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  1. Pencil Skirt by Pulp is a total dud (off Different Class). I'm not so keen on Live Bed Show or Monday Morning but at least they've got something.
  2. Can't help thinking that breaking the fourth wall to talk about how wanky you're being for doing a commedia dell'arte inspired episode, is a thousand times more wanky than just doing a commedia dell'arte inspired episode. I have no idea what commedia dell'arte is. But I probably would've enjoyed it more if they'd had the courage of their convictions and didn't layer so much irony over the top. Being pretentious is fine if you have some balls about it.
  3. Well there's no such thing as a literal fourth wall. Even in its original meaning it's metaphorical. EDIT: oh that might be what you meant.
  4. Meta humour can be a bit of a lazy crutch sometimes. I do like the kids in Link’s Awakening who tell you how to equip items to buttons but then admit they don’t know what that means.
  5. I didn’t love it. Visuals were great (apart from the hand drawn overlay bits which really grated), plot was ok, good setup/payoff stuff, but the humour was wayyyy more miss than hit. A lot of lazy jokes like OTT reactions, screaming, a silly dog, characters flatly explaining the subtext etc. Really hyperactive, felt like having your sleeve constantly tugged on. Also a weird reliance on internet memes that felt pandering and/or dated. Fine for kids, but I expected more from the Lord/Miller empire.
  6. I think it was called “The Plane That Couldn’t Land”
  7. It looks like there’s a one button limit, that might be divisive.
  8. This is everything I ever wanted.
  9. I was watching a streamer play Mario 3D World once and whenever he got to a hit-all-the-panels section he just immediately used the touchscreen to flip them all. It wasn't a speedrun or anything. There's walls and enemies there so it's more fun/challenging to do it "manually" and it's not the kind of game where you need the extra help, but that's what he did. Baffling.
  10. Well I certainly feel a lot more positive about the Banks version now I know there was almost a MacFarlane version.
  11. The quest isn't essential (almost nothing in the game is). There are a few other ways to get through the cold area. Pretty much anything you cook with peppers will do it.
  12. It seems like it would be well-suited to a very small subset of games, stuff where you're tinkering with a little 3D diorama, like the The Room series or Picross 3D. Having it in a game where you move around freely seems like it would just be weird.
  13. Just give the songs 11-20 points instead of 1-10 if you want to prioritise number of votes over placing.
  14. I just can't do it with Joy Division. I like gloomy/weird/bleak stuff but Curtis is a horrible singer and the songs feel really underdeveloped.
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