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  1. After 600 or so hours, I'm pretty confident Steam will be giving me my money back on this one. I need something fucking back from those 600 hours other than despair and a vague sense of unease.
  2. I've just started playing this at the moment and have a question - how does the PVP work? We did our very first mission last night and got killed immediately on our return to drop off - fair enough its a pirate game. I want to know - How does the levelling / item strength work? It seems like we could get into a loop of going out for first mission, coming back and being picked off by level 100 pirates. How do I know what level they are? I do want some of that interaction so don't want to turn it off completely, but at the expense of any progress.
  3. I am well into this, if you are looking for a distraction this is it and co-op is great, up to 4 players too, but you'll need to be with someone you can spend a lot of time with probably.
  4. Interestingly the film will appear to have the lasted the half life of uranium during watching.
  5. A second for this being terrible and anything that is nicely shot is definitely ripped from every other much better sci-fi film. There was one good eye popping scene but not worth sitting through hours of dreary nothing.
  6. johnj

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oi if you're doing sea of thieves call me
  7. Game of the Year A1. Pub|G Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) PubG Publisher or Developer of the Year Klei Best game character of the year Naked pubg player #1 Game of the Decade Pubg. Tell me at ten years old I can run around playing literal 'army men' with people across the world with all the horrible consequences of being terrible at it.
  8. Baby Driver 1: but the one was the car driving and that was worth five.
  9. Yeah i spent most of it scraping through, so you the third to play... I think can't even remember now but loved it the whole way through
  10. If you're watching this then definitely checkout the undisclosed podcast
  11. Can't program but I love this thread, great updates Wiper!
  12. Wasn't on the list but definitely picking up Prey after some of the comments on here!
  13. They release a switch without the stupid screen, just seen gossi beat me to this! With less sass as well.
  14. Super Putty on the SNES. I think it maybe wasn't terrible, but lined up against Mario and Zelda it was awful - mum did apologise for it as she is a bit of a gamer too - I think maybe she blamed the Super Play review, got a solid 70 or so? Not sure! An unrelated note is my gran getting me a cd for my first cd player, but it was just an advert in the shape of a CD that had come through the post.
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