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  1. Ugh fuck this shite. Max fans are mostly that - Max fans. They aren't racing fans in the slightest, just there to cheer Max on. Seen it myself at the Spa race in '16 when Max and Kimi crashed in La Source on the first lap, more than half of the Max fans left for home after Max emilimated himself. Hello? What about the rest of the race? I've calmed down considerably over the years, my English friend. Too much honor really, lads. And McSpeed swears? What a time to be alive!
  2. No worries! Brought the laptop with me and the next couple of days will be rainy so I'll see what I can do. As for choosing a different car, no probs. I think it's time for me to try something else.
  3. I thought all you English types talked like that. Anyway. Has this been posted yet?
  4. Speaking of points... I'm going to do my best to update the leaderboard on friday morning before we leave for our holiday. Bringing the laptop with me anyway so I can build the season 6 sheet during the kids' nap time in the afternoons. Haha time for a break, mate!
  5. Sounds good! Didn't they start using the Assetto Corsa physics engine for this a couple of iterations ago? Thought I'd read something about that some time ago...but I might be confusing myself here.
  6. How's the AI's awareness towards each other and the player(s) these days, Mex?
  7. @SANtoOos, can you adjust the fan speeds with MSI Afterburner? If not, remove the cover and slap a laptop cooling pad against it on full power (I'm not even kidding - they cool like a bastard and are relatively cheap). Just a wild idea, like.
  8. That was definitely a packet loss issue. Which ISP did you have again (wasn't it KPN)? If it's your own subscription I'd give them a ring and ask if they can fix it. They're usually very willing if you threaten to go to the competitor.
  9. Cheers mate. Yeah we'll be going to a fairly quiet area, in a self-sufficient house in the dunes at the north-west shores of the country. Had it booked since last November so going abroad was not our plan anyway (not until the kids are out of the diapers).
  10. Thank you, Dave! I'm going to miss you guys and the racing as well. I hope they won't restrict everything again here in the NL after the recent rise in Corona infections over here, so that out wedding can go on as planned. Edit: Have a nice hols period everyone!
  11. I will definitely not be able to join come Thursday due to packing up for our holiday that night. I've just unregistered from the event. As said before, I will be back for league racing from September onward again.
  12. Unfortunately I'm not planning on getting the new F1 game and join you guys (I barely have time for the ACC league these days), but I could make a nifty sheet for a potential league if need be.
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