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  1. Someone's going to do a “colour in 100% of the map” speedrun of this aren’t they.
  2. Yeah I wouldn’t hate having Dreadified remakes of the whole series honestly. None of them *need* remaking but Samus’s movement in this game is just too damn good to waste.
  3. I'm near the end now (I gather) and only had trouble with one obtuse bit of design. (Early on and not really a spoiler anyway)
  4. I love how difficult the parry is. It makes me think of Into The Breach and the extremely low chance that a building will resist an enemy attack. You can’t rely on it because it’s so unlikely, but when it does happen it’s a great “fuck yeah” moment.
  5. UK2 is probably my favourite series of the entire Drag Race empire so it's kind of inevitable that this isn't as good. In particular, giving Krystal two wins in the first two episodes was a bonkers choice. But the girls are a likable bunch, and Choriza's a local queen who I've Actually Met In Real Life so that's exciting.
  6. Can someone give me a prod in the right direction? Stuck in the third area:
  7. Environmental Station Alpha is well worth a go. It’s difficult though and kinda bloody-minded in its design. Hollow Knight is easily the best of the recent bunch though. Only Metroid Prime beats it.
  8. I skipped it at the time for some reason despite thinking it looked really cool, and now it feels too late. So I’m hoping a sequel pops up.
  9. Victoria is great value. Not feeling Morgana so far. She’s giving me tryhard cool mum who lets her kids swear and drink in the house.
  10. Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Now that 3D platformers are cool again (...right?) I want a Psychonauts 2 style overdue sequel. But a remake would do I guess.
  11. Since the Curiosity prize never materialised, does that mean everyone who paid for the game is entitled to their money back? I can’t remember if it was FTP but there were definitely microtransactions. Or are they off the hook because they never made a specific promise about the nature of the prize?
  12. Well some bits were stunning and some utterly confounding. I thought the first part of the film dragged the worst, it’s a lot better once he sets off. Barry Keoghan steals the show. He’s such a creepy little fucker, I love him. Didn't expect to see Dev Patel’s spunk. 7/10
  13. Imagine going back in time and trying to explain scanlines and dot matrix filters to someone playing a SNES game on a 14-inch CRT.
  14. I don't know if the card game is going to prove interesting enough to sustain a whole game. But the presentation is just incredible and I'll happily play it just for that, even if the card game turns out to be a total dud. Surprisingly the demo covers almost everything in the original trailer but then there's another trailer at the end with a bunch of new stuff. The nested levels of narrative are already giving me a headache, I can't imagine how it'll all fit together but I'm excited to find out.
  15. There's a demo out on Steam, why did nobody tell me. It's amazing.
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