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  1. A full non-comedian series would be fine as long as they lean more towards “get the thing in the thing without doing the thing” tasks and away from the “do something funny within this framework” tasks (which generally aren’t as good anyway)
  2. 1. Synecdoche New York 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 3. Mulholland Drive 4. Memento 5. 2001 A Space Odyssey 6. 12 Angry Men 7. Under the Skin 8. Rear Window 9. Apocalypse Now 10. Minority Report
  3. I don’t even understand what consistency would mean in this context?
  4. Done. Although I think you could reasonably assume it from the premise. Apologies in any case.
  5. The look is great. Chunky, colourful, stays close to the games but with a bit of extra flair. Lovely. The humour is… very Illumination.
  6. With no paws button
  7. I wanted a quick grace note flash-forward scene of Andrew being successful but miserable. But that would’ve been a depressing ending eh. Honestly I think the director just wanted that climatic drumming scene (justifiably, it’s stunning) and didn’t think the implications through. La La Land has a similar issue.
  8. Katamari Damacy, earlier this year. Bit painful on the ol’ thumbs but a real charmer, loads of personality. It’s easy to see why it attracted such a following.
  9. Don’t really care for any of the Doctors’ departures in Doctor Who, they’re usually a bit overdone, but the ending of Doomsday is possibly the greatest moment of the whole series (along with the last ten minutes of Utopia)
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