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  1. Been on a wee binge of recent horror. Thought Host was kinda trash, the zoom setup is fun but it doesn't really have any original ideas beyond that. Saint Maud and Relic were both pretty good but Possessor had me absolutely gripped. Closer to an art film than a horror/sci-fi. Under the Skin vibes. Really communicates the weirdness of inhabiting someone else's life. A++
  2. We're all waiting on tenterhooks for The Masked SInger to return, yes? Yes.
  3. Once the final question in Pointless was "works by Jeffrey Archer" and I didn't know any so I just made up three plausible-sounding titles, and one of them was actually real and a pointless answer. "The Accused". I was only watching at home sadly, if I'd actually been playing it would've been amazing.
  4. Did they run out of games to review and just start making up words?
  5. Switch is a perfect machine for the Four Swords format, it's baffling they haven't at least ported it over.
  6. 1. Breath (10/10) 2. Ocarina (10/10) 3. Majora (10/10) 4. Past (9/10) 5. Ages (9/10) 6. Worlds (9/10) 7. Awakening (8/10) 8. Twilight (8/10) 9, Wind (8/10) 10. Seasons (7/10) 11. Legend (7/10) 12. Minish (7/10) 13. Skyward (6/10) 14. Phantom (5/10) 15. Spirit (5/10)
  7. Motion-controlled swordplay is a potentially fun mechanic but in SS it never really transcended " check which the direction the enemy's blocking and don't hit them in that direction". And it tended to slow the combat right down. Lots of enemies slowly creeping towards you, holding their weapons at weird angles to block a single cardinal direction. No aggression, no dynamism, it was just kinda weak in the end.
  8. Nooooooooo. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  9. They are killing it lately. I've enjoyed everything I've played from them (except Florence, that was crap). Neon White seems kinda out of place though. SLAYING DEMONS IN HEAVEN. It's a bit Hot Topic.
  10. I mean at least whack Peach's castle in the back or something. C&C with the 3DS game, which isn't especially beautiful but you can tell it's a Mario game just from the background.
  11. Well I loved Splatoon but skipped Splatwoon, so Splathreen is a nice surprise. And I'm glad to have a chance to play Outer Wilds (since my laptop would never handle it). Mario Golf will probably sucker me in too. Looks kinda drab though.
  12. I guess it doesn't necessarily mean Nintendo games coming in the first half of 2021, does it?
  13. Any estimates on how many hours of gameplay Bowser's Fury has on its own? If that's not too reductive. I'm super tempted.
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