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  1. Interested to see how this goes down. I hope people enjoy it of course, but I feel like it'll be a Sunshine-in-3D-All-Stars situation of people mostly remembering how weak it is. The QOL changes look nice but those were far from the game's only problems.
  2. Did they ever review Game Builder Garage?
  3. He was good in It's A Sin but no thanks. I can't imagine him having the gravitas to play the Doctor (something that Jodie also lacks tbh) In terms of diversity I would guess we'll see a black or asian man in the role next. I'd love Olivia Colman but I guess she's a bit big for it now?
  4. As soon as I can bring myself to shell out for another year of Switch Online! Oh that does make sense. I think that must be it, thanks!
  5. Well I didn't figure the timer issue out but it's working as intended so that's my first game finished! Quite proud of the texture work here.
  6. Am I being thick here? I wanted an onscreen timer to count seconds with two decimal places, so I did this: [Constant: 1] -> [Timer: 0.01] -> [Calculator: ÷] -> [Counter] -> [Number] | [Constant: 100] But that made the Counter run too slow, I actually had to make the bottom Constant 60 to get it to work properly. But that's not right is it? There aren't 60 lots of 0.01 seconds in a second, there's 100. What am I missing?
  7. Honestly, I haven't really loved any of the episodes this series They've all had good elements but none of them quite stuck the landing.
  8. Big "destroy my gems" energy.
  9. Does this trailer basically confirm they're using the same overworld again? As a starting point at least, they're obviously adding stuff.
  10. The difficulty in simply getting something working the way you want it to is proving to be a bit of a struggle. I guess it can't compete with Mario Maker in that respect, where you've got Mario and his moveset before you even start. Also the 3D object library seems very limited (and the choices are weird!), and I'm surprised that you can't compose your own music. Still having a grand old time though. Haven't even finished the tutorials.
  11. It’s wonderful. Can’t wait for 7,000 Bob-omb Battlefield remakes.
  12. The discussion of whether it was possible to "meet" a horse absolutely killed me. Especially Key claiming that horses don't have names, only a few minutes after naming, as his turn, a horse.
  13. The presentation in this thing is so damn cute. Pure Nintendo. It tells you each piece of information five times over but maybe that’s just what it needs to do. And it looks like there’s shitloads of depth under the surface.
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