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  1. [rant] Forget about the controller. I used it for clay pigeon shooting yesterday after a very, VERY frustrating 'just a couple of laps before bed' attempt to beat my lap time with the assists off. Conclusion: FM7no assists + controller = fucking murder. I don't know how some of you do it, it's so bloody sensitive! Wheel tonight on my rig at the PC in the attic, after I've set a time in our weekly free practice for the ACC league. Racing sims and controllers just don't work. It's like driving one of those really old cars that used a rod to steer:
  2. Yeah, this. Also notice how smooth Meatball's lines are. To do that, you need to think 2 or 3 corners ahead at all times. Track knowledge, smoothness and throttle control is key.
  3. You can search for Meatball in the 'my friends' leaderboards (provided that you are friends) and then click on his name to watch the replay of his fastest lap. At least, that's how it always worked in previous Forza Motorsport titles. I won't have time tonight so it'll have to be tomorrow for me (besides trying to set a time in our ACC league). I wonder if controllers have a slight advantage in FM7... I think my lowly laptop can run it in 1440p60, but I'm not 100% sure.
  4. Is there anyone on a wheel who can get close to that time?
  5. Pabs! Just set a time on Suzuka East (dry) with a stock and untuned 2016 Mazda MX-5 and post your gamertag along with your lap time in here and Boozy will take care of the rest. See his post on page 27 for all the details.
  6. Just before the red line. Engine torque rapidly drops after the rev limit which means you won't accellerate much after that point. And that goes for every class. Edit: @ScouserInExile, is your gamertag the same as your forum tag?
  7. Any excuse, mate. My lap time isn't too bad, but I just can't play racing sims with a controller so I'm going to try it on PC with my wheel. I need more precision. I hope @Boozy The Clown allows it and doesn't consider it an advantage (I removed my clutch pedal for ACC so no cheating there). See above. Lap time with wheel and no assists TBA
  8. Meerman - 01:03.763 That's with a controller and all assists. PC version with a wheel lap time due this week. @SnoopZakaDaVe seems to have beaten @Meatball as I type this.
  9. Is it? In that case, I'll reinstall it again and join the weekly TT as well please, @Boozy The Clown.
  10. I saw it all happen in front of me. Very unfortunate, mate. I'll have a look at my replay tonight as I haven't seen it yet. I have no doubt that you'll have a better race next week.
  11. Careful now! This way everyone can quit out at any time and still get points.
  12. I'll make a snippet of my replay file to show it from my p.o.v.
  13. I totally forgot to congratulate you on the win, @SANtoOos! And to @davejm as well for his pole! I told you to never change a winning car! It's getting there and it's only a matter of time before you win it. Good ideas which I also had in mind when I worked on the leaderboard. Maybe @davejm has a good view on this? Maybe half points for DNFs through technical issues, in order of drop-out? It's nowhere near as harsh as Max does (which I hate as it's unpredictable because he's not doing it consistently). You start early in your defensive line posit
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