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  1. Game of the Year A1. Pub|G Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) PubG Publisher or Developer of the Year Klei Best game character of the year Naked pubg player #1 Game of the Decade Pubg. Tell me at ten years old I can run around playing literal 'army men' with people across the world with all the horrible consequences of being terrible at it.
  2. Baby Driver 1: but the one was the car driving and that was worth five.
  3. Yeah i spent most of it scraping through, so you the third to play... I think can't even remember now but loved it the whole way through
  4. If you're watching this then definitely checkout the undisclosed podcast
  5. Can't program but I love this thread, great updates Wiper!
  6. Wasn't on the list but definitely picking up Prey after some of the comments on here!
  7. They release a switch without the stupid screen, just seen gossi beat me to this! With less sass as well.
  8. Super Putty on the SNES. I think it maybe wasn't terrible, but lined up against Mario and Zelda it was awful - mum did apologise for it as she is a bit of a gamer too - I think maybe she blamed the Super Play review, got a solid 70 or so? Not sure! An unrelated note is my gran getting me a cd for my first cd player, but it was just an advert in the shape of a CD that had come through the post.
  9. I think as long as rllmuk is front and centre on the title intros and that rllmuk merch are prizes for top of the leaderboards this could be great. I understand though if you're a bit coy admitting that the real reason you've poured years of your life into this is to drive rllmuk membership.
  10. This is the second time I've heard a commentator say after the match 'it would be wrong to analyse it now' YOU'RE A POST MATCH COMMENTATOR!!
  11. johnj

    Best New Music of 2018

    I use Play Music at the moment. Am I using it wrong? It seems really hard to find new music based on my current tastes - are there other better sites for this? Never really tried spotify etc.
  12. Just play for about 500 hours that'll get you to hitting people 25% of the time.
  13. johnj

    The Bookies

    This is probably a stupid question but here goes: Lottery scratch card odds online are 1 in 3.5 mill to hit a 50,000 jack pot. I know its all astronomical odds, but wouldn't you be much better off putting a £2 bet on an 1 in 25,000 accumulator? Is there something about the different types of better that affects these odds?
  14. Sorry everyone, I went from sober to borderline non-functional in a moment.
  15. An the sweet taste of FTL addiction is back, looking forward to a good 200 hour stint. Nearly completed on normal last night but made a familiar error of not spotting a hazard tile:(
  16. johnj

    Name this game

    Comix zone? Jazz Jack rabbit? Abe;s Odyssey?
  17. Absolutely not! I had missed the act there was a whole new season so will patreonage now
  18. Satisfying grenade time: Was there any chance you could have got behind the tree to your left? That seems like where the ideal position to be in was if you knew they were both in front of you
  19. Have any PC Players noticed things have been a bit better recently? Shooting now feels much more solid and I'm hitting things again, which returns the enjoyment some what. Had my first chicken dinner on the new map, it was very satisfying. The guy below me forgot / didn't know you could get in the bell tower. Nicest way to win ever, just spent a good 10 seconds lining up death from above headshot with a vector while he sat there waiting for me to come out the church door. I was going to roll a grenade down at him but I had a feeling I knew how that would end
  20. I could be wrong but I think as players get better you'll see less of that. It felt like cars were becoming less and less viable in the PC version as you'd just end up annihilated in quite short order and would never have the chance to get into a final circle with a car. If you ever stop in your car you're now a massive target for everyone to throw their grenades at as well.
  21. Yes, okay, there was literally a dick or ball in sight.
  22. It's a shame Denis Villeneuve didn't read the should we keep the female form? thread. Tits....everywhere. Big tits, smalll tits, tits on the side of mountains, tits being projected on the side of sky scrapers. Any dick or balls? Not a dick or ball in sight! Would have been perfectly fine to shoot the thing as is, and keep the 'sexism' in the world without smashing a bunch of nips into my retina at every opportunity. I definitely thought the representation of women and the homogeneity of the cast a problem. The dominant prejudice in the world did seem to be about skinjobs so I don't think it would have hurt to have been swapping some of those genders around either. Loved K's take on the first one.
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