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  1. Don't worry, my laptop will freeze with that many cars on the grid, so a free position for you right away.
  2. I love those Gulf colours. IS EVERYONE REALLY FOR SEASON 3?! CHAMOOOOOONE!
  3. Wicked! But I think you'll find that it's Forza Horizon 4 that has the Lego update, not ACC.
  4. For GT and street racing - top pic. For Evil Lotus racing - bottom pic.
  5. The Sim Racing Central thread was my doing when I came back from a hiatus. I didn't realise at the time there already was a racing wheel thread, so when I didn't find a sim racing thread after a bit of searching I decided to start started the SRC thread. And then the wheel thread was bumped indeed. Oh well.
  6. Hmm... something occured to me. We have 2 threads for sim racing - the racing wheel thread for, well, steering wheels and Sim Racing Central where rigs and games and everything regarding sim racing is being discussed. Would it be handy if we merge the two or keep it as it is?
  7. Whoa, and last gen we all had to buy new wheels! Back then the claim was that the frequencies of the new consoles were different (for XBone at least) causing the CSR to not be compatible.
  8. Come to think of it...do we know if the current wheels out there are or will be compatible with the XS S|X and PS5?
  9. I've been shouting that for years. Take F1 to Assen instead if you want a Dutch GP, FOM!
  10. It's not compatible with PS3 games I don't think. However, it is compatible with PCars 2 on PS4 through the in-game menu.
  11. Indeed. That happened with Forza Motorsport 5 I think, with the Lotus F1 car. Apparently playing until you got 5 million credits was too much for some people's attention span so they started moaning about it. Shame they buckled under the pressure.
  12. On the contrary! The CSR is quite a bit ahead of the Logitech wheels. I believe it sits between the T300 and the T500. The Clubsport V2 and the CSL are the only ones superior to the CSR. I think I'll do another guide on wheels again soon. Did one in the 360/PS3 era so another one is long overdue. To be continued!
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