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  1. Kauwiks

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm (F2P on Switch now)

    IIRC that's probably because you need to have unlocked a whole bunch of Champions before you're able to access Ranked on Switch? If most players are F2P and aren't splashing out on currency/the character pass, they'll be locked out of ranked play for a long time.
  2. I've quite enjoyed the multiplayer in Black Ops 3. Someone else commented before that the traversal feels like a prototype of Titanfall 2's, and I'd have to agree with that, but there's something quite satisfying about the basic TDM loop in this; I can see why people get into it. I choose to believe the ridiculous heavy metal riffs that play out of the DualShock speakers when you level up are intended to be ridiculous. Actually I choose to believe the whole thing is intentionally over-macho and ridiculous - that way I enjoy it a lot more.
  3. Kauwiks

    Nintendo Switch

    Holy shit the controls for Darkest Dungeon are awful. Are they this bad on other platforms too?
  4. I'm 12 hours into Hollow Knight, and have been bemoaning the lack of manual markers for the map, to highlight impasses and return to them when you unlock the relevant upgrades without backtracking to every single dead end you don't clearly remember. ...Turns out I bought the items from the shop that let you do this exact thing very early in the game, I just never read the text on the map telling me to press A to use them
  5. Kauwiks

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Playing on Switch and this is excellent - first boss down and first ability unlocked. I wish the map would build dynamically as I explore a la Castlevania, but that's my only gripe so far.
  6. Kauwiks

    Monster Hunter: World

    Ok, that's good to hear - would be a shame if this event turned out to be the path to best-in-slot weapons, and online became a sea of identikit hunters.
  7. Kauwiks

    Monster Hunter: World

    A friend is grinding Kulve Taroth while he "works from home" - reports that it's showering him in Tier 8 weapons. Bit worrying if so.
  8. Yeah, Mad Max is excellent. I'd have the platinum if it weren't for one of the trophies actually being "Complete these 200+ esoteric challenges that aren't tracked elsewhere". Very satisfying, and a must play for anyone who enjoyed Fury Road even a little bit. Pro tip: The in-game music is ok, but stick the Fury Road soundtrack on Spotify while you play for Maximum Max.
  9. Kauwiks

    Mad Max "Shiny & Chrome"

    This was excellent. Only reason I didn’t platinum it was the bullshit trophy that is actually several hundred different challenges. Simple it may be, but the vehicular combat was immensely satisfying, and 100%ing bases was oddly compelling. Stick the Fury Road soundtrack on for maximum immersion.
  10. Kauwiks

    PlayStation 4 Platinum Headset

    I had a Gold set for a couple of years and they were excellent, used them almost every day throughout that time. Eventually, the mute button became difficult to activate (or would activate randomly on its own) and the cushioning started to come away from the seams, but I’d certainly had my money’s worth by then. I was given a Platinum set for Christmas, and the more robust build quality and physical buttons are a definite improvement. Though I can’t say I’ve noticed an improvement in sound, I never had an issue with the Golds in that respect either; they’re lovely.
  11. Kauwiks

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

  12. Kauwiks

    Track your gaming expenditure 2018

    Hoping to have a comparatively frugal year...
  13. Kauwiks

    Nintendo Switch

    Apologies, I expect this has been asked and answered before, but are there recommended sensitivity settings for playing Doom in handheld mode? Struggling to find settings that don’t have me lurching around like a loon or turning in treacle.
  14. Kauwiks

    Star Wars!

    Come on @Hexx, your Google-fu is stronger than this!
  15. Kauwiks

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Overall I far prefer the squad/duo modes, but 50 versus 50 is a nice, low-tension chill out option - it's just a very different game at that scale.

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