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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49134836 Bale to go to China... A Million / week?
  2. Its So scripted I’m mystified by some of these comments. Look at the multiple camera angles at each argument.. Needs a few takes to get the footage right 90% of the drama is setup by the producers for ratings... They will probably manipulate who wins to then get the winners their own TV show.
  3. dino_jr

    The Raconteurs

    Saw them at all points east festival last month... JW is on another planet, makes everyone else look like amateurs. incredible live.
  4. Yes, really. Sometimes these poptarts can nail it
  5. Quest set to record, thanks. I see the Toyota's are nearly 2 sec faster than anything else in LMP1 practice, I have never known a Le Mans where I am desperate for the lead team to lose Pablo Montoya has won Monaco and Indy500 correct? Why can't he get a go in a Toyota and beat Alonso to the Triple?
  6. So is “it” streamed this weekend somewhere, for someone on freeview only?
  7. Women’s footy has come on a huge amount the past few years. Except the goalkeepers who remain amazingly bad.
  8. Looks like that bad guy from pirates of the Caribbean
  9. dino_jr

    The Boxing Thread

    Does this mean skysports and Eddie H will lose their hard-on for milking AJ? Can’t stand either, Eddie makes my teeth itch.
  10. Any updates on this’ll? Thinking the jap MD with 6 button pads is the one to get, assuming there’ll be a language select to English in the menu?
  11. dino_jr


    Colonel sanders now an Instagram influencer https://www.esquire.com/food-drink/restaurants/a27101921/kfc-colonel-sanders-instagram-thirst-trap/
  12. Bill burr, chapelle, any archive Carlin from YouTube...
  13. Sorry another RATM one.
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