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  1. I rest my case on the inconsistent track limit thing. Still not as bad as most other racing games. 😬
  2. I just got a 2080S! All my graphics look lush! How much more graphics do I need? Yeah and I blame peer pressure! From my ACC peers! And leave my socks out of this. πŸ˜… What's the going rate on a 3080 these days? πŸ€‘
  3. I will start watching those track vids now. But don't say that I haven't warned you! πŸ˜…
  4. Try driving behind @Erik in an endo race! It's like, "Bye Erik"! Am I getting too old for this shit?
  5. To be completely honest - no, I have not. Maybe once or twice, but I tend to avoid them (I'd rather find out myself). If I would, there'd be no stopping me, mate! 😜 But the one above is proof that track limits are far from consistent in this game. Paul Ricard, I'm looking at you.
  6. So, how many of us knew you could drive here without getting penalised? I only noticed after @OJM CHICKEN overtook me.
  7. Yeah, I really shouldn't do that next time. We managed to get one of my colleagues a 2nd hand CSR wheel. He will start practicing soon, and when he's ready, he would like to join us.
  8. That wasn't the main reason for me missing the green lights. I was just looking over at my stream on the 2nd screen at that moment (my colleagues were watching the livestream. Just got mocked about my bad launch here in the office as well). πŸ˜…
  9. Indeed. Here's where you can find the option (in the Discord settings). You'll have to sacrifice a button on your wheel for it.
  10. That was amazing! I had some hard but fair scraps for position with @SneakyNinja, @Count Buffalos, @Valver, @milko and @OJM CHICKEN. I had good pace as well. The less said about my crappy start of the first race, the better, though. πŸ˜… Here are the races from my PoV:
  11. Yeah same. I only had Monday night and last night. Monday was for rllmuk, last night was for RCI. Switching between Beemer and Poker, yay!
  12. Sorry chaps, but here's another recruitment post for the upcoming 6h endurance championship we're going to partake in over at Prime Motorsport. 😘 The above times are in UTC. We're still looking for more drivers who are willing and able to join us in the Porsche. At least one hour (1 stint) would be required, more will be very much appreciated. You will at least have a one-hour break before a potential 2nd stint, so there's time to relax. And Erik and I will be your teammates. And it will be lots of fun! πŸ˜…
  13. I dunno, I quite like being able to slowly move around corners using an analogue stick. I used to tape 2 N64 controllers well together to be able to use the 2.2 control scheme. Dual sticks before it was a thing!
  14. It was even released 2 years before the game's release, it was thΓ‘t good!
  15. Can I place an order as well please?
  16. I'm an avid PC sim racing fan nowadays, but I still love my share of F-Zero and Mario Kart 'likes'.
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