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  1. Amazing series, if you've not seen it is still great. Rewatched a few years back and still amazing
  2. No one was going to beat it! New thread please, winner of this quarters writers corner! @Monkeyboy
  3. The pc master race has a lot of rolling eyes at this 'new' ssd technology you're all experiencing, welcone to 1991, peasants. Merry Christmas!
  4. With everything going on right now, thought it might be time to try and get the corner up and running once more. I've set it for two months for this one, but if it gets going, we can switch to one month next time. The word this time is a phrase: 'Surely it can't get any worse?' Rules: 1) Entries should be around a thousand words or less, but to be honest all entries are welcome 2) The deadline for entries is the end of February 2021 3) The deadline for votes is midnight on the 14th March 2021 4) Friendly criticism is welcome and encouraged. The more commen
  5. It's the longest! Off on leave tomorrow, will sort then apologies all!
  6. Helllooooooo. Yes okee dokee give me a moment to think of a word then I'll stick the next one up.
  7. I've always done various creative bits and bobs, but never seriously and never with the intention of being able to make a living out of it, so its probably easy for me to say this, but ultimately it feels like you just have to enjoy the creative process and forget about the audience and how many people may or may not ever watch it. I think spotify isn't terrible in this - I've often ended up liking a song on suggested for you to find a baffling small number of listens and then kind of pleased that there are 'small listen' bands getting a look in.
  8. Billy whizz. Tales from Manchester at 2 AM and a thousand lines of methamphetamine.
  9. 3>1>2 for me. Three really benefits from the splashy HD update and the world felt much more realise and all the systems are neater and tidier - mission dialogue and characters are funnier too. One I played near its launch and felt fresh at the time. Two I played recently - I felt like they made it much harder and there was a lot of quite boring dungeon crawling - I'm not playing pikimin to spend a lot of time underground, I want to be in a jungle moving giant packets of frosties around. I wouldn't pay £50 for any game so its a bit moot but at £30 that seems like f
  10. I really liked APM's story, and then it got even better when I googled the accompanying sound track.
  11. Ahah thanks @Danster - I hope you don't mind a few well intended jibes - I bought your book on Amazon to say sorry. I've read and re-read your entry and I like it, but is it supposed to be obvious what is actually happening, or is that more up in the air? It feels a bit like an AI or someone dealing with intense anxiety, but I hoped I hadn't missed something obvious with the 'click'. It was satisfying that my writing and grammar has improved to the extent that when I said 'you haven't used a full stop for 6 lines' I actually had used two and had to go back to edit them out, which w
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