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  1. I think this may not happen. The Switch is still sold out permanently, I expect the Pro to be sold alongside it, not instead of it.
  2. This documentary is nominated for an Oscar, I’ve watched it and see why. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000tpzn/storyville-collective-unravelling-a-scandal About a fire at a gig in Romania, and the subsequent deaths in hospitals caused using diluted disinfectant during treatment. Corrupt government knowing this and hiding facts for yeas. Shocking and unbelievable footage in this one. Also, reminds me of some of the gigs I go to. The footage of the fire and the speed it spreads makes me think I should stand at the back. In general BBC Storyville is c
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/motorsport/55816561 Anyone watching? The Extreme-E season(?) starts today / qualifying... The cars look a bit floaty but fast at least in the sand. Do they race at the same time, or one at a time like a rally?
  4. Who's this new CH4 commentator?
  5. You're handing it over tomorrow night surely? If he gets a PS5 now, tomorrow at school he'll be going insane unable to play it
  6. dino_jr

    Billie Eilish

    Watched the "Blurry" Doc on ATV+. I quite liked her stuff too and I'm ancient . Her mum was a bit annoying though. The speed of her fame and Grammys / sellout shows unfortunately points to a Britney esq meltdown if it isn't well controlled. She is barely 18 and the fans in the doc are OBSESSED.
  7. Now addicted to "My 600ib Life" on Quest. On every night I think. Tonights episode is INCREDIBLE. “Sean” is 26 and 919lb, his mum claims she only feeds him 2500cal a day
  8. The 1989 one, when it drives through the leaves
  9. Capone (Netflix) Tom Hardy is Al Capone in his dying years. Nothing happens. Ultra dull yet rated 18. Avoid. 1/5
  10. dino_jr


    2 player mode ala SOR would be nice
  11. Not sure if this counts, but I got sent this earlier... Yoko (predictably) shits up Chuck and John playing together, so Soundman cuts her mic It's a wide open goal for embarrassment if you YouTube search anything Yoko.
  12. dino_jr

    The BTCC Thread

    Did the Rockingham oval ever get used? Didn't the planners ensure there was a demand for oval racing before building it? Seemed like a bad idea from day 1.
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