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  1. I have nothing of note to describe. We have a once/month game with Dominoes Pizza at half time, huge £10 buy-ins. Plus some Pokerstars games now and then. Just wondered if anyone has seen the recent alleged cheat scandal with this hand. She calls an All-in with J4 which has caused uproar on some sites, even made BBC News etc. She subsequently gave the money back which feels an admission of guilt (maybe).
  2. Industry: series 1 iPlayer, series 2 iPlayer & BBC2 Follows the induction and training of new recruits at a Bank/Trading firm. Compelling viewing despite literally all the characters being totally unlikeable. I wonder if anyone here is in such an Industry watching this: Are bankers really all shagging / drug taking Tossers?
  3. Link is down, has anywhere else got the full 6hr show to watch/stream? On that note the 2nd show is this Tuesday from Los Angeles. Not sure where we in the UK can watch it.
  4. Think they may announce retirement after the LA gig? Led Zeppelin and Rush did after the drummers died... What else do they have to prove? I don't see how they get a new drummer to gel TBH.
  5. Pretty good so far, this 1st hour... Not sure what Kesha was wearing / doing
  6. I missed it... Anyone have a working link to the full show?
  7. RATM pulling out makes it a bit of a damp squib this year. Watched Wolf Alice on iPlayer though and were fantastic.
  8. Under the Banner of Heaven / Disney+ / 7 episodes Based on a true story of a murdered Woman and her daughter. Spiderman plays a detective investing the woman's (Extremely Mormon) family as to who may have been responsible. A slow start but gets going pretty good... Extremely religious families shown in a bad light here, to put it mildly 7/10
  9. I get the idea of dynamic pricing by TM... They set the prices initially high as tickets go on sale, so Scalpers don't bother hoovering them all up. But that high initial price is a piss take of course. So old way: TM price ticket at £50. Stubhub bots buy everything and relist at £500 each New way: TM price ticket at £500. Stubhub don't buy them all. Either way the punter is paying £500. Unfortunately supply and demand wins... These gigs always sell out anyway so what incentive is there to reduce prices?
  10. I never understood how any ventriloquists acts got even vaguely famous. Sooty/Sweep, Orville & the Monkey, Emu, Spit the Dog (wasn't even voiced! Bob Carolgees milked no talent like no other) should have come last in their respective Stars in their eyes episodes.
  11. Aaaaaannd now there's no trains running tomorrow in the heat, to get me to the rescheduled gig. Doomed from the start
  12. There's a weird reason the UK/EURO version only has 3 button pads. think they resolved this for this MD2 if released here?
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