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  1. Shot on the C300 last weekend, really nice,great in low light and pretty pictures. Some slightly odd menu configurations and not about it if you're buying one, but for a dslr user its a really nice familiar work flow. Jealous of that scarlet scratchy
  2. I sold my mk III because I was broke, haha, weep Renting a C300 soon for a chevy shoot
  3. Does this actually show you where to place fingers and how to touch type?
  4. Top stuff! But don't forget the video equipment thread next time
  5. Saw this last night, terrible. Kirk is such a bad Kirk, he just seems to swing wildly from one thing happening to another with barely any influence on the plot and then does tropey bullshit saving the whole whole crew thing. Does not have the gravitas for Kirk. None of the characters were much likeable and lacked any coherent motivation. Spock is perhaps the exception but I think that's more to do with Spock being a stone cold classic character and not actually requiring much acting to act like a confused robot. Khan looked like an emo from the early 2000s who'd been spending a bit of time on a shitty martial arts course and the plot was pretty mind numbing. Made me long for Picard!
  6. When I had policeman spawning on top of me as I was sat going out a way that was definitely a legtimate exit I felt pretty robbed, but agree with most of that but but but.....still captures some of the chaos of a heist. At one point last night I asked my friend 'is this just an actual heist simulator to make you realise how hopeless the whole enterprise is?' We took about 8 goes to do nightclub and still couldn't ;( Hopefully Ann Coulter from here will join us tonight.
  7. Ecstasy is one of the worst films I have seen in a long long time, it's supposed to be micro budget and it shows, they must have spunked all their money on actors as the only one putting in a show is the hobbit fella who upstages Seems sad to go from Train Spotting to this god awful pike of cack, looks like it was filmed on a dslr (badly), terrible music, terrible editing, disgusting
  8. The reason I got the MK III was that I was getting a bit 'gear head' in my rentals, constantly trying to rent a camera for projects, but the rental process costs a bomb and makes the work flow about a 1000x harder when you've got a full time job and deliveries etc coming in - so I figured the MK III Would give me that RAW flexibility, portability, sound options and try and kill off the bit in my head that insisted I needed to rent a RED. Plus the available light shooting, ease of transport, think I said earlier in the thread I'd save up for a Scarlet but feck that, even the 60 fps slow mo looks half decent.
  9. I have a project coming up that I need a studio for, can I be your first rental?! How much you charging? This'll be a grant funded project for mofilm so happy to pay standard rates, though maybe not if it's standard london rates, which can be a bit mad. Studio looks bloody fantastic. Raw was flawless, no dropped frames as far as I can see and super nice. If you want I can bring it over for a play some time?
  10. Also, I'd really like to rent a slider with a crank if anyone's got one. Does the crank make a huge difference to the consistency of movement? I assume it does but, never tried it
  11. I got a sling shot once but did not like, when you've got a few lenses in there it just becomes a strain on the one shoulder, definitely make sure you get two straps I say.
  12. I tried the metabones. All I can say was, it was good. Don't remember much about it. I got a 5d MK III the other day so er, if anyone fancies a cheap rental let me know! The RAW Video is incredible. Could do with work flows catching up a bit so it would be as easy as RED but it's getting there.
  13. Hold on what, was Bob Hoskins on the forum?
  14. Would it be possible to get an evil priest astillius who wipes a villages memory of your visit? So you go there and do a bunch of stuff - and next time you go back in you're like, 'Hey guys! Wasn't all that stuff I did awesome?' and leads to a little subquest battle with astillius when it turns out he's be wiping all knowledge of you from their minds.
  15. Hey guys, I'm selling my 550d with 4/6 batteries, 3rd party grip, 32,8 + 8 class 10 mem cards, loaded with magic lantern and ready to go. Also have a 17-55 2.8 lens in great condition. Anyone interested - I'll be putting them up formerly in trading but thought I'd see if anyone here was keen. Reason for selling is upgraded to MK III
  16. Does anyone here happen to have a MK III they'd let me borrow for a weekend (at rental prices) and put magic lantern on by any chance?
  17. I used to love the CNC series - am I right in thinking company of heros is kind of a slightly more tactic based squad management micro management game than base building? If I liked CNC, am I going to like this? Got the first one sitting here I should probably dust off
  18. I can't believe how much you guys are digging this.....so hyped.
  19. That croissant line, I was just, wahhh. Agree on the terrible, terrible rapping big production front really. Because he takes himself so seriously (or seems to) then drops a line like that which kind of suggests the entire thing is one massive piss take.
  20. johnj


    Are you guys being serious? Surely it's just a play on when the barber asks you whether or not you like it, what the fuck are they going to do if you say 'what the hell it's a disaster'. I thought it was middlingly funny - but that's more because I could see the punchline (although not how we got there) coming.
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