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  1. I got a 2nd hand PS4 on Xmas Eve to tide me over lockdown. I have NFS Hot Pursuit and that's it Is there a cheap PS4 fighting game for a single player, doesn't matter if its online presence has died off due to age either as I am crap online anyway. Or is the answer SOR4 / Streetfighter V as most tell me?
  2. Disc version was in stock for a good 15 mins on Smyths just now. "Add to Basket" button was broken however
  3. How is Monaco a good idea this year?
  4. Fear City: New York vs the Mafia Only 3 episodes long and pretty good. Rudy Giuliani is in this and shows, pre-Trump lunacy, he actually did good things in the 80s for NY in jailing various Mafia Bosses
  5. 60's Batman running with (F) Bomb.gif
  6. I predict Obi will be having many flashbacks / dreams about the Clone Wars, so Hayden can do his thing pre-mask.
  7. app says in stock, but disappears when added to basket. Argos boss has since gone on Twitter string no stock to January either...
  8. AO had digital PS5 just now, for about a millisecond. All gone now obvs
  9. Has anyone bought CYR? Is it was gash as the radio suggests? Jimmy C is back to thrash his drums and he's relegated in favour of a Roland 808
  10. Be ready with what retailer tomorrow? Hopefully some who don't have Scalper's Bots already on stakeout
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