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  1. Hmm, I don't think I've got much headroom left to be honest. I've saved my current settings so I'll have another fiddle tonight, will try your recommendation although I think that my pancake image is still worse than your VR one.
  2. Interesting! Which FSR setting do you use? TAAgen5 took 15fps off the counter so I switched it off again, but maybe it can be combined with a certain FSR setting? I use the default TAA (epic) but it causes a lot of ghosting on fast moving objects. KTAA is a good alternative to TAA but a bit jaggy (but not as jaggy as FXAA tho) but I opted for TAA now with Lumisharpen (through ReShade). V-Synch seems to remove some of the ghosting (why does TAA cause ghosting in the first place?). May I once share my system specs again for comparison? i5-7300HQ (main culprit) 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (upgraded from 8GB - made things easier for the CPU) GTX1050 mobile (haha yeah next subject please) We can shake each others hands on that. We've got Sinterklaas coming up, and after that it's the run up to Christmas of couse, so there's a lot of stuff that the kids 'have to' go to (according to mrs M at least ). I'll 100% be on tonight though and in Discord, if anyone fancies a chat... I managed to tune out the snap oversteer but I'm not sure how I did it.
  3. Just realised something, @Corranga... There's a hole on the bottom bit of the clamp (see top pic). I think you can line it up with the hole on the shaft (bottom pic) so that you still can fix it with the original allen bolt if you want to.
  4. Hmm, spent practicing a bit yesterday and it seems that there's still lots of time to gain. The new feedback feels spectacular on my CSL Elite as well! Especially the tramlining feel in the grooves of the kerbs and gutters is amazing. There's lots more feedback over the jagged kerbs, and the bumps and dips in the track surface are more pronounced too. The slip angle is much more progressive as well so you can catch slides much better. I feels really natural and I think I've adapted to it already. I also spent some more time trying the new graphics settings, but I've come to the conclusion that my GPU is not suited for FSR (or am I missing something here?). Performance mode hardly gives me more frames (even in 1080p) and looks ugly as feck, and ultra makes the fps plummet but it still doesn't look as nice as what I had before. So I went back to my old settings. 2 things struck me after the 1.8 update though: The game seems to run smoother with the same settings I used before the update. Frametime is almost a flat line which is what you want to see. I seem to be able to judge corners much better because of it as well. There's much more screen tearing now since the update, I've noticed. I ran the game at 1440p60 before the update and there was no screen tearing going on at all. So I tried capping the frames at 60 but that only increased the latency. Turning V-synch on seemed to do the trick though! It caps the framerate at 60 (I had a bit of overhead @ 75fps) and the TAA ghosting seems to be less as well. Game's more stable altogether, tried a 30 car online race and it doesn't go below 60fps so I've got that going for me, which is nice. I'll be online tonight, so I'll post some screengrabs of each setting for comparison.
  5. Ah yeah, then my solution's a bit better as you can set the tension yourself (but don't overdo it). I can't pull my wheel off no matter how hard I try, so I think it's safe to say that it works well.
  6. I have looked long and hard for one with the right diameter (45mm) but without result. It seems they don't make them that big apparently. But if you manage to find one, it'd be even better (although i think it's much harder to get around the wheel's shaft). Sure thing mate, it's this one. Make sure you order some grooved rubber sealing (with an adhesive strip) as well, as this clamp is 48mm (the shaft is 45mm). But that's actually a good thing because metal on metal wouldn't be good, and it actually prevents it from potentially sliding off. I have the lever sitting snugly against the wheelbase (as you can see in the last pic), but I think having it stick out to the side makes it easier to release. Granted, it doesn't look as good but it does no harm that way either. The QR1 is a proper aluminium quick release, right? Weird that it doesn't work well with your wheel rims. This solution is pretty good, but as I said the wheel isn't really locked with it - if you pull it hard during racing it may slide off. But you'd have to pull really hard for that to happen (and who pulls on their wheel during racing anyway?)
  7. He's in bed at 7pm, so I hope he doesn't see me in the evening because that would mean he's being naughty by getting out of bed (which he never does btw).
  8. Here's a short summary of the new features in version 1.8. Dont think it has been posted before? I watched a couple of youtubers with their impressions on the latest update, but found this one the most informative.
  9. I did some modding on my OG Fanatec CSL P1 wheel for Pc/Xbox (the one with the fully rubber rim). It's not suited for the proper quick releases. It has a release, but you can hardly call it quick. It's an aluminium collar with a sort of wristwatch clip that you have to secure with an M6 bolt: I ordered a clamp that I found at a German music store. It has a lever on it so it's essentially a quick(er) release. I added a strip of rubber band on the inside for added grip, removed the original collar and replaced it with the new clamp: Toight as a toiger and you can barely see or feel that it's there. Swapping between it and the McLaren rim has become less of a hassle now. Don't know why they opted for the collar thing instead of a clamp like this when it was released.
  10. Shaved 3 seconds off my banker lap, so... improvements. But still ways off Dave's time. You are too quick mate. My son came up in the loft and wanted a go as well... He'll be ready in a couple of years, lads.
  11. VR hair, now that's a new term! Yeah I'm doing a bit of practice now (until the kids wake up, that is) as we're staying home because of the bad weather here. Braking is completely different now indeed. Slightly longer distances for braking points and you have to do a lot more 'massaging' (pumping) on the brakes. The trail braking's better though!
  12. Same weather here, but I've got other commitments today so no practice for me alas. I've set a banker lap late last night, it's not very fast. But the car handles nicely with the aggressive setup. There's a new ACC update out. It looks like it fixed the trojan issue I got during the race on Thursday. Still haven't had the opportunity to write about my woes last race: At the end of quali I quickly went to the karzee, but when I got back we were on the grid already so in my hurry I forgot to add fuel and hit drive. Went into the pits during the formation sequence but there was no crew there. Decided to jump back to pits but had to wait for about 3 minutes before the controls were unlocked. By then I was 2 laps behind but carried on. A couple of laps later, Windows Defender crashed my game and presented me with a trojan warning message. Rebooted a couple of times as the message kept popping up, along with loads of other programs booting themselves up. I still have no idea why all that happened. Scanned the computer but no virus or trojan warnings whatsoever. Another reboot and all seemed fine again but when I rejoined you guys were already in the 2nd race. I mumbled couple of Dutch profanities and quit out. Still at a loss what happened with my computer.
  13. Yeah I've got the original P1 rim for Xbox one that came with the CSL elite when it was released. It's a good rim, nice and heavy so it handles with ease. The grip material is completely made of rubber but it doesn't feel cheap at all. The quick release is a sort of watch wristband type clip that you click shut, and fasten with a bolt accordingly. Not quick at all. The new clamp I ordered for it is in and it fits brilliantly, I'll post pics later.
  14. Yeah when I was the only mainlander in the league, it was only me who had to adapt to the UK time. But now its almost 50% so yeah, using UTC may be better indeed.
  15. CSL DD postponed until roughly January 3rd, 2022, apparently.
  16. Yeah that's true. Okay Mex, you can have 'im.
  17. No problem for me either, @davejm. Could even be half an hour or longer if need be, mate.
  18. Hang on just one darn minute here, Mexos! The ACC PC lot were first in asking him to join us!
  19. Aha, there you go! Cheers Layten.
  20. Not that I'm aware of, no. They ditched that business model after the Xbox 360 / PS3 gen.
  21. Indeed, that toy-like style is why I don't like it. But in all fairness, they developed this bundle with the help of Polyphony Digital, so the design is not 100% Fanatec's.
  22. I was thinking that. You'd only need the PS wheel base and slap on anything (from Fanatec) that you want. I really don't like the look of the PS5 rim.
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