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  1. Yes, my laptop only has a 120GB SSD and I've got Assetto Corsa Competizione on there already taking up most of it.
  2. Certainly feels like C64 times again with this title on my system. Edit - whoops, hit the quote button instead of the edit one, which is now in a sub menu on the top right after the forum update.
  3. So has the patch improved things at all? I've installed it, but not tried it yet as the game takes over 20 minutes to boot. Providing it doesn't crash somewhere along the line.
  4. Meers

    art of rally

    Can't find any info on it...but is this scheduled for release on consoles as well?
  5. Meers

    art of rally

    This reminds me a lot of Power Drive for the SNES. Looks really good!
  6. I am all for that. But since we don't have stewards, we will indeed have to trust on everyone's gentlemanly code of honor. So that's why I urge everyone to use voice comms so that things like that can be quickly solved on-track. Would you suggest we need to revise the rules a bit for a potential follow-up championship, based on what we've learned here? I'm pretty sure we have no Maldonado's in our sessions. But you being a Verstappen - most definitely.
  7. It also depends on who you're racing against - are they more/equally/less experienced as yourself, is their driving style predictable or erratic, are their lines different than yours... You'll only learn someone else's driving style by racing each other a lot. I had a great scrap with @SweatyTravolta in the 2nd race. His style is predictable, even in his defending my attacks. But he wasn't aggressive or abrupt, just smooth which helped me judge his behaviour and I never hit him once even though we were bumper-to-bumper. And I just couldn't get past him. So I guess what
  8. Thinking about it, after some of you guys mentioned disliking certain tracks... I like most tracks, apart from Monaco and all other walled-in street tracks. They are just too narrow.
  9. If it's dark in this game, it's pitch-black.
  10. It's one thing to catch up to someone, but an entirely different thing to overtake! I couldn't do it, as you stepped up your pace when I cought up with you, and you drove really defensively as I swarmed around you looking for a gap. Awesome racing! I am so, so, so, so sorry about that, mate. In the dark and with a couple of cars in front of me, I missed my braking point for the first corner, even though I was aware that I had to brake sooner than usual (I have plenty of experience with scenarios like this and rarely fuck it up, but I did fuck it up now). As @davejm said -
  11. I take a lot of the tighter 180° corners briefly in 1st gear (to brake with the engine even more whilst trail braking). Helps a bit with accelerating out of them as well. You can cut the first kink of the chicane pretty far in, but not the left one. Increase the rear toe (outward) to make the car a bit more responsive into the corners.
  12. They also have half the lines to pack as well.
  13. Now out of stock. So what's with their reputation then?
  14. With 'struggle' I meant that 60fps is still pretty much the maximum you can get out of it on ultra settings with a 3080 (unless I'm missing something)?
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