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  1. Foals last night at London Olympia I guess the (not out yet) "Dance" album will be OK but the new songs didn't exactly get the crowd going. Yannis lost his mic pack during 'What Went Down' and so the band did a weird extended version while he sorted it out. Also couldn't hear Jack's Cymbals at all. His drums seemed set up for the new dance stuff and not their rock stuff. But of course Mountain Gates / Two Steps Twice / Providence caused circle pit chaos which was a newish experience after 3 years of no gigs for me 3 silent cymbals / 5
  2. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/disney-6-months-for-ps8-at-tesco-3918746 £8 for 6 months is a good deal
  3. Admiral Iceman is unsure. A few shots look too CGI there, can jets really do all of that?
  4. Defrosted wholemeal buns are dry and rock hard... How can I defrost and "retrieve" the moisture the freezer sucked out? Sprinkle with water and leave on the worktop to thaw?
  5. AK and Flea are 60 this year
  6. Have a new TV coming this week, and it has the Disney+ app on it. I saw the Avenger films, then Spiderman Homecoming & far from Home, then stopped. What "order" do I watch these ? Black Panther Loki Captain America and the Winter Soldier Wandavision Hawkeye Or doesn't it matter?
  7. Probably because the genre peaked with this
  8. So what happened to 3D in the cinema and 3D TV's? For a while a 3D TV was all you could buy/ Actually my TV has 3D glasses that never made it out the box
  9. Added bonus, Freesat viewers regained Ch4 HD just yesterday
  10. FFS was in the queue for 10:30. It said you get 10 mins to buy, so I added PS5 to basket but while adding cc details barely 1 min later, it updated to OOS and emptied my basket... Bunch of shite,
  11. I just clicked login, and was redirected to a queue, FYI. Try https://psdirect-queue.playstation.com/?c=sonyemea&e=snengb2311&ver=v3-javascript-3.6.3&cver=27&man=Vega public queue Action en-gb&cid=en-GB&l=SN-Vega - Req key - Branded UK&t=https%3A%2F%2Fdirect.playstation.com%2Fen-gb%2Fbuy-consoles%2Fplaystation5-digital-edition-console&kupver=akamai-1.0.2
  12. What he said, how do I get an email from Sony to at least TRY to get one. Also, I had a code for BT shop earlier, but after queueing I was offered Disc PS5 only.. Does BT ever stock the Digital version?
  13. My local Tesco (Pitsea Essex) had many OLED Switches the other day, if you're local / desperate
  14. I feel Chappelle has gone downhill since the 00's. Comes across a bit arrogant now too. I found his last 2 specials a bit of a drag, and thought he was top 2 til then (Behing G Carlin)
  15. The Many Saints of Newark Never seen Sopranos so had no idea who I should root for. A great film but it didn't Particularly have a plot 3.5 / 5 How It Ends (Netflix) Dad tries to locate his daughter after an apparent nuclear bomb / disaster. Strangest ending to a film ever... It fades to black during a car chase scene... and ends! WTAF. Should be called "How it doesn't end" 2 / 5
  16. These shows seem to be taking over CH5 but still Possible Old man rage but I get pretty wound up by the behaviour of the thieves... Last night's ep had guys throwing a hammer and a QUAD BIKE out their moving van at the chasing cop. Guessing adrenaline takes over and escaping at any cost is all that matters. With modern tech I don't see why Police don't have remote car immobiliser transmitters or something. Stop any car that makes off with no fuss.
  17. They dragged in a whole orchestra for 30 seconds
  18. Where to watch the race... Non Amazon prime member here, Eurosport app wants me to join Discovery+ or Prime... They the only options? Seems like the apps are commentary, not the TV too How hard is it to CLEARLY state where to WATCH the race... I'm willing to pay
  19. Similar with Cyndi Lauper / Girls Just wanna have fun. The "solo" is so shit I'm amazed they let it in.
  20. The Modern Pentathlon was hard to watch just then. The German girl couldn't convince her horse to jump anything... She's as distraught as the horse by the looks of it
  21. dino_jr

    RIP Dusty Hill

    I see ZZ Top resumed their tour last night. Not that I know the guys or the situation, but feels a bit poor taste to carry on and so soon?
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