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  1. Man, I always fly around over my own area. You're not alone.
  2. I reckon it's best to have a little hiatus over the holiday season. I think there might be some sim-racing fatigue involved with (former) racers as well. I think starting afresh in Januari will improve things. Have another roll-call to spark awareness, make it a longer season and try to get as many people (old and new) on board. Maybe throw in a prize for the winner*! RCI will not organise a World Tour or Endurance World Championship in the first half of 2023, so maybe we can persuade some of the racers there to join us? * Not sure what, but suggestions are welcome
  3. I'm not around for racing. Got the key to the new house today so I'll be packin' stuff.
  4. According to Dutch news sites, RB leadership has apparently told (off) Max that for the rest of the season the focus is on Checo. So Max has to assist him wherever and whenever he can.
  5. Joining those endurance races really helped with my concentration and consistency. Hah, I'm absolutely sure it helps with consistency. A solid rig makes a world of difference.
  6. My M4 felt planted, but when the tyre pressures got above 28.2 psi, I struggled with grip at the end of the first and second stint. I was also pushing harder than normal because of my scrap with @davejm. Later braking caused me to go off two or three times.
  7. "I would like to thank..." etc. Sponsor? I dunno. I remember talking about it as well, but I also forgot who it was. Most improved? I'd say @davejm this season.
  8. Ah right! Woo P4! Seems you're really one with the AMR! Absolutely stunning performance. And how easy is to to catch up, only to take ages on an overtake (cleanly)? Aha! I'll see if I can replicate that. Cheers!
  9. Well done guys! However I think the 2 worst results still need scrubbing, or has that been done automatically?
  10. That was the closest race that I've ever had, @davejm! This one went on for an hour no less, just neck and neck racing from start to finish. Amazing! I've uploaded the replay but it's still processing HD/4K so come back later for a better picture (the video's 42Gb so it may take a while). Speaking of picture quality, the video shows a lot of artifacts around the cars. It's the dithered effect that you see around sharp edges. After recording this I discovered that it was caused by motion blur, which was still on for 'replays only'. The effect was gone after I switched motion blur off. But there's another ghosting effect going on, and it seems to be caused by TAA. I've not seen it before when I was still using FSR and KTAA on the GTX1070, but because I'm using DLSS now I can't change the AA anymore (I suspect DLSS uses TAA?). I don't see TAA ghosting at all in @Valver's replay, so I'm wondering what your specs and settings are and what I can do to eliminate the ghosting? FSR can't match DLSS on my system (in 4K at least), but it's pretty good in 2K whereas DLSS isn't (too blurry for some reason). The ghosting's mainly in replays though, so I think I'll live with it. 4K is just too good to be swapped with 2K.
  11. Yeah exactly, a spin-off! Having played both games (a mate's got GT Sport), I think it made sense. Comparing GT with ACC is like comparing NFS with GT. They're in totally different subgenres within the general racing game genre. If that makes sense...
  12. Indeed, @Smoothy was referring to the original AC. It can be compared to GT in terms of having a lot of cars in a lot of classes, but the simulation model is regarded as being a step beyond GT's. ACC, the GT3/4-only 'sequel' to AC and focuses primarily on that class. And it's that focus that allowed the developer to increase the realism and simulation even further:
  13. Oh damn mate. Go have it checked for fractures if you can. Hopefully it's not too bad.
  14. Championship standings with one race to go: I want that 4th place, @milko! P6 is also heavily contested! Don't forget to sign up, guys!
  15. I think you should use the car to race in (as a rig, like). Replace the windscreen with a TV, the pedals with your sim pedals and the wheel with the Fanatec beast. And turn the car on whilst you're racing for maximum immersion.* Job's a good one. * Don't forget to ventilate the room though.
  16. My gaming PC was cheaper than that!
  17. I would absolutely love coming over for a rllmuk meet again! I share @milko's sentiment - I'm hopeless in the Codemasters F1 games these days so I'll have to do some training. Tell that place we're only doing one hour races minimum! As for when - I think around May or June would suit me best. I need to do a lot of stuff in and around the new house in the coming months.
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