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  1. Splatoon combining weaponry, area control and fast travel into a single mechanic (ie ink).
  2. Odyssey went in on the SM64 nostalgia, maybe it’ll be that.
  3. I don’t get the DIY dungeon thing, you just put pre-existing rooms together? How is that going to be interesting?
  4. This doesn’t totally fit the topic, but the first time I played Portal, when the platform started going into the furnace I thought it was just a scripted death and didn’t bother doing anything. Thought it was a bit of anticlimax. Then my friend who was watching me play said “er, do you wanna try and escape maybe...?”
  5. I was late to the party with the first game and thought it was absolutely dreadful. Maybe it improves as it goes along because I never bothered going past the first world. Huge disappointment. I’m willing to be proved wrong but I can’t help thinking a 2D game will just magnify the flaws. Like everyone’s said, we’re utterly spoilt for great 2D platformers these days.
  6. Advance Wars! They de-cartoonified the backgrounds a lot in AW2 and it looked kinda bland. I guess they wanted the units to “pop” more.
  7. Odyssey haters rise up! There are dozens of us! Dozens!
  8. I really loved it too. Unsubtle as fuck and completely unashamed of being cheesy and over the top. The songs are obviously great but they’re brilliantly staged as well. A real pleasant surprise.
  9. The main difference is Gay Times is a lot less anal.
  10. Not surprised if costumes are gone. They were cute but probably fair bit of work to make and ultimately a bit pointless. I usually preferred to stay as Mario.
  11. The most offensive part of this is saying “air quotes” when you mean... written quotes.
  12. The beat blocks and on/off switches are going to be absolute game changers. <3
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