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  1. So does this have refuelling?
  2. I don't think I've ever played a sim that has so many sim things as this sim... Nope. This sim is pretty sim! And I suck at it... But I love it! So many conflicting feels.
  3. I know so little... *takes advice onboard* Much obliged good sir. Huzzah!
  4. I feel this should be a new thing.
  5. Cool, I'll give that a go. Thanks! Thing is, with other titles I've always done my own tuning but for some reason I struggle doing it in ACC.
  6. Meerman

    F1 2020

    There's just one more thing I'd like to see for this... Because seriously, why is that not standard in this day and age?
  7. Oh man, oh man...where do I start? First of all, it is not a good idea to change your setup last-minute, and not test it thoroughly first. I also need more practice time throughout the week. Secondly, I put waaaayyyy too much fuel in my Ferrari. Twice as much as I needed. So the car drove like a tank as a result. That bit of extra weight probably caused my brakes to overheat and upon further inspection, that setup I dug up last-minute had its braking pressure maxed out and its brake ducts set to 1. So basically my brake discs were tortured all race long, which caused them to reach temperatures of 1000°C+ so about 5 laps before the end they were burnt too a crisp. Charcoal brakes. So I learned a lot again, last night. This game loves to school me hard.
  8. Just tried it, no noticable issues here.
  9. Can you accelerate the in-game tire wear and fuel depletion as well? That would make a pitstop necessary.
  10. Sure, 45mins I can do. And I'll test the weather thing tonight, but I think I should be alright.
  11. Great explaination, thanks, Rich! I can only imagine the size of the 'patch' if they would re-implement pitstops (and everything that goes along with them). I don't think they will though, too much of a headache I'd imagine.
  12. Ah yes, I take it VR's a completely different beast. never mind then.
  13. I'm no game developer so correct me if I'm wrong, but surely that's such a fundamental part of the game's engine structure to 'just' patch in?
  14. Without air support, ammo refills and supplies I presume?
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