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  1. Happy Death Day is an absolute delight. Don't bother with the sequel though.
  2. I'm obsessed with this. I need merchandise, t shirts, tie-in video game etc
  3. 6 and 8 are absolutely the duds. Lou Sanders is the only person I enjoyed from either. The next weakest is 3, except that Rob Beckett and Sara Pascoe turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable (especially together, when it suddenly became clear that they're male and female versions of the same person). The next Champion of Champions could go either way. Lou and Ed are both good but I really didn't take to Kerry.
  4. The team who identified Odin, Loki, Heimdall etc as "minor Marvel characters" made me very angry.
  5. It just doesn't explain itself enough for me. I was confused, and not in a "what does it all mean?" way (which is often quite enjoyable) but in a "who's that and who are they allied with and what are they trying to do and hang on why did that just happen" way (which isn't). Complexity is fine if it's a route to greater depth, but Nolan seems to view it as an end in itself and that's not a good ethos for filmmaking. Or anything really. Side note; I noticed Sator, Arepo, and a scene that took place in an opera, but there didn't seem to be any rotas?
  6. This Knack 3 joke just gets funnier every time huh
  7. My understanding is you wouldn't freeze because there's no way heat can leave your body in a vacuum. Burning to death in sunlight is more likely.
  8. I’ll give that video a watch. The source of my confusion was that people were complaining about the reveal that the games were emulated, when we’d already seen the announcement trailer and knew the games weren’t going to have any real changes. So they were up in arms about something that made no difference to the player. Side note, I think Mario 64 holds up perfectly well these days and doesn’t need anything to make it more playable.
  9. Can someone explain to me why it's such a point of contention that the games are emulated? I don't think I even really know what that means.
  10. That looks great. I'd say they could go a touch further and convert some of the more obvious sprites (eg trees) into simple 3d models. Maybe round off some corners here and there too, say in the Mario model.
  11. I actually did want a proper remake/remaster/retexture/whatever but not like any of that, Christ. Make it look like Odyssey, that'd be fine. At least give it a cinematic mod where Peach has bewbs and a cervix.
  12. I *think* the illusion is caused by the video framerate syncing up with the rpm. With phenakistoscopes you have to look through the slits in the wheel which gives the same effect. If you look directly at the images they're just a blur.
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