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  1. Le Mans 24hr on tomorrow then, any free places screening it? I'm on Freesat / No Eurosport
  2. I thought DD had so much flickering it was unplayable
  3. dino_jr

    Formula One - 2020

    It would seem strange timing, the only road car (A110) with that name is rumoured to be cancelled any day now. So what would the Alpine name be advertising?
  4. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/09/nintendo_is_resurrecting_its_game_and_watch_line_to_celebrate_35_years_of_super_mario?fbclid=IwAR0jUbG6M0Kh8L7dzFdEX4sTsKAPy0YuJhomC6oPeWM5JEyOKMwRywyED98 I think I had a Snoopy one when I was 11. Or maybe I dreamed it
  5. dino_jr

    The BTCC Thread

    Did anyone catch the Oulton Park races yesterday? In the past few weeks its started to become the Harry King show. The Carrera Cup kid who makes Verstappen look dull Unbelievable driving, throwing his 911 around like its Forza. Don't skip the support traces from now on, and watch out for this guy. No19...
  6. Shocked to learn Trevor from Eastenders is in this! (Yes really)
  7. For me, the king of insults was Blackadder, the sarcasm cuts deep
  8. Chasing Classic Cars on quest. Follows “Wayne Carini “ as he buys old cars to flip or restore. Every episode without question, he over estimates the value of his cars and loses fortunes at auction He’s clearly a dealer first, TV guy second, always calm... There are no false deadlines to add drama, nor wacky characters, just some amazing cars found in barns etc.
  9. The 25 sky games will be free... where? Sky website? I only have a Freesat box and, er, Netflix
  10. That’s a point, whatever happened to zac and Kelly’s careers?
  11. This would be the craziest show on Netflix if “abducted in plain sight” hadn’t got there 1st.
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