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  1. Looks like it's the 3 of us doing 2 hours each for the AM split. Our 4th guy is from the USA and he has to get up early if he wants to join, I think he took a rain check on the Misano one. So I think we're sorted but I believe @Erik asked you for a different split (silver maybe?). First Saturday of December is the next one (12h) and the first Saturday of January is the last one (6h). Forgot which tracks though.
  2. And I'm going to practice for Imola and for the 6 hours of Misano on the 6th of november. There's 3 of us I think, doing 2x1h stints each.
  3. Aha, that explains a lot! /s Edit: Just you wait when I get rid of that corpse in my Macca's boot.
  4. This was a factor for me as well last night. It can not be underestimated how much effect this has on sim racing. I used to drink 2 cups of coffee before our races, but haven't done so in the last 2 weeks. Hmmm....pattern?
  5. Cheers! I will next time I'm on, promise. Me after a sesh with Erik:
  6. Mine was saying I had 65-70fps but the frametime showed a lot of latency for me, causing an unstable 'flow' of the framerate. Only on Zolder, even in a single player practice session. Imola runs smooth as fuck in 1440p60 (which I've locked it at now, works great!). I have no graphics (trees are PS1-era flat textures) but it runs as smooth as a GTX1050 mobile can! No more Zolder in the future, please! Man, that must have been a lot. Me too. I think someone put a corpse in my boot or something. Ah, sweat. there's your problem.gif Yeah I was on the safe side in the 2nd chicance, I had 2 track cut warnings already. Car understeered as hell coming out of it. I think it's weird that track limits vary so much from track to track. As I said after the race last night, I don't get much practice time due to family time of course (insert BrickTop.gif here), work and other commitments. But mrs Meers thankfully understands* my sim-racing needs and is asking me more frequently if I "need to practice for that racing thing". She then goes to visit her sister's** at the end of the block to chat and watch some Netflix stuff. So when I don't have a busy week doing other stuff, I get an extra opportunity to practice once in a while. It's not enough to be competitive here (you lot are much better than you think you are), and despite the shit race last night I enjoy racing against you guys sooooo bloody much. It always reminds me of how rare it is to have such a great group of sim racers! * except for the need to buy a 2nd rim when I "already have one". ** her sister lives close by and has hooked us up.
  7. Nice one mate! And a simple solution as well! Now you don't have to confront bad memes from forumites again, such as this one: Dave, last night: "increase framerate..." Also glad that your eye issue wasn't too serious. Combination of reduced blinking and low framerate? What was the framerate set at before? As for me... I am absolutely at a loss about my bad performance last night. And this is one of my favourite tracks even. It was as if I was towing a braking parachute or something. At one point Valver spun so I was close behind him after he rejoined the track, but he was 2 seconds per lap faster than me. I hit the chicanes the same way as him, same braking points, the works...but still much slower. And I couldn't figure out why, until after spending nearly an hour watching the replays afterwards...when I switched to @Erik's car. He seemed to blast over the kerbs in the first chicane as if he was driving a hovercraft, his car didn't seem to GAF. So I take it that my suspension was too low and stiff. I wasn't aware you were allowed to cut the chicanes that much without getting a track limits warning? Zolder is weird, man.
  8. Surely you'd think the jump from belt-drive to direct-drive is as big as the jump from gear-drive to belt-drive? When I went from the OG Xbox 360 wheel to the CSR, it was a massive improvement. The jump from the CSR to the CSL wasn't as big as both are belt-driven, but with more torque for the CSL. So your findings genuinely surprised me! I take it that you're still very keen with the upgrade regardless? I appreciate the honest impression though, and I will stick with my BD setup for now (was thinking to move to DD as well early next year and pass the CSL to my brother).
  9. Ok, in that case... Dave, yesterday: "I think I've set the FEI too high..." I had my brother over last night (hadn't done so since before the pandemic) which was awsome. He had a go with the Macca 720S on Monza and Spa* with my new GT3 rim and was amazed by the setup and the feedback, especially the number of buttons and actions you have to perform before driving off (ingition, starter, pit limiter, clutch), quote "this is pretty next-level stuff compared to what I use". So I let him hold that thought and didn't show him Dave's rig. * They were the only 2 tracks in ACC that he knows from other games. The feedback really kicked in proper at Spa with the elevation changes. He did a pretty good job too, and found it felt really intuitive. He took these pics for reference (he would like to upgrade as well): That clock is out of batteries mind you. The simhub app on my phone in action.
  10. I hope so too mate. Sorry for all the jesting above, but it really sucks if unexpected stuff like that happens. I think it's incredible how much EM the DD emits. Is that stuff even healthy for, say, people with pacemakers?
  11. Dave, if you need a couple of those ferrite cores, I've got plenty of defective N64 controllers that have them on their wires. Let me know if you want to have them.
  12. Ha! I thought of that as well! But they make the wheel look even cooler! You also need these: Problem solved.
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