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  1. I think most of us are. Almost all of us are in VR so that's driver's view by default (I hope), and I'm using driver's view as well but I'm a 4K 'pancake' tv pleb. I am using the in-game 'have the camera turn when in tight corners to see ahead' feature, otherwise my FoV is too narrow (and I'm using a correctly calculated one). So basically a poor man's VR headset effect. There's 3 cockpit views (press F1) - one allows you to use said manual driver view movement, another is a fixed view and the third is with automatic head movement (under G forces). I have the in-game hands and wheel switched off as well. I don't fancy 2 wheels in my view.
  2. WHOA! It's Mexos! Now we only need to convince @kiroquai, @myoozikk, @Moodmon, @Thor (to name but a few) to do the same and we have the old F1 crew back (again)! but then in a much beter game. In other news, we've moved house this weekend but there's still a lot of stuff to be moved from the old house to the new one. Especially from out of the loft. Never realised we had so much stuff. But it will still takes a few weeks until I can set my sim rig up again. Not until the new year I reckon.
  3. Man, I always fly around over my own area. You're not alone.
  4. I reckon it's best to have a little hiatus over the holiday season. I think there might be some sim-racing fatigue involved with (former) racers as well. I think starting afresh in Januari will improve things. Have another roll-call to spark awareness, make it a longer season and try to get as many people (old and new) on board. Maybe throw in a prize for the winner*! RCI will not organise a World Tour or Endurance World Championship in the first half of 2023, so maybe we can persuade some of the racers there to join us? * Not sure what, but suggestions are welcome
  5. I'm not around for racing. Got the key to the new house today so I'll be packin' stuff.
  6. According to Dutch news sites, RB leadership has apparently told (off) Max that for the rest of the season the focus is on Checo. So Max has to assist him wherever and whenever he can.
  7. Joining those endurance races really helped with my concentration and consistency. Hah, I'm absolutely sure it helps with consistency. A solid rig makes a world of difference.
  8. My M4 felt planted, but when the tyre pressures got above 28.2 psi, I struggled with grip at the end of the first and second stint. I was also pushing harder than normal because of my scrap with @davejm. Later braking caused me to go off two or three times.
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