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  1. Quest set to record, thanks. I see the Toyota's are nearly 2 sec faster than anything else in LMP1 practice, I have never known a Le Mans where I am desperate for the lead team to lose Pablo Montoya has won Monaco and Indy500 correct? Why can't he get a go in a Toyota and beat Alonso to the Triple?
  2. So is “it” streamed this weekend somewhere, for someone on freeview only?
  3. Women’s footy has come on a huge amount the past few years. Except the goalkeepers who remain amazingly bad.
  4. Looks like that bad guy from pirates of the Caribbean
  5. dino_jr

    The Boxing Thread

    Does this mean skysports and Eddie H will lose their hard-on for milking AJ? Can’t stand either, Eddie makes my teeth itch.
  6. Any updates on this’ll? Thinking the jap MD with 6 button pads is the one to get, assuming there’ll be a language select to English in the menu?
  7. dino_jr


    Colonel sanders now an Instagram influencer https://www.esquire.com/food-drink/restaurants/a27101921/kfc-colonel-sanders-instagram-thirst-trap/
  8. Bill burr, chapelle, any archive Carlin from YouTube...
  9. Sorry another RATM one.
  10. Probably a blessing, didn’t Vincent have a leg amputated a few years back? I remember he was in terrible state
  11. After this, watch Holy Hell. About a cult but yet another fine example of gullible people
  12. Sweater song, when Rivers looked like Velma...
  13. Sorry whenever I think of HH I think of the famous Waxworks thread...
  14. Bumping for a non shit RATM cover!
  15. Arguably the silver stormtrooper in EP7/8 was wasted too. Should have gained a cult following like Boba Fett...
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