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  1. Lest we forget, one of many Master Emerald-inspired hip-hop jams from Sonic Adventure 2:
  2. Looking at my top 10 of the decade list to determine the Best Year. It's actually quite well spread out across the decade. The only missing years are 2013 (Mario 3D World and Link Between Worlds both just missed the cut) and 2018, which just didn't have anything much I liked. How odd. That means two double-dip years, and Breath of the Wild + Hollow Knight beats Journey + Dishonored soooo
  3. I'm... really disappointed in this. Great imagery, but it takes forever to get going and then goes from zero to baffling pretty much immediately. For context, The Witch is one of my favourite horror films of all time.
  4. 2010 1. The Social Network 2. Incendies 3. Black Swan 2011 1. Weekend 2. A Separation 3. We Need to Talk About Kevin 2012 1. Zero Dark Thirty 2. Avengers 3. Cloud Atlas 2013 1. Under the Skin 2. Her 3. The Wolf of Wall Street 2014 1. Paddington 2. Nightcrawler 3. Selma 13 and 14 are insanely stacked, 11 was a bit of a struggle.
  5. I like my Switch and I don’t understand any of the words in this thread.
  6. Pete’s Dragon (2016) Inside Out Song of the Sea My Life as a Courgette (some heavy subject matter though, give it the once-over)
  7. > Nazis burst into French lady's room > Doctor and Ada are shown hiding under the floorboards > Nazis shoot all over the floor with their machine guns, then leave > French lady lifts up distinctly intact carpet and floorboards to reveal a distinctly non-dead Doctor and Ada I've watched the scene three times. Am I being dumb?
  8. Huh. Both of those other games look a lot better than F-Stop.
  9. Dark Souls, in its entirety, in a single level. Prepare to die every so often. 6WY-GK3-V7G
  10. 1. Can You Ever Forgive Me? 2. Rocketman 3. Booksmart 4. Marriage Story 5. The Favourite 6. Little Women 7. Knives Out 8. Toy Story 4 9. Spiderman Far From Home 10. Joker
  11. Of course it’s Sunshine. If it was something else then *that* would’ve been the real controversial opinion.
  12. I have watched that video all the way through multiple times. It’s my lifeline in troubled times. It’s the only thing that convinces me I’m not insane.
  13. Well I guess he’s used to acting opposite a terrifyingly enormous set of teeth then.
  14. Odyssey is the second-worst 3D Mario game. I WILL NEVER STOP BEATING THIS DRUM
  15. If they do port it, then every Wii U game I own will be available on Switch in some form and my Wii U purchase will retroactively become a complete waste of money and I don’t want that to happen thanks.
  16. Great episode but I really don’t understand why they’ve showed Will’s world so early. The opening of the second book with the cat and the portal is one of my most fondly-remembered parts of the series and they’ve sort of trodden on it now. I can’t think what will even happen in that world between now and series 2. Maybe they’ll chuck in a Mary Malone cameo for shits and gigs. Also, you can explain it away with editing magic, but it was implied that the portal in Will’s world leads straight into Lyra’s, which isn’t true and will surely confuse people.
  17. Didn’t they do “top 10 game characters who are secretly gay” or something along those lines.
  18. 2005 1. Brokeback Mountain 2. War of the Worlds 3. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit 2006 1. Children of Men 2. Little Miss Sunshine 3. Pan’s Labyrinth 2007 1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 2. Sunshine 3. Hot Fuzz 2008 1. Synecdoche New York 2. The Dark Knight 3. Hunger 2009 1. Coraline 2. Where the Wild Things Are 3. The Road 2008 is the biggest year for me here (while 2007 is full of critically loved films that I don’t quite love)
  19. Does Obra Dinn gain or lose anything on Switch vs the PC version? Apart from portability obv.
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