various 'threads' in that channel. You just select the 'acc voice chat' one and you're in. Click it once more to see who's in it, as in there you can right-click everyone individually to change their volume. It indeed mixes with the game volume. Also, download Crew Chief. It's essential for online racing (or enable the in-game spotter if you can't be arsed). What's your Discord tag? I'll try to add you.
  2. There's always something to regret. I would have loved to do the flooring first in my room, but during the house move we had to put loads of boxes in the room. Still need to sort out the last of them before I can attempt to 'retro-fit' some flooring in there. I'm nearly done with my sim corner though, will post some pics soon.
  3. Are you stalking me, Ben? πŸ˜… Quick, let's call each other! Edit: got a fancier model though
  4. Or just join anyways as sort of a learning experience. Or for the banter. πŸ˜‰ Most of us are rusty a.f. after the holiday season (I hope haha) so you'll be fine. I couldn't for the life of me get a couple of valid laps in last night myself, so I expect to get a few track limit warnings come Thursday. πŸ˜“ I've no time this week for much more practice than this. I'm coming in as per our motto.
  5. Had a quick test run last night to see if everything's working, and it does so I'm set for Thursday! Did I spot @mexos in the list as well?
  6. Meh, practice is practice so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Knowing your track record (pun intended), you'll do just fine in the race. 😘
  7. I've pretty much finished setting everything back up over the weekend. Just a bit of cable management to do, and connecting a 2nd TV that I've had lying about, and I'm good to go again! πŸ˜… Got a load of boxes to sieve through still before the entire loft is cleared and ready for some new flooring, so the rig still sits on the old carpet that came with the house. πŸ˜“
  8. Hmm, I can get a 2nd hand one for €180. I'm in 2 minds now. πŸ€”
  9. Huzzah! Glad to see you back, Kris! And you too, Paul! πŸ₯³ I might wait in that case! πŸ˜… Nice one, Oli! You'll beat every single one of us. Hopefully Erik will join us too, but he said it starts just a little bit too late for him.
  10. Thanks for the insights, guys. I think I may go for the OQ2 for now, mainly because I don't have a high-end PC. See if I get along with VR first as well before I upgrade.
  11. Oh I would absolutely love that! It's been in my mind for a while now to visit the UK again, and it may happen this year. With the move done and dusted, we're looking where we can go for a proper 'honeymoon abroad'. Norway's on the list as well as the UK (mrs Meers wants to visit London). It seriously sucks monkey balls that you guys aren't in the EU anymore. Now I need a passport, which I haven't got yet. πŸ˜“ I'll throw it in the dinnertime conversation tonight πŸ˜„
  12. Oh man PC gaming is like 75% fiddling with settings and 25% playing games for me hahaha. πŸ˜… I am seriously looking at VR now. As I asked in here before, most of you guys with VR hats are using the Quest 2, right? Should I go with that or is there anything else that may be a better option?
  13. Oooh that looks slick mate.
  14. I think you mean the virtual rear view mirror? You can change its size and position in the view menu (pause the game whilst playing to access it). It's further explained in the guides I posted. πŸ˜… Also, check your optimal FoV well for this game (unless you're in VR that is). It can make a huge difference on the sense of speed and judging corners. I used this FoV calculator.
  15. You can practice them on your own in practice mode too I believe, without the pressure of other cars on track. I think there's an online lobby for pitstop practice as well.
  16. Nice! Job's a tidy one. I should follow your lead when I'm rebuilding mine (TV's mounted on the wall again since last night!).
  17. Yeah it's down in price again, and somehow I just found out about this game. Bought.
  18. @Marmite and @Corranga, ACC can be very daunting at first. You'll learn things along the way, but don't hesitate to ask us if there's something you're stumbling on. The first things you guys should be getting to grips with are setups and pitstops. For setups, the default presets are good enough for most new drivers. There's an aggressive one and a safe one, as well as one for wet conditions. Just change the tyre pressures for each track and leave the rest alone. Optimal hot tyre pressures for dry tracks should be between 27.5 psi and 28 psi. For wet tyres it's around 30psi. Pitstops are really confusing at first. I think the best thing to do is to go through everything together with one of us in-game some night (preferably before the new season starts). Here's a setup guide for new ACC players. And a general guide for in-game settings. Also a handy video/graphics and viewpoint settings guide.
  19. During our house move I've stumbled on a couple of boxes of games magazines (N64, Edge). Is there a market for those or should I ditch them?
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