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  1. 3 hours ago, Benny said:

    I think I had a 486DX2-66, which was upgraded as soon as we got it with a Soundblaster-32 (sounded very near as good as AWE32 apparently) and CD drive. And some Yamaha speakers. I think it was these ones, they actually sounded really good: 




    DOS gaming heaven.

    Think my dad might still use those speakers

  2. @CS2x Great story thank you. This is one of those 'what hold on how do YOU feel like a failure' parts :) The Lana one is interesting given how her sound came out in the end, the twigs one is fecking great.  Sorry if I've missed it earlier in the thread - are you still in music?

  3. 17 hours ago, Benny said:

    I gave this a go today, just in the arcade mode.


    Wow, I don't think I've ever bounced off a game so quickly.


    Maybe I just hate the aesthetic, I honestly don't know what it is. The movement controls do fell a bit woolly though, but that might just be my aging 360 pad.

    Lol sounds like someone got pwn3d by the ai!! 🤪

  4. I really, really, enjoyed this, so much GOTY I went back to 2019 here and voted for it so the world was cosmically right.


    As everyone has said, the writing, the sound track (right away I was like, wow, they are doing some amazing sound alikes for postrock / shoegazey type stuff - no surprise to find in here it was British Sea Power!), the visual style amazing.


    I know it's somewhat of a trope, but I'd like to think the waking up in an apartment with no memory was at least a nod to shadow run. It feels to not do it justice to say this, but I thought it was an amazing mix of shadowrun and grim fandango in a weird way.


    I loved the capturing of the duality between responsibility and partying and the liberal use and reference to narcotics.


    I ended up as a communist 



    and had Cuno by the end, showdown without my gun - I think as I'd refused to work Evrat for the most part - I assume that's how you get the gun back but could be wrong


    I think I want to play it through again, but bit worried I might start to tarnish the magic - the writing is so good I think it would easily carry another play through, particularly if I went for an ultra authoritarian facist. I think a second play through as a significantly different character might be the limit though, not sure I've got enough brain space to do 3 play throughs and remember which option to get which dialogue trees.


    For anyone just getting into it I'd echo Benny's advice and just play it however you want and stop thinking about the meta, definitely RPG it.

  5. Cheers IDWA that's interesting, trying to stay off the FB / Insta stuff though - Flickr's pretty good for that, none of them seem to have quite the right functionality I need, but I have to admit I am being ludicrously picky. I've had to install a 3rd party app on my phone that will monitor the camera upload folder (as you can't change it in Canon) and then upload that to one drive.

  6. Thanks both, that fuji film looks like exactly it - shame it's so expensive - might not be an option until I can get a sigma fuji film mount 2.8 18-55 for 130 quid on ebay  like with the Canon stuff though! In five years / at lottery win I am going to revisit that camera, it looks great. Its not a huge inconvenience to select and transfer at the moment anyhoo. 

  7. Ello,


    Do any of the manufacturers provide 'true' auto upload - I recently got a 2nd hand M100, partially for the improved autofocus over my my old original EOS M but partly because lots of reviews and promotional material said it had 'auto upload' - auto upload to me means I don't need to do anything, but if my phone is nearby it will transfer pictures.


    There's a few more clicks involved and so far not having much luck with video.


    It's not the end of the world, but I did wonder if Nikon / Olympus / RIchoh had got this going yet as I imagine all canon's will be using the same image canon software that doesn't seem to do it.


  8. Incredibly, this season will be the final season I'll buy, I didn't think I'd get there, but at last, I am out. Have close to 0 investment in any characters and each new series enemy gets progressively more rubbish

  9. This is a bit wise from the dead, but I had tried this in 2012 and got awful lag on a plasma and hdmi connection. Trying today on a LED + Display port cable and no problems at all - and its amazing! The auto adjusting difficulty is lovely, the songs are great and as soon as I reached the for the 'flip notation' option it was there - great design.


    Anyone else still playing?

  10. 24 minutes ago, Bacon Horsemeat said:


    Yeah but seriously, she was genuinely looking scared of him. Bearing in mind the stats of domestic violence when your side isn't winning...

    Maybe she said something that crust the line

  11. 28 minutes ago, Benny said:

    I'm frankly baffled at the number of people who want a "TV only" version. Thus removing the most unique selling point of the bloody thing that helped it sell so many and become a wild success, which expanded the library of games to the extent it has and made it so worth owning one. I mean...

    Let's do it both ways. 

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