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  1. I dunno, I quite like being able to slowly move around corners using an analogue stick. I used to tape 2 N64 controllers well together to be able to use the 2.2 control scheme. Dual sticks before it was a thing!
  2. It was even released 2 years before the game's release, it was thát good!
  3. Can I place an order as well please?
  4. I'm an avid PC sim racing fan nowadays, but I still love my share of F-Zero and Mario Kart 'likes'.
  5. The TX is only compatible with Xbox and PC, isn't it? My colleague's looking for a wheel for the PS4.
  6. Exactly this. Only when using a mouse up is up because you're on an X/Y movement plane. A thumbstick is X/Y movement on top of a Z-axis. If that makes sense. Anyway, playing this on my One X and I think, apart from a few gripes, it's a pretty good port. The frame rate (or frame pacing rather) is a bit inconsistent and there are quite a few graphical glitches (z-buffer issues, noticeable polygon seams). And I am very glad that as a Southpaw player (not a lefty though!), they've included customisable controls (at least for the thumbsticks). But if they hadn't I would have been able to swap sticks in the Xbox controller settings anyway. But ultimately, I think they should have finished and released the XBLA version that leaked some time ago. Playing that again on my PC and it's so good (bar the unfinished stuff in there), had so much potential. The mind boggles trying to understand the thinking behind not releasing that version.
  7. Wow, awesome! I'm using a 4k tv too and it's really good! I've built my PC for about €1000. I started with @davejm's GTX1070, but recently upgraded to a RTX2080 super. Together with an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X and 16Gb RAM I can run ACC on mostly max/epic settings (apart from shadows and effects, which are set to high) thanks to DLSS. Got it running at ~85 fps which is capped to 60 fps because I have to use v-synch due to screen tearing. Solid as a rock. All the leagues I've been in on rllmuk throughout the years have been super friendly, relaxed and with a great sense of camaraderie whilst also being very competitive at the same time. But we've never had a falling out as far as I remember. A great community indeed.
  8. Good! In other news, we may get a new participant from the Prime Motorsport gang (the endurance racing crew Erik, Oli, Cillian and I are part of). It's Nicolas, and I think you've seen me mention him before. Hugo, from the same team, has raced us before too. I'll try to get him to join again as well. 😆 Also, my South African colleague (immigrated to the Netherlands recently) has bought ACC as well (I didn't pressure him at all, honestly!) and is currently training to join us in the near future. Still on a controller, but he's working on getting a wheel. He used to play Dirt Rally a lot.
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