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  1. I wanted a quick grace note flash-forward scene of Andrew being successful but miserable. But that would’ve been a depressing ending eh. Honestly I think the director just wanted that climatic drumming scene (justifiably, it’s stunning) and didn’t think the implications through. La La Land has a similar issue.
  2. Katamari Damacy, earlier this year. Bit painful on the ol’ thumbs but a real charmer, loads of personality. It’s easy to see why it attracted such a following.
  3. Don’t really care for any of the Doctors’ departures in Doctor Who, they’re usually a bit overdone, but the ending of Doomsday is possibly the greatest moment of the whole series (along with the last ten minutes of Utopia)
  4. Well I thought the Mario colours were wrong, then I realised it was the colours of the letters themselves, but I still think it's wrong because isn't Wario's blue? But it's kinda ambiguous and seems to change sometimes. So I'm less sure than I was. But Waluigi's has an outline! Going with the characters' "main" colours would've been much clearer.
  5. I sure hope someone got fired for THAT blunder.
  6. Made of Ghosts

    Edge #378

    “Valkyrie Elysium” sounds like it came out of a videogame name generator.
  7. Dicey Dungeons is great and has a pretty huge amount of content. Amnesia Collection is very cheap suddenly, is the Switch version ok?
  8. Christ, that makes The Wedding of River Song sound like Midnight.
  9. Somerville? But this game is already about a smalltown boy who has to run away turn away run away turn away run away.
  10. “Fealty” from the Ocarina of Time box. And oddly enough I’d never heard the word “wiseacre” until it popped up in Advance Wars, and I thought it was a really bad typo/mistranslation of “wisecrack”.
  11. It’s a little uncanny compared to the version we know, but in context it’s probably fine.
  12. 20. Airplane 19. This is Spinal Tap 18. Mindhorn 17. Three Lions 16. Hot Fuzz 15. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 14. Legally Blonde 13. The Squid and the Whale 12. Pride 11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 10. Mean Girls 9. Galaxy Quest 8. Mary Poppins 7. Monsters Inc 6. Paddington 5. Everything Everywhere All at Once 4. Booksmart 3. Toy Story 2 2. Inside Out 1. The Full Monty
  13. So they’re finally making a Souls game that is one giant poison swamp?
  14. I’m putting a list together but it’s surprisingly hard to decide what’s a comedy and what isn’t. Are we including animation, for example?
  15. I was very charmed by the demo. Exploring the environments is a total delight. It’s not the greatest platformer in the world from a “technical” perspective but it makes every effort to be forgiving and user-friendly which is the right choice in this context.
  16. I replayed Goldeneye about ten years after the fact and found it held up quite well. Of course ten years is not 25 years, but I’m cautiously excited for the rerelease. My pick, not so much mechanically but in terms of structure, storytelling, general game design and changing expectations for indie titles - Cave Story.
  17. I listen to the soundtrack on a regular basis, it’s wall-to-wall top choons tbqh. I think I know the entire “catchphrase verse” without ever making an effort to learn it. Sorry DAD.
  18. Less of an issue with a film with mostly human (ish) leads. But the realistic CGI Sebastian will be, er, interesting.
  19. Probably changing the name to Advance Wars: Eastern Europe Goes Kaboom
  20. Non-Mario N64 platformers Thinks: Banjo Kazooie Actually: Rocket Robot on Wheels
  21. I have a soft spot for “Shopping from A to Z” and its increasingly chaotic word choices. U - undies! V - veal! W - wieners! X - nothing!
  22. Here for it. Coraline is a straight-up masterpiece, god knows what he’s been doing with himself since then.
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