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  1. Bump. I've been giving this a go after watching the matthewmatosis review. It does the "work out the mechanics for yourself" thing AND the "dying is extremely punitive" thing which is not exactly a winning combination, but I'm finding it quite beguiling all the same. Just reached the third area and struggling to find any food at all, someone please share my pain.
  2. I couldn't get along with the gyro stuff in Splatoon (1, haven't played 2) because of the weird implementation. It works great when aiming in BotW though.
  3. Here for it. It looks like it's on-rails again, I'd love a free roaming iteration but I guess that would be a whole other thing.
  4. It's both, certainly. I think different types of games benefit to different extents - creative/freeform games like Minecraft do well out of it, but story/experience-based games maybe not so much, since watching the stream is closer to the experience of actually playing. I don't have any stats or anything to back this up. I just know there's a few times I've watched a stream of an old favourite, when I probably would've rebought the game if that hadn't been an option.
  5. It's not a top tier Mario but it's better than Sunshine and Odyssey
  6. Probably an unpopular opinion but I totally get why a games company would be against streaming. My understanding of fair use is pretty limited but in most cases I don't think playing a game really counts as "transformative", and watching a stream can definitely be a substitute for buying and playing the game yourself. Especially for a rerelease-happy company like Nintendo it makes sense.
  7. Eeee I've just got round to playing Tales From Off Peak City (without having played the Norwood Suite - I didn't know there was an intended order!). What a great game. I have no idea why it's the way it is, and I'm not sure I even really followed the plot, but it's just completely beguiling. No one else is doing what this guy's doing.
  8. Damn I was just expecting a basic throwaway mode but that looks GREAT. 3D World is mint, we stan 3D World.
  9. Update, Soul and Relic were good too.
  10. It’s an all-timer for me. Insanely low price too. It’d be worth £40 easily.
  11. Jodie is... ok. The best actor in the world couldn't have saved most of those scripts. But the likes of David and Matt* made an impression even in weaker episodes and Jodie's never done that for me. *(on rewatching his episodes I increasingly dislike his take on the character, but at least he *had* a take)
  12. Whole bunch of shit that didn't make sense - in particular, the Doctor going "ner ner ner" from the Tardis doorway is enough for ***every single remaining Dalek*** to immediately jam itself through the Tardis door without a moment's thought? The most effective killing machines in the universe, there.
  13. Honestly expected lower for Cyberpunk. I thought they might slap it with a 4 to rustle some feathers. Is the awards thing to be taken as an ordered list? A Dreams/Hades top two seems right.
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