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  1. Meerman

    Dirt Rally

    4th stage. One little shunt against the inner face and woosh, off I went. I need a wheel. It handles well with a controller, but for this you need a wheel.
  2. Meerman

    Dirt Rally

    And I didn't...
  3. Meerman

    Dirt Rally

    Nice wheel. I'm still looking for a decent wheel for the Bone.
  4. Meerman

    Dirt Rally

    Well this time I didn't fuck it up. Finished this week's stages last night, but I've low hopes for a top 5.
  5. Meerman

    Dirt Rally

    I fucked it up. Crashed, then didn't see a restart option so I retired...not knowing it would retire the entire session. Better luck this week.
  6. Meerman

    Dirt Rally

    Oh, I've been out and about. Got my knee fixed, met a sweet girl...you know, the usual. Sharky, I've sent you a League join request!
  7. Meerman

    Dirt Rally

    Hello! Can I still join the race league thing you guys have going on? Karzee pointed me in this direction.
  8. Bloody Karzee stuffing a frag grenade in my back pocket! Agreed, Buck is fierce!
  9. Guys, sorry for leaving in a huff. That is nothing like me. Halfway through the race I got tired more and more, started making mistakes and after hitting that same tire wall (that was sticking out and stopping me dead) 3 fucking times, I had enough. I also discovered that I am not good at driving these fast cars around street circuits with a controller, way too twitchy. I long for a wheel. I'm very busy and making long work days but I will try to get the leaderboard sorted soon.
  10. Yeah I had fun racing last night. The track isn't my favorite by far but I love racing you guys so that more than makes up for it. And the banter. Oh my word the banter.
  11. I'm also there for the race again after having had a very busy week at work.
  12. I won't be able to host and play tonight, people. I have to get up at 4am cet to go to Rotterdam for a course. I think Boozy will take up the hosting instead.
  13. According to the results, you've finished 12th in both races.
  14. I'll have a look into it, Duds.
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