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  1. I will not reveal what fucks up my hands after holding it too long...
  2. Cool, that makes me feel better about it. Looks like we're the only ones in the McLaren too.
  3. GT4 has a much closer field, and I love it! Thursday's race is going to be very interesting. And damn that time of yours!
  4. Well that's what you get when you bring up languages in my vicinity. My apologies. On topic then, and back to Anglais... I've no time this week to try and better my time unfortunately, so that's pretty much it. Can't wait for Thursday's race! Just need a bit of luck and 2 cups of coffee.
  5. Man, du hast mir damit völlig überzeugt. Du bist Straße wie fick! Sollen wir ab heute diese Konversation im deutsch fortsetzen?
  6. Yeah maybe. And here I was thinking you've been watching too many of 'certain' German films. Aaaaaaanyway... Nice weather innit?
  7. Not sure if joking, but 'schwanz' is tail in German. And aye, it also means cock in 'street' lingo.
  8. Interesting! And here I was, thinking I was using the track width pretty well. Looking back at my replay, the last sector is particularly shoddy so there's definitely room for improvement there. That time of yours is alien-worthy.
  9. Blimey! Well that one took about 7 laps. I was constantly in the 55.5s before I hit that one. Basically went too slow through the chicane. I love these cars and feel I can be a bit more competitive in them. I tried them all and decided on the McLarry. Just had a quick session earlier this afternoon but haven't been able to set a better time. A 45.5 can be done I think.
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