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  1. Can I play? Bear in mind I'm bound to be rubbish, but I'd like to give it a go. I've only tried online gaming twice - once was a free Live weekend on Halo 3, and it was like getting beaten over the head by strangers for two hours. The second was Journey, though, so rather more positive. I've signed up to the Social Club as JimmyRazor. PSN id: JimmyRazor. Thanks!
  2. Do you mean The Machine Stops by E M Forster? I hope MS aren't using that story as the basis of their 'long term strategy'!
  3. Me! Me! Yes, look at MEEEE! Well, I've made a video, anyway. For a song by TV/stand-up showbiz comedian Spencer Brown. And I think it's rather good. Um, even if I say so myself. Sadly no videogame references, but I thought I'd try and foist it on you peeps anyway. If anyone would like to check it out, it's now available in stunningly low-quality pixel-vision on You Tube: Incidentally, some swearing, so I guess NSFW. As always, comments most welcome. (Of the 'What a genius, you're amazing!' variety, obviously.)
  4. Top marks for Kelthink, there - giving me feedback on my offering when it seems like I only put in the post about an hour ago! Here's what he was on about: 1. David Bowie - Golden Years 2. DJ Shadow - Skullfuckery 3. Ice Cube - My Summer Vacation 4. Mark Ronson feat Ghostface Killah and Nate Dogg - Ooh Wee 5. YoYo feat Ice Cube - You Can't Play With My YoYo 6. Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance 7. Common - The Corner 8. Beck - Strange Apparition 9. Gangstarr - Skills 10. The Go! Team - Ladyflash 11. Maps and Diagrams - Altitude 12. Jon Hopkins - Lost In Thought 13. Four Tet - You Were There With Me 14. Talk Talk - I Believe In You Glad to see Maps and Diagrams getting some loving in his feedback!
  5. Phew! Apologies to DiscoStu for not getting back to him on his disc sooner, especially after giving the CD a good listen last weekend and writing down my impressions: 1. Guitar Riffing, reminds me a little of Presidents of the USA 2. Organ riff, not bad, doesn't quite grab me, though 3. Girl vocals, quite like it 4. Like the sunshiny groove on this one - sounds like a garage band who grew up listening to the Jackson 5. 5. Kate Bush - she sounds like no-one else. I'm guessing this must be from the new album, but it sounds like it could have been a track on 'Dreamtime'. 6. Rock! 'We were born to sin,' the guy sings. Not going to argue with that. Sounds like a Pixies splinter band. 7. Yay! More ROCK! Quite like this guitar riff. 8. Cor, good old fashioned 80s production on this one. Ah, the days when a Fairlight was the height of music technology! Is it called 'Hypnotise'? I really think I recognise the singer. It's not Go West, is it? Or Wang Chung? I think it might be. I won't cheat by Googling. 9. The Pixies! Yay! I hope they've met up with the guys from track 6 for a drink. I keep thinking they're singing 'Black Mesa' in this one. 10. Man, we're rockin' out with this CD! Makes me want to dip into the 'guitar' thread! Don't know who this is, though. Something about 'Breakdown'! This isn't a driving-game themed cd, is it? It'll be a song called 'Burnout' next, then 'Ridge Raaaaaacer'... Alternatively, maybe it's themed on the good films of Kurt Russell... 11. Aw, Kirstie ... Wark? What's her name? It's her cover of that Billy Bragg song 'New England'. More lovely 80s guitar sounds. 12. Not sure who this is. Nice little melody line on the guitar. Like the piano, too. Sounds a little like Lou Reed, but only after he's had six espressos. 13. Like the backing vox in this. And the harmonies on the lead vocals. A lot of American bands on this cd, am I right? Cor, I feel I ought to know who this is. I bet they're REALLY famous, and I'll look like an idiot for not identifying them. Is it Throwing Muses? 14. Someone else who sounds like a 4AD band. Like the simple drum pattern. 15. Synth strings... and more 80s style backing vocals. Something about Hocus Pocus. It is Heart? Cor, haven't heard them for a veeery long time. 16. Nice semi-country feel to this one. Don't know who it is, though... 17. Big track, this. Nice horn riff. Turns out the answers were: Thanks a lot, man! Enjoyed it a lot. Standout tracks for me were 4,6,7 and 10. Was there some kind of clever theme that I haven't picked up on, yet? And finally: October's not quite over yet... but I still haven't sent my CD to Kelthink. Many apologies - should be hitting the Post Office with it on Tuesday...
  6. Yeh! In fact I may have understated your cd's personal importance here. Basically, looking forward to listening to your mixclub cd has been the only thing keeping me going - and if it's not BRILLIANT, absolutely BRILLIANT, God, I don't know what I'll do - probably get an assault rifle, climb to the top of the nearest tower and start shooting people at random. And it'll all be your fault! Will check it out this afternoon.
  7. Yup, mine arrived on Thursday - thanks, Stu. Have been running all over the place this week, so haven't had time to listen to even a second of it yet. Been saving it up as a kind of treat for the weekend...
  8. For anybody interested, here's the tracklisting with inane comments that I sent MW_Jimmy last month... 1. Hybrid - I Choose Noise Best track from the new album, possibly. I'll always have a soft spot for an 808. 2. David Bowie - Rebel Rebel - Getting more into Bowie these days, having never really listened to him much before. 3. Beastie Boys - Body Movin' - Such. Great. Beats. Word! 4. Spencer Brown - She The Queen - Bonus track from his live comedy album. Not the obvious route to take for a funny song about the Queen. Twirl it, baby! 5. Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance - Difficult to make a compilation that doesn't feature this. That baseline! 6. Common - The Corner - Generally I reckon hip hop kind of peaked around or before 1993, so it's nice to hear something modern that I like. 7. Public Enemy - Night of the Living Baseheads - From one of the ten greatest albums of all time, in my opinion. Still sounds utterly fresh. (Uh, in both senses of the word.) 8. Kid 'n' Play - Last Night - ...Speaking of fresh, here's some comedy pop-rap from 1987-ish. You can almost see the haircuts. 9. Richard X vs Kelis - Finest Dreams - And since we're talking about the 80s... 10. Otis Redding - Respect - Trufax: there used to a bedroom furniture store in South London called Otis Bedding. In Camberwell, I think. 11. Faithless - The Garden - So lovely, though unfortunately it still makes me think of the 'Orange' adverts from a few years ago. 12. Four Tet - The Butterfly Effect - Man, he's done a LOT of good work, hasn't he? Here's another winner. 13. Yimino - Apone Fenex - Now, I could be wrong, but this is basically a cover of Aphex Twin's 'Windowlicker', isn't it? See what I mean? 14. Télépopmusik Feat. Angela McCluskey - Don't Look Back - Probably everyone on the forum has this record by now, so if you do too, my apologies. Still a very pretty tune, though. 15. Minnie Riperton - Les Fleurs - Another pretty one. Now, where's my kaftan? 16. Ochre - The End of the Rise - Love the way this tune is split more or less exactly in half.
  9. Count me in! Feel like I'm witnessing a piece of history, here. (Uh, actual history, not that Michael Jackson album)
  10. Robo, thanks for your cd - here's my first impressions feedback: 1. Banjos? This is the theme tune from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, isn't it? Ah! Yes, it is! Wow! (Bit of a 'jumpers-for-goalposts' moment, there.) 2. Some rock guitar. Mid tempo. Quite like it. Girl vox. Don't know who this is. Probably should. It's not that Juliette Lewis band, is it? 3. Distorted bass and a guy who occasionally sounds a bit like Peter Gabriel. Who's this, then? Doesn't seem to go very far. 4. Nice funky break to open with. Isn't this the woman off Telepopmusik? Backed by the JB's? 5. Hip hop beats. 'Feel that bassline, Cat?' Who's this, name checking Kubrick in a rhyme? Quite pared back. 'Remember the name ... Rugged Man!' he seems to be saying. Unfortunately, I don't remember his name. 6. Sounds like someone who really wants to be Iggy Pop. 'Ooooh, fire-engine!' he seems to be singing. A metaphor for his knob, maybe? (In which case, perhaps he should go and see a doctor.) 7. Banjos again, or a mandolin or something. Nice melody. 'Oh, Mandy?' (I'm guessing this isn't Barry Manilow, unless he's really changed direction.) Quite like this. 8. Some swingin' hip hop beats, with an accordion, and a piano line. Some nice phrasing. Don't know who this is. Does he say he's sampling Theolonious Monk? Good taste, then. 9. Staccato orchestral lines. A bit like The Divine Comedy, but I don't think it's him. Not bad. Maybe a little more whimsical than I usually like. 10. Now you're talking! Absolutely love 'Once in a Lifetime' - certainly the best thing they ever did. It's the Brian Eno flittering loop under the verses that makes it. Just terrific. (Just read in Wikipedia that they sped the tape up by 20 percent before recording the vocals for this album. Interesting.) 11. Intriguing beginning. Recognise the singer, too. Who's this? 12. Okay, I know who this is, because he says 'This is Ghostface' at the start of the track. Nice 70s sample. Rapping not as good as, say, track 8, though. 13. Oh, now this is cool. Some good 60s soul with real passion. Sounds a tiny bit like Otis Redding, but I don't think it's him. Is it the same guy who sang 'Do the Mashed Potato'? 14. Some loose, garage-band style playing here. The Flaming Lips? C'mon, they're even singing about a giraffe. It must be The Flaming Lips. 15. Wings: Live and Let Die. Can't hear this without seeing nude girls' silhouettes. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Oh, God, I'd forgotten about the terrible reggae bit in the middle, though. Personally I rate McCartney very highly. No, seriously. The man dreamt 'Yesterday', for heaven's sake. He's a pop music god. But you'd think if you had as a great horn and string riff as this song does, you'd milk it a bit more! Enjoyable, nonetheless. Overall, a lot of fun. On a first listen the standout tracks are 1, 7, 8, 10 and 13. But there's something to enjoy in all of them. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to finding out who all the people I can't identify are...
  11. Yay! It arrived this morning! Love getting these mystery cds - like going on a musical blind date, but without Cilla Black bleating in your ear. Will give it a spin later this evening. MW_Jimmy - I've just burned yours now. Will try to get it in the post this afternoon...
  12. Just played Echoes over the summer (What? Wasting all those warm, humid days indoors? Yup.), and I disagree with everyone who dissed it - I thought it was tough but tremendously entertaining and beautiful. As far as the Boost Guardian goes, I did swear and curse a lot, but eventually beat him with this technique: http://www.metroid2002.com/echoes/boss_tri...st_guardian.php Basically twat him with a charged light beam RIGHT at the first moment you can, and you're halfway there, I seem to recall. The save points are a bit frustrating, granted. And the Spider Ball Guardian - phew, how I swore! Still enjoyed it though.
  13. Me!!!! (Is this wearing thin, yet?)
  14. You're welcome, man! Comments much appreciated. By the way, checked Wiki and yup, Adam F (Fenton) and Adam Freeland aren't the same guy. Bugger - there was me thinking he was a real eclectic muso-type, doing all sorts of different projects, when actually it was just some other bloke. My credibility taking some massive damage there, then.
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